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Mike Tyson's Return to Boxing: Latest News, Betting Odds and Predictions

Is Mike Tyson fighting again? It sure seems that way. Here are the latest odds on Mike Tyson fighting in 2020, courtesy of BetOnline. Note that he has two potential opponents, Tito Ortiz and Danny Williams. Tyson's odds to win against either one of them will be printed below theirs:

2020 Mike Tyson Odds betonline betonline Opponent
Mike Tyson -400 +300 Tito Ortiz
Mike Tyson +375 -500 Danny Williams 
Mike Tyson -120 -120 Evander Holyfield 
Mike Tyson +200 -300 Sonny Bill Williams 
Mike Tyson +150 -200 Paul Gallen 
Mike Tyson  -150 +110 Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs

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These Mike Tyson fighting odds will change between now and the opening bell, so be sure to check for them daily in the lead-up to placing your wager. On top of that, you should also know Mike Tyson's return to boxing isn't yet a sure thing. Nothing is official, so if a Mike Tyson fight return doesn't take place by the end of 2020, sportsbooks may count it as a lost wager.

But don't worry about making an uninformed decision. We've got you covered with all of the following intel:

  • The latest news on Mike Tyson's return
  • Mike Tyson fight betting odds
  • Analysis of Mike Tyson's potential opponents
  • Past Mike Tyson betting lines that could become available again
  • More

Breakdown of Mike Tyson's Return to Fighting

The Latest Mike Tyson News 

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Though nothing has been set in stone for Tyson's return, it does appear as if he'll step inside the ring once more. 

According to Steve Marrocco of MMA Fighting, Brass Knuckle Fighting Championship is preparing a monstrous offer to get the 53-year-old back on the grind. That overture is expected to be worth in excess of $20 million for a single fight, and it is supposed to include additional sweeteners such as "charitable donations."

Whether Tyson accepts this lucrative offer is debatable. He has hinted that he'd be willing to get back in the ring, and he's even posted videos of himself training. But every rumor has subsequently been shot down. That is, until now.

Tito Ortiz, of the MMA, has reportedly expressed interest in taking on Tyson. He and Danny Williams, a professional power boxer, have thus far been billed as Tyson's most likely opponents by oddsmakers. Are there any other challengers that could emerge? Should we even expect Tyson to fight? What is the likelihood that he'll win? 

Let's get into it all.

Mike Tyson (-400) vs. Tito Ortiz (+300) 

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It should come as no surprise that Tyson is already a heavy favorite over Ortiz. Sure, it has been almost two decades since Tyson last stepped in the ring. But he's still a boxer at heart.

Ortiz is not.

Perhaps a background in mixed martial arts prepares Ortiz to give Tyson a competitive match. We'd bet against it. A shift in fight disciplines is nothing to joke about. Just look at Conor McGregor. He put up something of a good battle when he challenged Floyd Mayweather to a boxing match, but in the end, he couldn't hack it. 

Ortiz will be facing a similar deficit, only Tyson is a better fighter than Mayweather ever was—though, to be sure, he's obviously more out of practice now. Even if Tyson doesn't have anything resembling the same speed, power, or reload time on his punches, the most likely outcome is a victory.

OSB Prediction: Mike Tyson (-400)

Mike Tyson (+375) vs. Danny Williams (-500) 

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Williams is a heavier favorite over Tyson than the latter is against Ortiz. That's not exactly shocking.

Yes, Williams himself, who is 46, has passed his prime. And he has retired on multiple occasions. But that also means he has made multiple returns. He has been far more active than Tyson in recent years.

In fact, Williams has fought in the ring twice since 2018 alone. He claimed the Global Boxing Federation World Heavyweight Title in April of 2018. He then lost that belt to Lee McAllister in July of 2018.

Maybe Tyson surprises everyone with above-average stamina and quickness despite spending so much time away from the sport. Then again, maybe not. Tyson, remember, was on the downswing when he walked away in 2005. His last match, in June 2005, saw him lose to Kevin McBride, a relatively unknown boxer.

OSB Prediction: Danny Williams (-500)

Other Mike Tyson Betting Odds

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BetOnline has been moving around their betting docket in the wake of the latest Tyson news. Everything now seems to boil down between Williams or Ortis. That said, they were offering alternative odds on all of these potential matchups. 

Mike Tyson (-120) vs. Evander Holyfield (-120)

Both fighters have expressed interest in going at each other for the third time in a potential charity matchup. Betting on that type of competition is tough because we can't know how seriously either of them would be taking the exhibition.

Given the commitment Tyson already has shown to training, though, he feels like the best option.

OSB Prediction: Mike Tyson (-120)

Mike Tyson (+200) vs. Sonny Bill Williams (-300)

Sonny Bill Williams, a professional rugby player, is among those open to getting into the ring with Tyson. He's favored, it seems, strictly because he's almost 25 years Tyson's junior.

But while the youth is great and all, Tyson's experience would no doubt serve him well against a complete newbie.

OSB Prediction: Mike Tyson (+200)

Mike Tyson (+150) vs. Paul Gallen (-200)

This is yet another puzzling line. 

Paul Gallen has some experience in the ring, but he's a career rugby player, just like Sonny Bill Williams. Giving him the advantage strictly because he's roughly 20 years younger doesn't feel right to us.

OSB Prediction: Mike Tyson (+150)

Mike Tyson (-150) vs. Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs (+110)

Truth be told, this could be one of the more evenly matched head-to-heads. 

Shannon Briggs is both a boxer and, at 48, almost as old as Tyson. Oddsmakers probably favor the latter, in large part because Briggs has never been known to hold up against power fighters.

But, like, Tyson is 53 now and hasn't boxed since 2005. Briggs' last professional match came sometime in 2016. We like him to pull off the "upset" in this hypothetical scenario

OSB Prediction: Shannon Briggs (+110)

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