eSports LOL Best Bets - Take Victory Five

eSports LOL Best Bets - Take Victory Five

We take another waltz through the eSports universe as we spotlight some LOL matches of note on July 26th, 2022. Who will win their matches come this Tuesday?

Again, the maps are out there for the taking as teams continue to battle for more dollars. eSports tournaments are a little different this time of year. Here at Online Sports Betting, we take a look at a few of the matches from Tencent LPL Summer League. Then, we give our quick betting picks. Also, these are professional circuit matches.

eSports Tabled Odds For Tencent LPL

As the Tencent LPL Summer League of LOL goes into another week, we have three matches scheduled for July 26th. Again, the league is still more than a month from ending. Keep in mind, that there are 17-teams in this league. With the playoffs still a long ways away, that is the least of these team's worries.

Below are the aforementioned eSports tabled odds for the Tencent LPL. Do not forget to examine the latest online sports betting news and picks.

Team 1MyBookieMyBookieTeam 2
Edward Gaming-256+171LNG eSports
Victory Five-153+107JD Gaming
Team We-103-138LGD Gaming

The Tencent LPL summer league has one major factor to be kept in mind. This carries over a $600,000 prize pool, with $302,087 going to the first-place squad.

Tencent LPL Summer League Notes

This Tencent LPL Summer League tournament features a slightly extended format. Seventeen teams battle it out over what amounts to be about 12 weeks of eSports play. The best teams get into the playoffs with four teams placing into the money. For those wondering even 5th and 6th get money too - about a little over $30,000 each.

The top four teams advance to the Semifinals. The other teams are eliminated with again the fifth and sixth place teams winning some consolation money.

Now, the final stage is single elimination. The semifinal matches are best-of-three. So, the winners of those matches advance to the finale. The finale. or Grand Final, is done in a best-of-five format.

The summer tournament has one of the bigger prize structures among summer leagues. It is divided up as follows.

  • 1st place - $302,087
  • 2nd place - $151,044
  • 3rd place - $75,522
  • 4th place - $45,313

We are fortunate to catch a good sample size of some of the teams in this tournament. Now, we have everything from the best to the worst of this Tencent Summer League. Below, we have those eSports LOL Best Bets for July 26th, 2022.

Victory Five Slight Favorite In eSports LOL Bets Bets Against JD Gaming

The numbers provided are thanks to Mybookie, which have some of the better eSports odds out there. For those that do now follow CSGO, this Tencent Summer League LPL for LOL has seen Victory Five and JD Gaming establish themselves. They could very well be two of the top teams left in the final matches when all is said and done.

Then, there was this matchup with Victory Five and the upstarts from JD Gaming. The eSports LOL Best Bets did not expect to see this. Both teams find ways to win. They both have been on fire and each team has lost just one match. Victory Five has won ten of 11 matches while JD Gaming has triumphed in 11 of 12 so far in the early going.

Victory Five is listed as a favorite here because of previous standings. JD Gaming suffered from a few not-so-good results against them which is why Victory Five is the favorite here. Some argue that they should have shorter numbers yet but JD Gaming is exceeding expectations in the summer tournament.

One of the props to consider for this matchup is the correct score. Instead of that -153, there is a  value at +182 for a Victory Five sweep. Even the 1 1/2 map handicap at +181 could be wagered. The first prop is a little better along with the easier to take moneyline, and the map handicap bet might be a pass. Get some or any value on this hot Victory Five squad in eSports LOL Best Bets.

Victory Five To beat JD Gaming

Edward Gaming To Beat LNG eSports In More eSports LOL Best Bets

The Tencent Summer LPL League has another matchup fans are looking forward to. It is because the winner faces an uphill battle anyway. However, with both teams around .500, it does make for some compelling numbers. That said, there is value even with Edward Gaming at -235 to -255, depending on one's site of choice.

For those asking, Edward Gaming has around a 60% implied chance of winning the match. These matches in often take a life of their own, and LNG is a +171 underdog here. That number may end up lengthening closer to +200 between now and Tuesday.

The other problem for props is that LNG has been all over the place. They are 6-6 for a reason. They are not quite as efficient as some of the better squads. The same can be somewhat said for Edward Gaming but Edward has looked much better the past several matches. Overall, again our eSports LOL Best Bets focus on Edward Gaming barely getting out with a win.

Edward Gaming To beat LNG eSports

Take LGD Gaming To Edge Team We On Tuesday

Take LGD Gaming to win in a tight affair over Team We on Tuesday. Why? Simply, LGD's one win came against Team We as it went the distance. It is not pretty and both teams have been whitewashed by most of the competition. However, LGD Gaming wants to restore some pride. Team We's map handicap has been the worst of the 17 teams but they stayed pretty even against LGD. Expect a tight match with LGD squeaking out their second "W' of the summer in this eSports LOL Best Bets.

LGD Gaming To beat Team We

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