Sports Select Online Betting

Sports Select Albert online betting is a popular activity. Alberta is known for its professional sports teams as well as their booming industrial wealth. Sports fans are aplenty, leading to vast numbers of sports bettors - and millions are gambled each year on sports in the province. While there is a province-run sports betting option, it’s not the only option available to Albertan residents. Sports Select Alberta is run by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission. We will cover everything you need to know about it here including how it works and its alternatives.

With Alberta being such a wealthy province and home to over four million residents, there are plenty of sports bettors to go around. The oil field workers earn a great living, and with all that disposable income, sportsbooks take notice. SportSelect hosts Pro-Line branded wagers, as well as a variety of other options available offline and online. Sport Select Alberta is popular but has its limitations.

What makes betting on SportSelect limiting, is that the betting odds aren’t comparable to online sportsbooks, and you must bet a minimum of two wagers per bet slip (also called a parlay wager). Single-game wagering is an important part of most betting strategies and parlays are much riskier to the bettor.

It’s important to understand all of your options when deciding to bet on sports, and if you’re choosing to bet on SportSelect betting odds, you should be aware of all available options, and we’re here to help with that.

SportSelect Parlay Betting

First of all, parlay betting is really the only betting option available in Canada due to the criminal code. The only way to bet on SportSelect, or any Canadian run sports betting program, you will need to make a parlay bet.

Parlay wagers are multi-game bets, with two to six wagers, that combine the odds to create one big bet slip - which ultimately leads to a huge payout if all of your predictions are correct. All of your wagers on your bet slip must be correct on every single game. If you bet on 5 games, and one team loses, you will lose your wager.

For example, you could bet on two to eight games on NFL Sunday, and if you pick the right teams, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in winnings if you’re correct. Many Canadians do exceptionally well betting on SportSelect, winning huge payouts with the right picks. These bets are fairly risky, as the more games you add, the more risk, which also means the larger the reward if you are right.

About SportSelect

As a branch of Pro-Line, which is offered in Atlantic Canada and Ontario, SportSelect was founded in 1992, alongside the rest after the Gaming Control Act was enacted. You can bet on sports in any Albertan convenience store, grocery store, gas station - anywhere you can buy a lotto ticket. You can also bet online at the SportSelect website.

SportSelect offers two to six leg bets (also called parlay wagers) which raises the stakes overall and can result in huge payouts if each of your selected wagers cashes. Pro-Line and SportSelect recently updated their offering of simple moneyline, totals, and spread wagering types, to include more variety. You can combine different betting types on your SportSelect bet slip, you just can’t bet on the same game and make contradicting bets.

Since SportSelect added proposition betting options, including player versus player props like who will score more points or get more goals in any given game, they have become a little more competitive.

SportSelect Betting Odds

While many Canadians believe that SportSelect is the only option available, we that are experienced with online betting sites know that’s not the case. While it seems like the safest option because it’s regulated within Canada and run by the local lottery seems like it’s the best way to bet on sports, it simply can’t measure up to online sportsbooks.

The odds at SportSelect aren’t as good as you would find at an offshore online sportsbook. Not to mention, they force you to place parlay wagers, which does hide the fact that their odds aren’t as great unless you really do a comparison. You could create a five-game parlay on SportSelect with a $10 wager, only to payout $60 but you could create that exact parlay on a sports betting site like Bet365 or Bodog and the payout would be $75.

The biggest flaw with SportSelect is the restriction on single-game bets. Betting on single games is important to a sports bettor’s gambling strategy and some nights the multi-leg bet slip is just too risky.

The ones who succeed at SportSelect are experienced bettors who really know how to win week after week with parlay betting. Why bet on SportSelect when you can get better odds, and bet on single games at offshore sportsbooks?

SportSelect Betting Options

While SportSelect has improved alongside Pro-Line over the past few years and has added more betting options and sports, like combat sports, for example, it still can’t measure up to online sports betting sites you’d find offshore.

For any given game, SportSelect Alberta has the moneyline, spread, and total options, but offshore books have upwards of 100 or more betting options available for each game. You can bet on almost any instance in a game on a site like Bodog, but you really only have basics at SportSelect.

SportSelect Bonuses and Promotions

While the Canadian sports betting sites can’t really offer the same quality of bonuses that you would see at an online sportsbook (some even offer bonuses up to $200) they do try to reward users who bet regularly. The SportSelect MVP Service is available online and allows users to sign up and get updates on wagers, notifications on upcoming sports, and special promotions available to users.

Most online sportsbooks offer great sign-up bonuses and promotional offers for their customers. Bonuses are very common and prevalent at the top sportsbooks and online casinos to keep their players happy. Many offer upwards of $200 in sign-up bonuses to their customers once they place their first bet.

Alternatives to SportSelect Alberta

When it comes to betting on sports in Alberta, you want to get the most value for your money. If you’re placing a bet, you want the best odds of winning, and you want to risk less for more reward. In the case of SportSelect, they’re making efforts to improve their gaming software, but still can’t offer single-game bets, and their odds just aren’t comparable to offshore sportsbooks.

The top online sportsbooks are safe and reliable, offer great odds, as well as bonuses and ultimately, single-game bets. There are plenty of online sportsbooks available to Albertan residents, the issue lies in not knowing about the better options. It’s important to read sportsbook reviews and do some research before signing up at a sportsbook.

We have a list of important criteria we look for when reviewing offshore online sportsbooks, and we ensure that they meet the needs of sports bettors of all experience levels. We also ensure that the offshore sportsbooks we refer Canadians to actually offer their product in Canada and allow Canadian players.

While Sport Select Alberta is still a good product, we believe you’re better off at one of the above sportsbooks.