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The NFL’s NFC conference is still begging for balanced, double ended teams to rise toward the top, and that means the 2016 Arizona Cardinals, much like the 2015 Arizona Cardinals, will need to play an important part in any sportsbettor’s football rotation. The core of last season’s 13 win team remains mostly intact, to the point where the Cardinals, not the Super Bowl-making [+]

Carolina Panthers, seem more likely to duplicate or rival their 2015 success. That’s something to keep an mind as you begin your weekly plays this season.

And most definitely something to consider as you place your NFC West division, NFC conference and Super Bowl futures.

Arizona’s offense in particular seems like a sure thing. Carson Palmer only seems to get better as he gets older, the Cardinals have a ton of high end receivers at their disposal, and their running back situation, headlined by the young David Johnson, is sitting pretty as well. 

Not even the defense seems like it will be shaken. The Cardinals finished in the top seven of points allowed per game last season, and the nucleus from that side of the field is back for more as well.

If another top seven finish proves unobtainable, a top 10 to 12 finish should be within reach. That’s how much of a sure thing their defense is on paper.

Arizona Cardinals Next Regular Season Game

Keep track of the Cardinals’ next regular season game here. This tool will show you all of the pertinent spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. Just be sure, as usual, to keep checking and rechecking the information before throwing in your wagers. [+]

The NFL’s game lines change upwards of three or four times for certain matchups. That’s what happens when so much time is left in between every scheduled tilt. But so long as you come back here for the most up to date information, you’ll never be caught off guard at your sportsbook(s).

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Arizona Cardinals Game Schedule

This is where you’ll find the complete Arizona Cardinals game schedule. One of its primary functions is to let you plan ahead. Official game lines won’t always be available weeks in advance. [+]

But that shouldn’t stop you from studying the opponets, past matchups between the two teams and anything else that can give you an edge once the lines are actually released.

One important aspect of capitalizing on this schedule glance: Looking back. See how the Cardinals not only fared against a given opponent, but how they played on the road, at home, against overs and unders, and against certain spreads.

That added layer of intel gives you an edge over everyone else at the sportsbooks, making it easier for you to decide which way, not to mention on which line, you should bet.

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What Are The Current Arizona Cardinals Standings

These are the Arizona Cardinals’ standings. They keep you apprised of their record, as well as where they rank in their division, the NFC and the rest of the league. [+]

Such tools are not to be used as betting gospels; those who bet solely by judging records are willingly putting themselves at a disadvantage. But these records will show you whether there’s value in backing Arizona’s division, conference and Super Bowl odds.

StandingsArizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Online Betting Tips

If you’re going to invest heavily in the Cardinals’ futures, don’t shy away from the conference and Super Bowl odds.

Yes, they’re long shots. And most bettors, at least during the offseaosn, like to upsell division plays. They are more predictable and can, at times, be quite lucrative themselves. Bettors are more inclined to up the ante on those plays anyway because of the added predictability involved, so while their financial risk often increases, their would be returns don’t suffer.

But the Cardinals’ division odds are, for lack of better phrasing, completely misleading. Are they more likely to win their division than the conference or the Super Bowl? Absolutely. But not by much—not really, at least.

And why? Because of the Seattle Seahawks. They underachieved last year, falling behind the Cardinals in the NFC West sector, and yet they still won 10 games.

Losing Marshawn Lynch to retirement doesn’t damage their stock much, if at all. The progress of quarterback Russell Wilson and his increased rapport with his receiving corps actually makes them scarier.

So if the Cardinals are going to win their division, they’ll have to be juggernauts once again, because they’ll be challenged by a fellow juggernaut in Seattle. And when the race for the division is that heated, it drums up the appeal surrounding conference and Super Bowl plays, if only because the Cardinals need to be conference- and Super Bowl-worthy just to make it out of the NFC West.

Although the Cardinals are intriguing offseason future players, from win total overs and unders, to division wagers, to conference odds, to Super Bowl chances, the wellbeing of their core players must be taken under advisement.

So many of Arizona’s key players are getting older, most notably quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Both were key cogs in the offense last year and will be more susceptible to regression, perhaps injuries, in 2016. Same goes for running back Chris Johnson, who has fallen behind David Johnson, among others, in the depth chart.

That doesn’t mean the Cardinals are screwed, though. They have the depth in certain places, specifically at wide receiver, to still put up huge numbers even if Fitz or their entire running game falls off.

But, at the same time, the sanctity of their offensive production is tethered to Palmer, and his ability to remain one of the top five or seven quarterbacks in the game. And while this caveat shouldn’t completely deter your offseason futures—any of them—it is something to keep in the back of your mind as the season begins. If the Cardinals start slow or prove from the jump that they aren’t capable of being the team they were last year, you’ll want to pivot on your futures, giving yourself ample time to invest in another option.

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