Ontario online sports betting options are presented by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), a Crown Corporation operated by the Ontario Provincial Government. Sports betting fans can visit the olg.ca website to get the lowdown on each of the betting options available in Ontario. Proline betting is by far the most popular sports wagering option in Canada’s most populated province. Daily betting lines are posted at the OLG website and available for wagering at sports lottery retailers across the province.

Online Sports Betting Sites

Online sports wagering is available at a vast array of betting websites. While basic sports waging is offered at all of these sites, our Top 3 Table presents the best of the best for the Canadian sports betting public.

      Ontario Sports Betting Sites

      Handicappers in Ontario have easy access sports betting sites at horse racing tracks, Casinos, and lottery kiosks located throughout the Province. Proline, offered by the OLG is the popular choice of the Ontario online sports betting community.

      Proline Sports Betting

      Proline sports betting is the predominant wagering method in the Ontario region. Point Spread, Pro Picks, and self-titled Proline, are the three main betting options offered. While hockey wagering is King in Canada, USA and Canadian professional football, American college football and basketball, along with European soccer and pro baseball are also offered. Single and two bet wagering is not available in Ontario as all valid betting slips must have at least three selections.

      Sports Select Ontario

      Sports Select betting falls under the Pro Line group of sports betting games that are furnished by the Ontario Government. Sports Select tickets can be purchased through lottery centers that are located throughout the province. From the local corner store, to land based Casino and Horse betting venues, the Pro Line version of Sports Select is very easy to access. Though not yet equipped for live online betting, the www.olg.ca website provides the daily odds for a variety of seasonal sporting events.