JD Gaming To Knock Out KT Rolster This Weekend

JD Gaming To Knock Out KT Rolster This Weekend

Online Sports Betting goes deep as we look at some LOL World Championship matches for November 4th and 5th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports LOL Knockout Stage Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL World Championships Knockout Stage
  • WHEN: Saturday, November 4th, 2023 and Sunday, November 5th, 2023 at 3:00 am ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Playoff Time Win Or Go Home

Yes, we preview the final two matches for the World Championship Quarterfinals in the LOL. So, this tournament still has a couple of weeks to go. The 19th is when the championship match takes place. First, ir is time to figure out what happened previously with the LOL Swiss Stage. Then, we make some more picks and hopefully some more dollars.

eSports Table For LOL Knockout Stage Bets

Okay, the eSports LOL Knockout Stage Bets start getting down to business with two matches to monitor on our schedule, After this, the semifinals for the World Championships will be set. These best-of-five matches have some wrinkles. For example, the two 3-0 teams will be matched against two 3-2 squads. Yes, that is why KT Rolster is playing JD Gaming. Gen.G goes up against Bilibili based on Swiss Stage record (4-4 in games).

Now, the eSports table for the featured weekend matches are below. Always remember the best online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
JD Gaming-550+355KT Rolster
T1-112-115LNG Esports

This LOL Knockout Stage sounds like it will be amazing. Will there be an upset among the final two quarterfinal matches? That answer is likely no. Let us begin.

LOL World Championship Update

This LOL World Championship Update from South Korea features eight teams battling for four spots. Now, here is where the winning amounts begin to jump. Any team that wins the next several days will be guaranteed no worse than $178,000. Those squads will have a chance for the trophy and the top prize of $445,000.

With more than a $2 million prize pool, this LOL end of season tournament carries so much prestige. For the winner go the spoils into 2024. These teams fight for a spot in the semifinal and all matches from here on out will be best-of-five slugfests.

Finally, four teams qualify for the semifinal round in the LOL Knockout Stage Bets. This playoff stage features single-elimination matches with side selection privilege for the opening game. The next round comes next week and from there two finalists will be determined.

LOL Knockout Stage Bets Go Lopsided Then Even

Bovada brings the heat once more with many odds and props. This LOL World Championship started with 22 teams battling for the championship and being called the best LOL team in 2023. Now, there will be six teams left by the weekend. That gives LOL Knockout Stage Bets some alternative ideas and theories. Again, that is because matches start early Thursday morning and continue Friday morning. This expects to have a quarterfinal finale with quite a lot of pop. Also, we go lopsided then even.

Yes, this tournament expects to see Gen.G and Weibo Gaming to advance mostly with ease. Some believe that NRG can give Weibo a little bit of trouble on Thursday. Weibo had chances to win that opening best-of-one match. So, the eSports LOL World Online Betting will focus on the two later matches in the quarterfinal. Again, a little background to the other matches was needed to set the table.

Alas, JD Gaming comes in as a whopping -550 favorite to take care of business err KT Rolster. Part of the reason for that is how KT squandered a lead when they had a chance to advance the first time last week. Quite a few concerns were presented as valid while JD Gaming kept cruising along. JD even disposed of LNG in three which was a little bit of a surprise. LNG was pretty hot throughout the early stages.

So, with quite a few props, LOL Knockout Stage Bets unloads our match choice below. The -1.5 game spread rides in at -200. We are a bit hesitant with the 3.5 total games. JD likely drops one but wins in four.

JD Gaming To win by two or more games

eSports LOL Knockout Stage Bets Looks For A Cliffhanger

The eSports LOL Knockout Stage Bets examines one of the matches that appears to be most likely to go the distance. This is a nice way of saying "looks for a cliffhanger."

Currently, LNG and T1 are right around a 50% implied chance of winning their quarterfinal match, the moneyline wants to trend more towards LNG. However, some are rightfully concerned at how LNG squeaked by a few matches they maybe should have lost. Could they run out of luck versus T1. After all, T1 remains a dangerous threat because they played Gen.G early then swept their final two Swiss Stage matches.

Naturally, this match looks pre-destined to head to a full five games and might go right down to the wire. Both LNG and T1 are very evenly matched. Some believe T1 should be favored but again taking the swing with the Over of 4.5 games (+150) is a solid idea. That is one way to get plus-money value. Spread wise is downright scary for this match. For us, we have one other option as we backdoor a T1 in five victory. That comes in at +370.

T1 To defeat LNG in five games

How About One Last Prop?

How about one last prop for the eSports LOL Knockout Stage Bets? With the two teams being so closely matched, who gets the first blood kill between LNG and T1? Our answer is T1 on this one. That prop rides in at -120, which is as close to even as one will get here.

T1 To get the first kill on Map 1

Esports Leaves Dozens Of Props

Online betting for Esports gives out dozens of props. LOL World Championships have much to explore.

Get your bets in for the weekend!

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