Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis Betting Picks

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Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis Betting Picks

After nearly two decades of waiting, boxing is finally getting one of its most anticipated rematches ever: Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis. Sure, both fighters are in their mid-50s and well removed from their heydays. But we can't pretend this bout—which has yet to be deemed an exhibition or actual competition—doesn't intrigue us. That's why we're pouncing on the chance to drop our Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis betting picks.

To start us off, here are the latest odds on the yet-to-be-officially scheduled matchup:

Mike Tyson-160TBATBA
Lennox Lewis+120TBATBA

Although Bovada is one of the few sportsbooks to jump on the early lines before an official announcement, you can expect Tyson vs. Lewis odds to surface at places like BetOnline and BetNow very soon. You should also start to see more betting options beyond moneylines, like an over/under on the number of rounds and maybe some props. 

For now, we'll focus exclusively on the outright winner, since that's all we have available. Definitely make sure you continue to refresh these Tyson vs Lewis betting odds before deciding on a wager, as they will move between now and the reported September fight date.

Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis Betting Breakdown

  • When: September (exact date TBA)
  • Time: TBA
  • Where: TBA

Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis Betting Odds Analysis

The initial offering for Tyson vs. Lewis feels fairly accurate. 

It makes sense to list Tyson as at least a slight favorite because he has a more recent fight under his belt. He battled fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. back in November. And while the match went down as a tie, most seem to think Tyson won it handily and would have been named the victor if it were an official fight rather than an exhibition.

To that end, anyone thinking about making the Tyson play should probably board the bandwagon now. We only expect his odds to drift further away from even money.

Much of that movement will be due to his popularity. Both Tyson and Lewis are Hall of Famers in their own right, but Tyson has always captured more of the public attention. Sportsbooks should see more action on his moneyline by virtue of that fame.

But this sentiment also pertains to Tyson's future fighting plans. He has already talked about a rematch with Jones, floated the idea of a trilogy fight with Evander Holyfield, and campaigned for a potential showdown with current WBC champion Tyson Fury.

Whether Tyson gets all those fights on the books is irrelevant. That he's pushed for them suggests he's been training for them. His re-emergence into the sport will invite even more investments in his moneyline, thus dragging them much further away from their current spot of -160.

mike tyson betting odds

The Case for Mike Tyson

There's no need to dive into much more detail here. Much of the case for Tyson is outlined above. He has a more recent fight on his resume and has spent more time than Lewis preparing for these types of bouts.

Not to say Tyson's favorite status is purely a matter of advanced notice. It has a lot to do with skill. 

During his exhibition match with Jones, Tyson flashed much of the technical skills and power that turned him into one of the greatest boxers in history. He isn't generating TKOs like he did during his prime, but that's to be expected. Knockout punches don't have much of a place in non-title fights, and he's decades older than his peak performances.

Still, go back and watch the highlights from that Jones fight in November, and you'll see the outline of a real, competitive, competent boxer. If he falls to Lewis, it won't be because he lacks pop with his combinations.

Mike Tyson To beat Lennox Lewis

The Case for Lennox Lewis

If we're being honest, the case for a Lewis victory feels a little shaky.

The 55-year-old champ last fought inside the ring in 2003—nearly 20 years ago. He's not going to boast the same pristine footwork and unfathomable footspeed that helped him climb boxing's mountaintop after all this time.

Then again, Tyson didn't look all that rusty when facing Jones. He had adequate time to train, of course, but so will Lewis. This fight wasn't semi-confirmed until April, and the opening bell isn't expected to sound before September.

Insofar as it matters, Lewis also won his last meeting with Tyson in 2002, with an eighth-round knockout. We're not saying you should read into that result so many years later. At the same time, it would be foolish to write off Lewis entirely.

Remember: We don't know what kind of boxing shape is in. And that's actually a good thing. Many boxers retired amid a flurry of losses and knockouts and generally deteriorating skill sets. Lewis walked away on top. He could have dominated the sport for another few years for all we know.

Lennox Lewis To beat Mike Tyson

Tyson vs. Lewis Prediction

Rolling with Lewis as the underdog here is incredibly appealing. He dominated Tyson in their final matchup nearly two decades ago and retired from boxing while still knocking out dudes, many of them younger, in early and middle rounds.

Tyson's odds only up that appeal. He's a little too far from even money if you're looking for a great value. These odds imply he's a decisive favorite. And while he looked good versus Jones, particularly when it came to evading punches and maintaining lateral mobility, one fight in the past 20 years(ish) doesn't provide much of a window into anything.

If Tyson's odds retreat to -125 or better, then we'd heavily endorse going with him. Until then, you're not going to talk us out of picking Lewis as an underdog.

OSB Prediction: Lennox Lewis over Mike Tyson (+120)

Lennox Lewis To beat Mike Tyson

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