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Unlike many of the NFL’s other divisions, last year’s NFC West had a distinct pecking order. The Arizona Cardinals were head and shoulders above the now-Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers, and you just knew it. That made betting on division futures easy—incredibly easy when it became clear how good the Cardinals were destined to stay. That doesn’t look like it will change looking ahead to the 2016 crusade. Neither the 49ers nor the Rams are gearing up to do anything special.


NFC West Sports Betting Odds

Here are the latest betting odds for the NFC West division. Vist this page often until you place your wagers, as the NFL’s moneylines, spreads, overs and unders will shift. [+]

This is a spot you’ll want to keep checking out even after you place your bet to be honest. 

Sudden injuries or player returns can seriously impact a line, and you’ll want to be aware of those changes if you’ve already laid down an early bet. This way, you’ll be prepared for what you’re up against and can either let it ride or place another wager.

Use this weekly look to help direct your research as well.

Always play the matchups during the regular season. Is it a divisional sparring? Is it an inter-conference tilt? How has Seattle stacked up against Opponent X in the past? 

Is Arizona’s offense strong enough to be considered a sexy over pick? Has San Francisco polished off its defense enough for you to favor the under? Is Los Angeles’ offense better than expected, begging you to avoid the under?

Has Seattle remained nearly unbeatable at home? Is San Francisco still a pushover on the road? 

These are the types of questions you should be asking about every NFC West team every week. Find the answers, and you’ll be ready to take sportsbooks by storm.


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NFC West Eastern Conference Standings

Return here whenever you want to take a peek at the NFC West’s standings. These are especially important when trying to determine division winners. [+]

If the Seahawks are towering over their division peers by Week 3, you’ll know to favor them on division futures. If the Cardinals are dominating both ends of the field once again, you’ll know they’re a good Super Bowl pick.

Monitor these records closely. They’re basically stock reports for every team. And while they shouldn’t be your only stop before hitting the sportsbooks, they are quite useful on a fundamental level.


NFC West Online Betting Tips

San Francisco’s quarterback situation is a mess, for starters. Will they trade or start Colin Kaepernick? Will they roll with Blaine Gabbert? Will they draft another QB?

The Rams aren’t far behind on the potential disaster scale. Nick Foles and Casey Keenum won’t be setting the world on fire under center, and they’re coming off a season in which they ranked 29th on offense.

Throw in the move from St. Louis to Los Angeles, and not even another exceptional defensive showing will allow the Rams to surprass last year’s seven win total.

If one of these two projects emerges as a surprise, it will be the 49ers. Kaepernick could end up being a perfect fit in new head coach Chip Kelly’s offense, which will result in more wins. But they still won’t be a playoff team.

Arizona and Seattle are your strongest futures options. The Cardinals have to worry about Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Johnson getting older, but the defense remains big time on paper.

And if all breaks right for them health-wise on offense, another season of 12 to 13 wins isn’t out of the question.

Seattle should actually be better than it was last season, when it carved 10 victories in what was largely considered a letdown year.

Russell Wilson continues to reinvent his position, the Seahawks have enough depth at running back to account for Marshawn Lynch’s retirement and the defense should once again rank among the best in the league.

Despite the Cardinals’ status as the reigning NFC West winners, you can actually make a case that the Seahawks are the favorite to win the division this year. Plan your division futures accordingly.

There is only one major, imperative tip for betting on the NFC West: Do not sleep on the Seattle Seahawks.

Last season was a roller coaster. This season shouldn’t be. The Seahawks aren’t coming off two straight Super Bowl appearances and one championship. Complacency will not be an issue. The defense should start off strong and finish stronger as the season soliders on—assuming health, of course.

Remember, it was only a slow start that really killed the Seahawks’ mojo in 2015. They began the year 1-3 and labored to 3-5, before going 7-1 to close out the season. That version of the Seahawks is the one you should expect to see and bet on from the jump.

If you want to wait before declaring them Super Bowl future worthy, by all means, do just that. The offense remains a bit incongruent, even if the Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin connection is among the best in the NFC and NFL overall. Feel free to take that same approach with regard to NFC futures as well. Waiting never hurts you too much on those macro scales.

But you’ll want to get an early start, like the Seahawks, on those divisional plays. If Seattle ends up being a clear favorite, above even Arizona, the odds will plummet by Week 2 or Week 3. The Seahawks are working off a semi-down year, but they have the reputation, defensive clout and offensive stability to warrant those divisional plays. 

And if you’re looking to go against the grain, there is only the Cardinals. Don’t bother throwing away your money on the 49ers or Rams. They aren’t taking this division. They will be one-sided teams at best, with Los Angeles maybe deploying a good to great defense and San Francisco possibly finding refuge on the offensive side. And that’s not enough to justify even taking a low end, super cheap flyer on their futures services.

Stick with the Cardinals and Seahawks there.

But especially the Seahawks.

Where Can I Bet On NFC West Conference Online

Below you’ll find where you can bet on the NFC West division online. The sites provided are all legitimate and reputable, allowing you to focus more on your actual wager than where you’ll be doing the wagering.

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