Gaimin Gladiators To Shine In DOTA 2 At Kuala Lumpur

Gaimin Gladiators To Shine In DOTA 2 At Kuala Lumpur

Online Sports Betting heads toward the end of the eSports season as we look at some early future outlooks for the week of December 11th, 2023. Who could win this tournament in the eSports Dota 2 Majors Future Bets?

  • WHAT: Dota 2 Majors - MITEC ESL Kuala Lumpur
  • WHEN: Friday, December 15th, 2023 - Sunday, December 17th, 2023 streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • WHY: 12 Teams Battle To Win The ESL Major

Yes, we preview a couple of potential winners and the major tournament in Malaysia for DOTA 2. This ESL event from Kuala Lumpur features 12 teams battling for $1,000,000 in prize money and a $500,000 top prize. It appears this could be a bit more of a wide-open tournament than previously anticipated.

eSports Table For DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets

Yes, the eSports DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets give us a little time as teams get a two-week break before the event actually starts. It gives us time to handicap the field and see what value may lurk in the numbers. Now, this figures to be quite an event from Malaysia right before Christmas. There will be a live viewing experience the entire three-day weekend.

Now, the eSports table for the event itself lies below. Always remember the best of the best online sports betting news and picks.

ESL One Kuala LumpurBovadaMyBookieBetOnline
Gaimin Gladiators+350+375+400
Team Liquid+350+375+400
BB Team+600+600+550
Invictus Gaming+650+670+600
LGD Gaming+650+700+600
Azure Ray+700+750+700

This Dota 2 League expects to be quite a finale in Malaysia. However, again winning early and often makes it easier for the knockouts. Getting and staying in that Upper Bracket is the priority in this fast-paced active tournament.

DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets Update

This DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets Update notes that this event features an Upper Tier and Lower Tier. Naturally, this tournament effective has two favorites (Gaiman Gladiators and Team Liquid). Then, there are four teams that have the potential to surprise and win it all. Often these tournaments do feature a surprise or two. However, it is highly likely that the winner comes from the top six teams and not the bottom six.

With a $1,000,000 top purse ($500,000 prize pool), this ESL Kuala Lumpur major is a world tournament in every sense. The breakdown of the teams is as follows.

  • Three teams invited
  • Two teams each from Western And Eastern European qualifiers
  • One team each from MENA, China, SE Asia, North America, and South America qualifiers

Again, there will be two groups of six teams each. The top two teams qualify into the upper bracket automatically. The third and fourth place teams from each group comprise the lower bracket. Consequently, the other teams will be eliminated. Also, the playoffs are double-elimination. All matches are best-of-three with the Grand Final being a best-of-five epic finale. This figures to be quite the spectacle. Which teams do we have an eye on this early?

DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets Do Like Gaimin Gladiators

Bovada came in with some excellent odds and props. This Major will again start with 12 teams battling for that one spot to be the champion. Now, can Gaimin Gladiators reign supreme? Our DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets offer some different ideas and theories based on these early numbers. Gaimin could be one of those teams that gets into that all-important Upper Bracket. Historically, almost every winner has come from there.

Yes, this tournament drives bettors nuts because DOTA (Defenders Of The Ancients) is a very complex game similar to World Of Warcraft. With so many characters and ways to play, that creates so many different potential outcomes. Honestly, a few teams have formed some elaborate expert strategies. The eSports DOTA 2 Online Betting will focus on who we believe may be some of those wiser choices to wager on.

Again, GG burst onto the scene just in February of last year. That 2023 DPC season was something else for the team as they won all three of Valve's majors. That is no easy feat. Gaimin Gladiators with Team Tickles proved to be extremely formidable and full of resolve.

So, with no props offered this early, it usually indicates the betting action is not available at the moment. As a matter of fact, the best bet here is to be a little patient. DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets like this as a good choice. The co-favorite is more of a favorite in our eyes. This number is a bit of a gift to be blunt.

Gaimin Gladiators To win the DOTA 2 ESL Kuala Lumpur Major

What About Invictus Gaming And Why Not Team Liquid?

The DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets ask what about Invictus Gaming and why not Team Liquid? It is a great question and Team Liquid is a co-favorite with Garmin Gladiators. Now, this is a team with the ability to dominate tournaments. However, taking a risk on Invictus Gaming could pay off a bit better here. The Chinese IG or OG's as some call them may not have the best of records lately. However, they are a team that can come together at any time.

Currently, Invictus Gaming sees solid numbers, like +670 at MyBookie. That is not too hard to take for one of those teams that can make waves in any event they enter. Could Invictus get eliminated early? Absolutely! This is all about looking at potential spots to make a profit via the Futures. Hit one of the two or three best choices and it is a profit.

Consequently, that is why betting modestly is best. Do not risk a large amount on these events only because this may not end so well. However, Invictus has some potential here.

Invictus Gaming To win the DOTA 2 at Kuala Lumpur

How About One More Team?

How about one more team for the eSports DOTA 2 Majors Future Bets? With Azure Ray getting +750 at MyBookie, they may be a team to look at further as the tournament approaches.

Azure Ray To win the DOTA 2 Championship At Kuala Lumpur

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