FaZe Huge Hopes To Douse Heroic Hopes On Wednesday

FaZe Huge Hopes To Douse Heroic Hopes On Wednesday

Online Sports Betting continues look at crown jewel of the eSports season as we look at some more Blast Premier World Final matches for December 13th, 2023. Who will win on Wednesday in the eSports Blast Premier World Final Bets?

  • WHAT: More Blast World Premier Final Opening Matches
  • WHEN: Wednesday, March 13th, 2023 at 7:00 am ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Etihad Arena from Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • WHY: Opening Group Stage Matches 3 and 4

Now, we take a look at a couple more opening matches in the Group Stage for the CSGO. This tournament is gone in a flash. By December 17th, a winner gets crowned and becomes much richer. First, let's preview the two matches from the CSGO Blast Premier. Then, we deal out some wagers to make.

eSports Table For Blast Premier World Final Bets

Our eSports Blast Premier World Final Bets keep things moving along with the final two opening matches on Wednesday. After that, everyone plays two more times at least.

So, the eSports table for the featured matches on Wednesday are below. Do nor forget these top online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
G2 Esports-160+120Mouz

This 2023 Blast Premier World Final goes way too quickly. We understand. The headline goes to the huge favorite. However, despite a mostly routine day one, do we have a mild upset in the making? Let us see below.

More Blast Premier World Final News

We have a little more 2023 Blast Premier World Final News. The fun part of this tournament will be for those who do wake up at a slightly more reasonable hour in the United States. Some people do sleep and the two later matches start approximately at 7:00 am ET and 10:00 am ET. Hopefully, that gets more people to wager on what will be the quintessential event of the 2023 CSGO season.

Alas, the World Final for the CSGO is about money, money, and more money. Okay, maybe there is something about a little prestige and no one cares about second place. When the $1,000,000 purse pays out $500,000 for first, there is a lot at stake. Teams might play differently as the knockout stage starts over the weekend.

Six teams make the staggered quarterfinal and again it pays to win early and often. Who gains that early edge in the group stages on Wednesday?

Blast World Premier Final Bets See A Familiar Favorite

Bovada brought some very early props and odds to the table here. This CSGO finale continues with four more teams grappling for that all that championship glory. Now, the event is here and gone by Sunday. That allows Blast Premier World Final Bets a little latitude on Wednesday. Again, this is because the biggest favorite may wind up having one of the easier route to potentially the semifinal and beyond. Yes, we see a familiar favorite.

With no tomorrow for 2023 after this tournament. This is truly the final chance until 2024. Blast awards $500,000 to the winner and FaZe is craving all the money and the victory. So far, they have managed their expectations well. This does well for the eSports CSGO Online Betting. Keep in mind, that ugly moneyline is -450 and may still fan out between now and Wednesday. Bettors tend to not like that much.

FaZe conquered Heroic several times before over the past few seasons. Granted, the stage is the highest right now but few expect a different result Wednesday. With a prime slot, FaZe basks in the spotlight. Also, they will want to make quick work of Heroic. Nice stories are not for the faint of heart here. This is all about trying to dig for a number that is enticing enough to make some money on.

The usual map props and such are on the table for Wednesday here. However, there is one focus here on FaZe and FaZe only. Blast Premier World Final Bets tabs winner number one below. Expect an easy time of it for the big favorites as we go for the more appetizing wager. Something tells us by Wednesday, that -105 number will be a thing of the distant past. Take the sweep and run here!

FaZe To sweep away Heroic with ease

eSports Blast Premier World Bets Go For The Plus

The eSports Blast Premier World Final Bets go for the plus on Wednesday. G2 Esports takes on Mouz at 10am ET. This is an interesting battle in the sense that both teams are pretty evenly matched. If there was an opener that goes the distance, it may be here. Honestly, this tilt is pivoting that way as the Over 2.5 has moved to EVEN already. It was +130 at one point. Those are not the only numbers which have shifted.

Right now, G2 Esports has about a 61.5% implied chance of winning their opening match. The moneyline bet keeps moving more and more to Mouz, however. If this was earlier in the season, G2 would appear a greater favorite here. Unfortunately, that was then and this is now. Mouz could be coming into a good form at the right time. Playing your way in can have quite the effect this time of year along with $500,000.

Simply, we think G2 Esports might crack here a bit. While no one is suggesting a sweep. A 2-1 win by Mouz would not be surprising. For now, take the bet on the moneyline at +120.

Mouz To defeat G2 Esports on Wednesday

How About A Surprise Prop?

How about a surprise prop for the eSports Blast Premier World Final Bets? That is correct. Go for the exact score with Mouz on Wednesday. In the meantime, take Mouz in Map 3. Check that payout and make a tiny wager on it!

Mouz To win Map 3 on Wednesday

Esports Betting Keeps On Moving

E-sports online betting keeps on moving. Therefore, go check out the sites and you will find something being streamed to bet on. Do not be afraid to explore more.

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