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The Rams may soon be worth any of your betting attention. But now is not that day. They are coming off a middling seven win effort in 2015 and have officially hit reset on their rebuilding project by drafting rookie quarterback Jared Goff. The betting process on them, as such, is easy to follow—because you shouldn’t be betting on them at all. Sure, running back Todd Gurley could carry their offense toward mediocrity. Rookie quarterbacks with top tier running backs behind them are at a noticeable advantage early on. [+]

And yes, the Rams’ defense, which ranked among the best until the tail end of the 2015 season, could improve. That’s a possibility.

Finally, the Rams could elect to bring along Goff slowly, starting Nick Foles or Casey Keenum, each of whom, while not great, could help put points on the board immediately.

Add all that in, the Rams could be better than expected. But “better than expected” in this case would still only refer to five or six, maybe seven, wins by the end of the year.

And with that ceiling, they aren’t worth your short term attention. You’re playing the long game with them, monitoring their progress, in hopes of figuring out when they’ll be good weekly or futures bets again.

Los Angeles Rams Next Regular Season Game

Return here to find all the relevant information about the Los Angeles Rams’ next game regular season. You can find all the necessary spreads, moneylines, overs and unders below. [+]

Though this should be obvious, it’s worth noting that it’s important to check and recheck these game lines. At minimum, make sure to look before you bet.

The NFL’s weekly odds move often. That’s what happens when there are days in between every team’s next scheduled tilt. The early action shifts the lines, and it’s pivotal you keep track of that movement before getting shellshock at your sportsbook.

My Team's Next MatchLos Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Game Schedule

This is the Los Angeles Rams’ complete schedule. Use it frequently. It’s a great tool for those of you who insist on laying down weekly bets. [+]

By looking at the games to come, you’ll be able to plan certain bets in advance, sans any official game lines. That can sometimes be difficult, but comparing team play styles and overall season rankings gives you a marked edge once the sportsbooks release tangible numbers.

Checking out past games, meanwhile, will give you an idea of when the Rams are at their weakest or their strongest.

How good are they at home? How about on the road? Have they been good under or over investments? Are they suffering a ton of double digit losses? How about rattling off any double digit wins?

These are standard, and valuable, questions to ask ahead of every NFL team’s next game. But they are, admittedly, less valuable for the Rams.

Goff, assuming he starts, will develop as the year goes on. He could get better or worse. Therefore, reading into past performances may not give you very much to go on.

Still, for those who really want to get in on the Rams’ weekly games, there’s no better way to give yourself a puncher’s chance at the sportsbooks than to take this approach.

Results / FixturesLos Angeles Rams

What Are The Current Los Angeles Rams Standings

For the immediate future, these Los Angeles Rams standings are but a reminder that they aren’t currently playing for anything. [+]

The Rams are not divisional threats. They are not playoff contenders. They could be, at this point, the worst team in the NFC West—worse than even the San Francisco 49ers.

Should you ever get the impulse to read into a hot streak or even just one game as a harbinger of an awesome futures betting opportunity, just come back here. The standings will remind you that’s not a good idea.

StandingsLos Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Online Betting Tips

While we entertained the idea of Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher starting Casey Keenum or Nick Foles over neophyte Jared Goff, it’s not recommended that you bank on that happening.

Talking yourself into, say, a healthy Foles could then compel you to invest money in the Rams’ win total overs and unders. It might even incite you to find upside in their division chances.

You don’t want that. Jared Goff will be starting. And if for some reason he doesn’t, you can live with that. But you can’t live with placing a faulty bet on their futures. Your sportsbook account will feel the adverse impact, and you’ll regret it.

If you’re really itching to bet on the Rams in some capacity, stick to weekly games. That’s still risky, given their present transitional state, but at least you may be able to glean trends in their performance on defense and with Goff under center on offense.

In the event that, after all this, you’re still searching for a way to favorably bet on the Los Angeles Rams, consider investing in them whenever they go up against cruddy run defenses. 

Todd Gurley slowed down as the schedule wore on last season, but he’s still a top end running back. And assuming Jared Goff is his quarterback, he is once again in line to consume a ton of carries.

Whenever he’s healthy and facing a bottom, say, seven or 10 run defense, you have justified cause to bet on the Rams’ spread. The overs and unders will still be unnecessarily risky, and the moneylines, regardless of the opponent, remain bet at your own peril plays. But the Rams’ spreads in these instances, especially big ones that lean toward the opposing team, are a potentially profitable venture.

Where Can I Bet On Los Angeles Rams Online

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