Betting On San Francisco 49ers Online

The San Francisco 49ers, now coached by the polarizing Chip Kelly, have figured out absolutely nothing. They don’t know who their quarterback is, Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert, they don’t have a bevy of complementary offensive weapons, and their defense doesn’t look any better than the 18th ranked turnstile that was, as a sign of how bad things are in San Fran, the highlight of 2015. All bettors should approach this team with caution. To be honest, sportsbettors may not want to approach the 49ers at all. [+]

We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to touch them with a 10 foot pole, either.

There is nothing even remotely certain about this team, making it impossible to decipher any glitches in reality that might render them attractive plays in some aspect of weekly games or futures.

Consider yourself accordingly warned: Betting on the 49ers, in any capacity, comes at great person risk.

San Francisco 49ers Next Regular Season Game

This is the San Francisco 49ers’ next regular season game. Our below widget has everything you need to conduct your research or even just place your bet. [+]

Be wary of all of these odds, as they can shift, and frankly, will shift. There is a ton of time between NFL games, and depending on how early bird bettors make their picks, these lines will move one way or the other.

Staying on top of these changes—which can be further impacted by player injuries and returns—will ensure you don’t get burned or aren’t absolutely surprised by what you see at sportsbooks. So be smart. Check the odds right before you place your bet.

My Team's Next MatchSan Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Game Schedule

Here is the San Francisco 49ers’ entire schedule. Those of you betting weekly on the team can use it to plan your wagers ahead. [+]

Game lines won’t be available weeks in advance, but studying the matchups primes you enough for the game in question that the offical lines aren’t a necessity.

Don’t forget to also look backward in order to move your betting purse forward. See how the 49ers play at home and on the road. Check out how they’ve played against strong offensive and top notch defensive teams. Find out if they are prone to double digit losses or clostely contested affairs.

All of that information will better prepare you for your most imminent bet. That intel is not absolute in its accurary, but it sure as anything comes in handy when you’re trying to profit off of the 49ers’ relative unpredictability.

Results / FixturesSan Francisco 49ers

What Are The Current San Francisco 49ers Standings

Say hello to the San Francisco 49ers’ standings, which is also unofficially known as a billboard for all that is wrong with this team.  [+]

Unless you notice that the 49ers are, against all odds, climbing up the divisional or NFC ladder, don’t bother with related futures. They will contend for the NFC West’s worst record, not the division title. They will contend for one of the worst records in the NFC overall, not a wild card postseason berth.

StandingsSan Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Online Betting Tips

Those inclined to funnel any funds into the San Francisco 49ers should do so only on weekly games until further notice. That means no futures.

If the 49ers, for some reason, establish themselves as unexpected NFC West threats (beyond unlikely), you can revisit this advice about midway through the 2016 season. Until then, your business is game by game plays.

To that end, you should find value in betting 49ers overs. No matter who quarterbacks Chip Kelly’s offense, points should be put on the board. And when you combine that with what should be a fairly crummy 49ers defense, San Francisco’s games should generally play host to a ton of touchdowns and overall scoring.

There is, however, one exception. The 49ers aren’t brimming with offensive talent, so if Kelly’s offensive magic isn’t taking effect by Week 3 or Week 4, it’s time to abandon this stance without thinking twice. Don’t ride a boat taking on water into the bottom of the ocean.

And make no mistake, there is risk in playing the over early, since you really don’t have an idea of whether Kelly’s fast paced offense will yield dividends. But in 49ers Land, home to irreversible uncertainty, working the over, even with only small time bets, is the closest thing to a potential lock you’re going to find.

Insistent on putting the San Francisco 49ers in your NFL betting arsenal? We’ve got two tips.

First, and again, forget the futures. If a sportsbook has the over/under on their win total set at 4, roll the dice on the over. If you find one throwing out seven or eight, go with the under. But there is no value in 49ers futures otherwise.

More importantly, and similar to their divisional rival Los Angeles Rams, be most aggressive in your 49ers spread betting when they are playing feebly built run defenses. The duo of Carlos Hyde and now DaJuan Harris can do some damage when they’re both healthy. San Francisco’s offensive line isn’t the greatest, but it should be better than it was last season. The 49ers drafted offensive guard Joshua Garnett out of Stanford at the end of the first round, and he will aid in creating extra holes for Harris and Hyde to burst through.

Should the offensive line prove to be competely inept, you’ll know by Week 3 or Week 4. And then you can adjust your weekly expectations from there. Maybe the 49ers are only valuable as a team you know you can bet against, regardless of whether you’re playing the over/under, monelyline or spread.

For now, though, award special consideration to 49ers spreads whenever they are playing bottom 10 run defenses. That’s youre best shot, for the time being, at bolstering your winnings while consistently investing in San Francisco. 

Where Can I Bet On San Francisco 49ers Online

Need a place online to bet on the San Francisco 49ers? It’s your lucky day. We have vetted the best options for you. And since every site provided is a reputable establishment, you can rest easy, knowing your wager is being placed with the right sportsbook. 

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