Dplus Kia To Sweep Away The Freecs In Week 5 Action

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Dplus Kia To Sweep Away The Freecs In Week 5 Action

Online Sports Betting continues deeper into the eSports season as we look at some LOL LCK matches for July 5th and July 6th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports LOL LCK Week 5 Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL LCK Summer Matches for Season 3 Korea
  • WHEN: Wednesday, July 5th, 2023 and Thursday, July 6th, 2023 at 2:00 am ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Week 5 of LOL LCK Summer Action

Alright, we get out summer eSports action on with more from Korea. So, this regular season keeps on rolling all the way until August 6th. Then, the playoffs start not to long after. First, let's turn the spotlight up on the LOL LCK. Then, we take on some picks.

eSports Table For LOL LCK Week 5 Bets

Granted, the eSports LOL LCK Week 5 Bets make life easier as we feature two matches on our schedule while one gets the top billing. Even after this week, there are still four more weeks to go and room for potential movement.

Now, the eSports table for the featured matches on Wednesday and Thursday are below. Always keep an eye out for these top online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
Dplus Kia-625+340Kwandong Freecs
Hanwha Life eSports-909+425Nongshim Redforce

This LCK Summer League seems easy enough to follow and keep pace with. However, again there are always some surprises along with some predictable results.

LCK Week 5 Update

This LCK Season 3 from South Korea features a nine week round-robin format where every team plays each other twice. It is hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the regular season already. Again, the key is to get one of those top two seeds for the next round. It is funny enough two teams have established themselves in the early going. This LOL LCK Week 5 Update looks at the latest.

With a $150,000 top purse ($288,000 prize pool), this LOL LCK Summer League is only the beginning for those teams with higher aspirations. These teams grapple for a spot in the World Finals 2023 with much glory and riches for the taking.

So, six teams qualify for the playoff round in this ten-team tournament. The playoff stage features single-elimination matches in a best-of-five format. Finally, the grand final is a best-of-five too. So far, Gen.G Esports and Kt Rolster have established themselves as the top two seeds for a bye straight into the semifinals.

LOL LCK Week 5 Bets Focus On Some Favorites

MyBookie delivered some nice numbers on what is a trying portion of this early week schedule. This LOL LCK Division started with ten teams clashing with a shot at the Worlds. Now, there feels like only a few teams have a true shot. That gives LOL LCK Week 5 Bets some more exotic options and picks to consider. Again, that is because of how much thinking ahead has to be done for Weeks 6-9. It leads to some more volatile results. Also, it leads to focusing on some favorites too.

As always, this tournament drives wagerers for a considerable loop. That creates intrigue as one of our matchups is a battle of teams trying to break above .500. The eSports LOL Online Betting looks at that match first. Keep in mind that there are two favorites in this group but upsets are always possible. After all, KT Rolster never expected to be 7-1.

Again, Dplus Kia has struggled a bit since their 3-1 start while dropping three of four since that big loss to KT Rolster. Then, there are the Kwandong Freecs. They also reside at .500 and maybe should be below .500. The last two weeks have seen them either sweep or be swept. At the least, this seems to make things a bit predictable. Does it make outcomes almost seem to inevitable? That's a great question.

So, with props being offered for this match, it means betting action is getting a little better. As a matter of fact, the over/under was raised a bit then shortened. There is a sweep prop and some other choices for bettors out there. LOL LCK Week 5 Bets hammers out our choice for the match below. The Dplus Kia figures to bounce back in early Week 5 action.

Dplus Kia To win over Kwandong Freecs

eSports LOL LCK Week 5 Bets Looks At The Sweep

The eSports LOL LCK Week 5 Bets examines a gentler on the wallet prop that could be very plausible. Consider that these two teams tend to either win 2-0 or lose 2-0. It feels like these are teams that would go only three maps in a best-of-five. Naturally, their fans, at times, check out if they start losing early. At Online Sports Betting, we worry about the chances of these matches getting us to look at the sweep.

Currently, the Dplus Kia has about a 86% implied chance of winning their opening Week 5 match. Now, the money bet does not quite reflect that sentiment (it is more 60-40). These matches tend to have their own flow. However, with Kwandong Freecs truly split in games won and lost (8-8), if they go down early, they may stay down.

Therefore, that is enough reason whythis match appears destined to go for the sweep. It begs some risk but that -147 number is worth a small wager. These two teams are truly feast or famine in this group stage. Dplus Kia is now desperate to get a win under their belt here. The funny part is the precise score has a -158 number now for Kia over the Freecs. So, the spread to sweep is better than the actual sweep prop.

Dplus Kia To win by two maps on Wednesday

How About Another Match?

How about another match for the eSports LOL LCK Week 5 Bets? With Hanwha seeing a horrendous -909 on the Moneyline against Nongshim, it may just be better to take on the spread at -181. The 2-0 precise score lies at -200 here.

Hanwha Life eSports To win on Thursday by two

Esports Has More Choices To Come

E-sports online betting has more choices to come. LOL LCK is the tip of the iceberg.

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