G2 Esports Favored To Take Home BLAST Paris Major

G2 Esports Favored To Take Home BLAST Paris Major

Online Sports Betting, goes in a slightly different direction for this time of the eSports season as we look at some BLAST Paris Major Bets for the event starting May 8th, 2023. Who may contend in this wild and crazy tournament?

  • WHAT: BLAST Paris Major 2023
  • WHEN: Monday, May 8th, 2023 - Sunday May 21st, 2023 streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Paris, France
  • WHY: 24 teams compete for the Major Championship

Yes, we preview the outrights and a bit more in this preview for one of CSGO's "Majors". So, this S-Tier tournament does not end until May 21st. That is when the championship match takes place. First, let's look at some possible contenders for the Paris Major. Then, we hand out a few picks.

eSports Table For BLAST Paris Major Bets

So, the eSports BLAST Paris Major Bets helps us relax a little before one of the biggest tournaments of the entire Spring season. Thankfully, there are still two more weeks before the "Challenger" phase even gets started. It is a fast and intense fortnight which will ultimately crown a champion.

Now, the eSports table for the featured outrights lie below. Always remember the best online sports betting news and picks.

Blast Paris Major OutrightsBovadaMyBookieBetOnline
G2 Esports+300+300+300
FaZe Clan+400+450+450
Natus Vincere+450+500+500
Team Vitality+750+700+700

This Blast Paris Major comes in hot with three overall phases. However, again winning early is always essential in advancing through the tournament.

BLAST Paris Major Phases

This BLAST Paris Major event again is headline by three phases. For the purpose of betting, there will be matches from May 8th-11th. That comes in the form of the challenger portion. So, this is where the 24-team field will be whittled down to 16. The top eight teams from this group will join the other eight squads waiting for them. Initial matches will be singles and elimination/advancement bouts will be best-of-three.

After that, the BLAST Paris Major Bets get into the "Legends Phase". The Swiss System format gets followed again for this round as eight more teams are eliminated. Again, all elimination and advancement bouts are best-of-three. These matches take place from May 13th-May 16th. It will be during this phase where the tournament starts to heat up in earnest.

Again, the eight teams left play in the knockout portion of the event. The Champions Stage features single-elimination matches in a best-of-three format. Finally, the grand final is a best-of-three too. Naturally, there is plenty of money incentive to win this event. Out of the $1.25 million purse, $500,000 goes to the winner. $170,000 goes to the runner-up then $80,000 each to the third and fourth places.

Simply, the even more important part is the winner automatically qualifies for the BLAST Premier World Final and IEM Cologne 2023. These are the big tournament which get eSports squads noticed in a big way.

BLAST Paris Major Bets See No Clear Favorite

Bovada comes into focus with more great odds and props. This tournament starts with 24 teams battling for that one spot to the World Final. This gives BLAST Paris Major Bets some nice outright to consider. Again, that is because of the Swiss System. It helps give us an idea of who may be hot early in the event. Right now, we see no clear favorite even with G2 Esports leading the way at +300.

Yes, this tournament threw bettors for a considerable curve with those opening playoff results. That created one unexpected Upper Bracket Semifinal. The eSports CSGO Online Betting will focus only on the outrights. Keep in mind that there are several solid favorites in the group. Can there be upsets? Absolutely.

Again, G2 Esports, Heroic, and Natus Vincere come in as legends. They will all have the easier road and not have to worry about that initial round. Like we mentioned, G2 is one of those teams who could benefit the most from having a few extra days off. Getting in some practice time will be paramount.

So, the outrights and not those side props are our focus for now. , it usually indicates the betting action will pick up sometime soon. As a matter of fact, the grand final prop was put back on the board. G2 comes in at EVEN there by the way. BLAST Paris Major Bets gives us one safer choice. Taking G2 to win is our focus at +300 but that side wager on the Grand Final at EVEN is on the radar too.

G2 Esports To win the BLAST Paris Major

eSports BLAST Paris Major Bets Looks At A Few Other Teams

The eSports Blast Paris Major Bets examines a few more teams who have less conventional paths to the title. One is going to be FaZe Clan. For better or for worse, they do have to go through all three phases to win this event. However, they come in with name recognition and talent who can not only thrive but win in Paris. This is why the books are not worried about the qualifying. The Clan is at -1000 and shortening.

Currently, the FaZe Clan comes in at +150 to reach the Final and +400 to win the whole thing. Yes, that feels like big money could be wagered on the team despite some uncertainty. However, this is one of the few teams that relish the idea of extra matches.

Team Vitality and Fnatic could be considered here but the two teams have endured some tough setbacks in the Spring. Could they rebound here? That is possible. However, FaZe Clan is a better wager.

FaZe Clan To win the BLAST Paris Major

How About One More Team?

How about one more team for the eSports BLAST Paris Major Bets? With Team Liquid being a nasty +1600 on the Moneyline, they may be worth a look. After all, it is a team who is just outside our table, but could produce some top results.

Team Liquid To win BLAST Paris

Esports Online Betting Serves Up Multiple Choices

E-sports online betting serves up multiple choices. There are LOL Futures too to consider.

Get your bets on this week!

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