Kt Favored To Advance To Final Over T1 This Weekend

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Kt Favored To Advance To Final Over T1 This Weekend

Online Sports Betting dives deeper into the Korean Summer League this eSports season. Naturally, we look upward to the LOL LCK weekend match for August 19th, 2023. Who will win this match in the eSports LOL LCK Weekend Picks?

  • WHAT: LOL LCK Weekend Elimination Match 
  • WHEN: August 19th, 2023 streamed on Twitch over the weekend
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Kt and T1 battle to face Gen.G Esports in the Final 

Yes, we preview the big match this weekend for the LCK. At last, we are close to the finale which comes next week on August 22nd. That is when the spot to the Worlds and a champion is crowned. There were ten teams to start this tournament but now that number has dwindled to three.

LOL LCK Weekend Picks Plus The Table

So, the eSports LOL LCK Weekend Picks plus the table draw the setup for the "Big One." Who will advance and who will wind up in third place? Those are questions we will have answers to after this weekend's action.

Alright, the prime match for Saturday is below. Do not forget these excllent online sports betting news and picks. Remember that we offer plenty of LoL betting odds right here.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
Kt Rolster-140-102T1

This LCK Summer League weekend gets a team that cannot beat Gen.G versus a team who can. Plus, there appears to be a bit more intrigue after what happened earlier this month in a bit of a shocker.

A More Tidy LCK Weekend Update

This LCK Season from the Koreas  and the Weekend Picks features two teams that are literally contrasting matchups. If one wants a competitive final, the rooting interest may tilt towards Kt Rolster. They are the only team who shows an ability to defeat Gen.G and their behemoth of a squad. The belief is, in a best of five, they truly are the ones with a chance to upset things and advance to the Worlds.

Again, there lies more at stake than the nearly $300,000 prize pool  in the LCK Weekend League because of again that Worlds slot These teams battle for that slot with an incredible array of intensity. Now, the emotions alone are going to be as up as the stakes here. Last week, they kept rising but now this is that double elimination match. The loser goes home in third place and the winner advances for a shot at the glory.

Again, seven teams have now been elimination with an eighth on the horizon. Opponent choosing helped T1 survive this long and now they at least have a desirable matchup. Unfortunately, that does not sit well with Kt, who looked almost invincible after defeating Gen.G. They let down a little bit against T1 and sometimes that is all that it takes.

LOL LCK Weekend Bets Goes Back To The Well

MyBookie goes back to the well. LOL LCK rattled us after that Kt loss to T1. That gives LOL LCK Weekend Picks a bit of a revenge angle and more. Again, with a mere three teams remaining, the chance to end up in the Final could mean a different result on Saturday. While T1 has been hot and cold, Kt simply has been more consistent aside from two lapses. Those lapses both turned into losses (one against Gen.G and one versus T1).

Yes, the time for lapses is over. If teams crack now, there is no tomorrow. This comes down to can Kt learn from its mistakes in that critical fifth map. The idea that they let T1 back into a match which looked over was rough. MVP's of the match do not matter, only winning maps do.

How does Kt rise up in this second most crucial matchup? Mind you, the third spot features 80 points but not 100. After all, points are important and Kt did not get this far to not make the Final. Then again, T1 showed earlier in the month that when they went down in a match, they would not quit. It is precisely what we need to see from the Kt this weekend.

So, props get dangled all over the place here. Kt on the moneyline is a safe bet at -149. As a matter of fact, the over/under slid back a ton to -222. There is a spread prop rolling in at +149. LOL LCK Weekend Picks drops in with our match choice below. The idea of not giving up on Kt Rolster to rebound is prevalent here. With the most compelling final between Gen.G and Kt, here we rumble!

Kt Rolster To advance to the Grand Final

eSports LOL LCK Weekend Picks Still Lean To The Spread

The eSports LOL LCK Weekend Picks still lean to the spread as the number flips. For Online Sports Betting, this is so nice compared to that -833 moneyline from earlier in August. One can minimize by hitting the spread at +149. That will bring in a solid return. Sure, it is still the big money but it is better than trying to get the predicted score just so.

As intriguing as T1 is at -102 on the moneyline, that is a tough wager to take. Yes, T1 as a plus-money prospect was much more attractive. With them now teetering around Even, this is something which does not feel so safe. The hot and cold nature of T1 also can be troubling.

Consequently, that Final looms next but playing things to the favorite is a good idea given Kt's composure should reign supreme in this go-around.

Kt Rolster To beat that -1.5 map spread

Esports LLA Is Here On Tuesday

E-sports online betting says LLA is here on Tuesday. Now, there are quite a few props from that match as well.

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