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Last season got weird for the New Orleans Saints. Savvy bettors had the sense that, one year after finishing 7-9 in 2014, there wouldn’t be an incredible jump in 2015. But the Saints basically stood in place, emerging as terrible all around wagers for every type of bettor. What they accomplished on offense, with quarterback Drew Brees past his prime and star tight end Jimmy Graham being misused on the Seattle Seahawks, was impressive. The defense, however, was atrocious—the worst in the NFL.


New Orleans Saints Next Regular Season Game

Find out about the New Orleans Saints’ next regular season game here. All of the pertinenent information is provided, including kickoff times, moneylines, spreads, overs and unders.  [+]

Unless you’re placing your bet as soon as the lines for their next game open, always make sure to return here in the coming days prior to your wager. Game lines in the NFL change quite frequently, and you’ll need the most recent numbers to make the best decision.

For the Saints specifically, you’ll want to pay attention to their injury report. Drew Brees is 37 and has taken a lot of hits. On top of that, New Orleans’ offensive line isn’t the greatest. Any injuries/absences will impact their lines a great deal—especially if it’s Brees on the wrong end of one. So hold out on placing any bets until you have the skinny on who’s most definitely available that week.

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New Orleans Saints Game Schedule

Give yourself time to study the New Orleans Saints’ entire schedule. In addition to planning ahead, which is always a good thing to do, this lets you look back and see how they have played in various situations and against certain opponents. [+]

To wit: By checking out past games, you can see how the Saints tend to perform when at home or on the road. You can figure out which types of teams they struggle against and which kinds of opponents they have a prospensity to demolish.

More valuable still, if you keep track of sportsbooks’ lines as the season goes on, you can look back at past performances and know how the Saints fare against different moneylines, spreads, overs and unders.

Having that information is huge. The NFL can be an unpredictable league, given the extremely abbreviated season. But you can take most of the guesswork out of betting by detecting any patterns in how teams play. And the schedule is an imperative place to start when doing that.

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What Are The Current New Orleans Saints Standings

Glances at the standings are especially important for competitive teams that don’t have a distinct ceiling. The New Orleans Saints are one of these teams, so make this look at their standings a consistent part of your betting routine. [+]

Records will never tell the whole story. They are of minimal value when placing weekly bets on single games. But futures bettors need them—infinitely so in this instance.

Are the Saints in the running to win the NFC South division? Are they going to make the wild card game if they don’t? Have they taken a giant step forward and emerged as a potential NFC championship or Super Bowl contender?

Comparing their records with those of the other teams in these races will give you a feel for whether the Saints are worth your time in certain futures bets. If you find that they are not, you move on, limiting them to weekly wagers and nothing else. If you find out that they are, you can then further your research with that information, ultimately deciding which futures bet—divisional, conference or Super Bowl—is right for them and, thus, for you.

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New Orleans Saints Online Betting Tips

If there is a team in the NFL that’s an incredibly attractive over play right now, it’s the New Orleans Saints. They embody everything you look for in a squad that’s going to push the limits of the over and under numbers.

Top 10 quarterback who has the potential to be even better? Check.

Top 10 offense that could, after drafting Michael Thomas out of Ohio State, be even better? Check.

Terrible defense that doesn’t project to get much better leading into the 2016 season? Check again.

The Saints are going to score a ton of points, and they are going to give up a ton of points. The scores of their games will reflect as much. Try experiementing with the over to start the season, as sportsbooks are a bit more generous then while they try to get a feel for how every team plays.

Should the Saints struggle on offense, which could happen if Brees starts to play his age, you’ll know to distance yourself from this pattern and search for another. Right now, though, you have a chance to make some real money by investing in a play style that’s permeated New Orleans’ sidelines for more than half a decade.

Bettors will need to see if the Saints are in for a change moving forward before deeming them valid future plays. They will always be a sound, if not really good, weekly option because of their offense. But they need to be halfway decent on the other side of the bal to be anything more than a potential wild card player.

To the Saints’ credit, they drafted three defensive players through the first four rounds of the NFL’s prospect pageant. Only two of them, Sheldon Rankins out of Louisiville and Vonn Bell out of Ohio State, are game-ready, though.

Rookies don’t typically have a huge impact on a defense’s performance anyway—not when said defense is in complete shambles. And the Saints didn’t do a ton in free agency to bolster their defense, either.

That firmly renders them a wait and see play as far as futures go. They won’t be considered favorites in the NFC South division so long as the Carolina Panthers are healthy, and there is no guarantee they edge out both of the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccanneers.

With a team that’s this old, you’ll know who they are by Week 5 at the latest. Play the game lines until then, at which point you can decide whether they’re worth any divisional, conference or, less likely, Super Bowl action.

This may be the last offseason for a while during which you have enough cause to play around with the New Orleans Saints’ futures. Their window is closing. It may not even be open now. But if it is open, it won’t be for much longer. Drew Brees is that old. And whenever a team is nearing a new search for another quarterback, that’s when you should distance yourself from their betting stratum.

For the time being, you’re encouraged to dabble in win totals and even division wagers. The Carolina Panthers were absolutely spectacular last year, but they were alone in their division, and they’re no locks to repeat as NFC juggernauts. Neither the Tampa Bay Buccanneers nor Atlanta Falcons, meanwhile, appear ready to set the world on fire. So although the Saints’ NFC South odds can be classified as a long shot play, it’s a long shot play worthy of your attention.

The same can actually be said for NFC Championship odds. The Saints, in all likelihood, aren’t at that level. Not with their defense. Here’s the catch: Not many squads in the NFC are.

Last year’s conference titans, the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers, could be great. They could also take a step back due to aging cores (Arizona) and free agency losses (Carolina). The Green Bay Packers are banking on being healthy and didn’t make many changes. That could be a good or bad thing. We don’t know. And we most certainly don’t know if any of the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings or Dallas Cowboys are gearing up for a leap.

Only the Seattle Seahawks look truly scary. And when the conference championship field can be diluted down to one or two certainties, it’s time to start fiddling around with potential dark horse futures. 

Bet with smarts, not as if you’re playing a single game or parlay. But absolutely bet. Even if the NFC Conference contender field ends up being ridiculously deep, there’s a chance the Saints are a part of that depth.


Where Can I Bet On New Orleans Saints Online

Don’t worry about finding online sites taking bets for the New Orleans this season. We did that for you. All you have to do is pick which one you feel like using. 

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