LOL LEC Winter Bets On G2 eSports

LOL LEC Winter Bets On G2 eSports

We welcome 2023 at Online Sports Betting the only way we can. Here the eSports seasons continue as we look at some LOL LEC Winter Bets for January into early February. Who are some early favorites in the eSports tournament?

  • WHAT: LOL LEC Winter Tournament
  • WHEN: Saturday, January 21st - February 26th, 2023 - streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Cologne, Germany

So, we spotlight this rebranding as the EMEA split then merged some teams. Here at Online Sports Betting, we look at more from the LEC Winter Tournament. Then, we give our picks.

eSports Table For LOL LEC Winter Bets

As the eSports LOL LEC Winter Bets starts later in the month, there is time to look at the tournament from a futures' standpoint. Matches are not even officially scheduled yet in terms of numbers err odds. There still lies some speculation as to some roster additions.

Now, the eSports table for the newly designed tournament lies below. Do not forget to watch for the best online sports betting news and picks.

G2 eSports+225+200
Team Vitality+650+700
Mad Lions+1000+900

The LOL LEC Winter Tournament is quite an undertaking. Let us take a few steps back here and exhale!

LOL LEC Winter Tournament Notes

The LOL LEC Winter Bets looks at this ten-team tournament that starts with a round-robin stage. Matches are one and done as the best eight teams advance to the group stage. The good news is there is a week break between. Two groups of four battle it out in best-of-three matches. The best two teams from Group A and Group B advance to the playoff stage.

Once more, this tournament does seem just to take quite a while, but this LOL LEC Winter League carries some intrigue. It is clear from some pundits that this appears to be more wide-open than previous incarnations of early-season LOL outings. Usually, there are predictable results and even easier props. This time that is far from the case.

From allegations of cheating to stalling and even COVID, this tournament could prove to be chaotic. Most teams are fortunate to see this event get off the ground at all. After all, this looks poised to start on time as scheduled on January 21st.

How Did We Get Here In LOL LEC Winter Bets?

Yes, MyBookie and Bovada provides us with some great eSports odds and props. For those who now follow the LOL actively, this tournament is over five weeks in duration. That is why LOL LEC Winter Bets looks at some different ways to approach this challenger. Sometimes these gambles work, and sometimes wagers fizzle out.

Yes, this tournament got a bit goofy with the match schedule. That created some rumors which spelled some doubt about the event in the first place. Rest assured, the LOL LEC Winter Tournament is going ahead. The eSports LOL Betting Odds And Sites will focus on these futures. Keep in mind to expect some movement. Again, the G2 eSports is a co-favorite with KOI. One should see their matches from last year. Some may disagree with these assessments.

Now, G2 eSports looks primed for this tournament. For one, their 24-match winning streak last year is a thing of the past. There lie some question marks as to chemistry with them and especially KOI. At least G2 has a bit more of a pedigree in tournaments and brand. With Mikyx returning to the fold, it will be interesting to see what comes next. Did we mention the additions of Yike and Hans Sama?

Anyway, G2 has enjoyed an easy road as far as practice sessions. Naturally, nothing is as good as the real thing. So battle-tested is something the team is not. However, there is a chance that this team could get hot at the right time. A few props below could add some value here. However, our first pick is simple. Take a shot at G2 eSports in LOL LEC Winter Bets out of the two co-favorites.

G2 eSports To win the LOL LEC Winter Tournament

Fnatic Another Option In eSports LOL LEC Winter Bets

The eSports LOL LEC Winter Bets has another option to cater to fans. It is possible since some believe this expects to be wide-open, then why nice look at Fnatic as a potential choice. Think of them as the third-party choice that is gaining some popularity almost by name err default.

This means Fnatic harbors more than a punchers' chance of winning this event. These matches often flow in waves and some extreme ones. Remember, with only ten teams, that gives Fnatic a bit of a boost already. The closest they were to LEC World glory was in 2018 when they lost in the Final of the World Championship. Now, the team is trying to gain back what they lost.

Partly, this is because Fnatic has fewer chemistry issues. Also, the one thing this team does not do is check out of matches. Could that bode well for this hard-working team? Go for the gold, err the glory here.

Fnatic To win the LOL LEC Winter Tournament

One Last Bet On A Longer Shot

One last bet in the eSports LOL LEC Winter Bets is this. If a bettor wants to take another longer shot, check out Mad Lions as they are getting 10-to-1 odds at Bovada for this tournament. This is another one of those squads that can take advantage of others looking to find their way.

The low number of teams aids Mad Lions here. Simply, early seasons tournaments produce unexpected results.

Mad Lions To take the LOL LEC Winter Event

Finally, ponder further e-sports online betting choices as some other props should open up too.

See the top sportsbooks below, wager some money, and get in these games!

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