KT Rolster To Advance To Knockout Stage In LOL Worlds This Week

KT Rolster To Advance To Knockout Stage In LOL Worlds This Week

Online Sports Betting looks at the final tournament of the LOL eSports season as we examine some Swiss Stage matches for October 26th, and 27th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports LOL World Championship Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL World Championship Matches (Swiss Stage)
  • WHEN: Thursday, October 26th, 2023 and Friday, October 27th, 2023 at 6:00 pm ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Matches to start decreasing the 14-team field

Now, we preview a couple of matches in the World Championships. Now, this tournament still does not end until November 19th. That is when the championship match takes place. First, let's preview a few matches for this week. Then, we will give out some picks.

eSports Table For LOL World Championship Bets

So, the eSports LOL World Championship Bets give us several matches to choose from. On our schedule, there are two matches we give the proper spotlight to. These expects to be the most competitive matches of the week.

Okay, the eSports table for the featured matches on Thursday and Friday are below. Always remember these top-shelf online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
Cloud 9-105-125Fnatic
KT Rolster+154-200LNG Esports

The key with the LOL World Championship is to win early and often. On the other hand, a few upset losses disturb things enough to create some great matchups early in the tournament.

LOL World Championships Update

This LOL World Championships Update gives readers a quick heads-up on what is to come. Again, the week features a series of matches in a Swiss Stage format. Now, that takes getting used to. There are a total of 14 teams in this stage. Remember, the eyes on the prize is the immense purse.

With a $445,000 top purse ($2.25 million prize pool), the Summoner's Cup is what the teams are playing for. It is the top trophy in LOL The prestige alone from winning this tournament can be a springboard for years to come. Out of the 14 teams remaining, three have won the title before. The nice part is that quite a few teams are up-and-coming which means new blood for the title. Competition has a bigger turnover in LOL at this level.

Again, we are at Round 4 of the Swiss Stage. Two teams have advanced already (Gen.G and JD Gaming) with two getting eliminated (Team Liquid and Team BDS). Several squads only need one more win to advance. We profile a few of them for later this week. The shocker may be DPlus, who is 1-2 and needs to win two straight just to move on to the Knockout Stage.

By next week, the 14 teams will be whittled down to eight as the Knockout Stage features are best-of-five single elimination matches. Teams with upper err higher seeding will get preference for side-outs, etc. However, six teams have to advance first.

LOL World Championship Bets Bring The Chaos

Bovada takes the reins with some more odds for the Thursday and Friday matches. This stage began with 14 teams and is already down to 12. Actually, like we mentioned, there are still six spots up for grabs. Now, Team BDS and Team Liquid seemed destined for elimination this round. That gives LOL World Championship Bets some fuel as the squads bring the chaos over these two final spurts of matches. Expect things to get a little crazier.

Now, this tournament again has the highest purse these players and teams will see all season. That ups the competition level and figures to see some unexpected levels of urgency and mistakes as well. The eSports LOL Online Betting will focus on the KT Rolster match with LNG and the Cloud 9-Fnatic clash. Can there be upsets? Yes, anything is possible as these teams are closely matched.

Again, LNG and KT come in with a chance to advance with a side-out advantage. The loser will go on to Round 5 but still have a chance to move to the knockout stage. Even though, LNG is a slight favorite here, KT has enjoyed some unprecedented success (for them) and they have stepped up after stumbling to Bilibili Gaming in their opening match. There is a high likelihood this match goes the distance and that is where we favor KT even more.

So, with some props not available here, we look a the simple Moneyline first and foremost. Taking KT Rolster to move on to the Knockouts is not a surprise. LOL World Championship Bets drops our primary wager below. At +154, this is dicey, but could pay off once more.

KT Rolster To advance to the Knockout Stage

eSports LOL World Championship Bets Get Fnatic

The eSports LOL LLA Opening Bets get Fnatic later this week as the squad clashes with bitter rival Cloud 9 in what figures to be an epic match. Simply, the loser goes home. That is correct. Both teams already have two losses and a third means elimination. That would be a disappointment for whomever suffers the third L.

Right now, the Fnatic has about a 55.6% implied chance of winning their "elimination" match, the money bet is trending more and more to Fnatic. These matches carry their own ups and downs. Last week, Fnatic was a dead-even coin flip as bettors are very concerned about Cloud 9. We get why. Cloud 9 dropped matched to LNG and T1 in very meek fashion. Fnatic, at least, has fared a little better.

Consequently, this is another match with expects to go the full length. It becomes less of a risk but the -125 number is worth a small wager. These two teams keep on battling but in the end, the side of Fnatic lives to fight another day while Cloud 9 likely heads home.

Fnatic Go the distance and win Thursday

How About One Inside Elimination?

How about one inside elimination for the eSports LOL World Championship Bets? Take Dplus Gaming to get eliminated before this week is out.

Esports Has More Leagues Playing

E-sports online betting has more leagues playing. DOTA and more are on the docket.

Good luck!

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