LOL CBLOL Riot Bets Tab Loud Early To Win Opener

LOL CBLOL Riot Bets Tab Loud Early To Win Opener

We start the second week of 2023 at Online Sports Betting the only way we can. Now, the eSports season continues as we look at some LOL CHLOL Riot Bets for January into early February. What do some of these early matches look like in this eSports tournament?

  • WHEN: Saturday, January 21st matches streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Sao Paolo, Brazil 

So, we spotlight this "regular season" as Split One gets underway. Here at Online Sports Betting, we take a look at the LOL CBLOL Riot Tournament. Then, we give our picks.

eSports Table For LOL CBLOL Riot Bets

As the eSports LOL CBLOL Riot Bets starts later this month, there is time to look at the opening bouts. Matches finally got scheduled as this is a long double round-robin. There still lies some speculation as to a few possible roster additions.

Now, the eSports table for the newly designed tournament lies below. Do not forget to watch for the prime online sports betting news and bets.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
Pain Gaming-101-142Loud
Kabum Esports-181+124Liberty
Fluxo+137-200Los Grandes

The LOL CBLOL Riots Tournament is quite a long haul. Let us take a few steps back and breathe a little!

LOL CBLOL Riot Tournament Notes

The LOL CBLOL Riot Bets looks at this ten-team tournament that starts with two round-robin stages. Matches are one and done as the best eight teams advance to the group stage. The good news is there are almost two weeks until this all begins. Each team is guaranteed to face the other nine teams twice. That means there are a total of 18 matches. The best six teams advance to the playoff stage.

Once more, this tournament does seem just to take quite a while, but this LOL CBLOL Riot League carries some potential fun. It is clear from some pundits that it looks more wide-open than previous incarnations of early-season LOL outings. Usually, there are predictable results and even easier props. This time is different. Remember, there is that lower bracket with the fifth and sixth seeds.

A double-elimination phase with best-of-five matches feels like a much better idea. A champion gets crowned on April 15th, and they advance to the Mid-Season Invitational. Thankfully, all signs point to this tournament starting on time as scheduled on January 21st.

How Did We Get Here In LOL CBLOL Riot Bets?

Yes, MyBookie gives us excellent eSports odds and props. For those who now actively follow the LOL, this tournament is almost three months. That is why LOL CBLOL Riot Bets gets fortunate to see some early opening match numbers. That makes looking at some possible picks a little easier.

Granted, this tournament got a bit broad with the match schedule. That created some rumors which spelled some doubt about the event. However, the schedule is out! The eSports LOL Betting Odds And Sites will focus on these round-robin matches. Expect some slight shifts and potential movement. Again, next Saturday's first three matches are more hotly contested than the other two. Our focus is on the openers of the opening day.

Now, Loud looks stoked about this tournament. For one, they found a way to win the last double-elimination tournament in 2022. They avenged an early playoff lost to Pain Gaming and smoked them in a sweep. It was the perfect ending to a crazy season with all these splits and reincarnations, and there are some tournaments with similar teams.

Anyway, Loud showed some might come early in the practice sessions. So, this is not the truest indicator, but their form looks good once again. So battle-tested is something the team is. Again, there is a chance that Pain Gaming will get the jump at this time. A few props could aid value here. However, our first pick is simple. Let's get LOUD in LOL CBLOL Bets out of the two co-favorites.

Louds To beat Pain Gaming

Liberty A Possible Option In eSports LOL CBLOL Bets

The eSports LOL CBLOL Bets has another option to cater to the masses. It is possible since some believe this expects to be wide-open, then consider Liberty as a possible choice. Think of them as the third-party choice that is gaining some popularity almost by name, err, default. They went 8-10 in the last tournament in August, while Kabum Esports went 11-7.

This means Kabum gets listed as a favorite when it comes to winning this opener. These matches often flow in waves and extreme ones. Remember, with only ten teams, that gives Liberty again a boost already. The summer offered a nice experience for Liberty, and they were closer to advancing than their overall record in the round robins. Kabum could be ripe for a slight upset here.

A huge reason for this assertion is that Liberty had fewer roster changes. Also, the one thing this team does not do is check out matches. That looks solid for a team who wants to make a statement early. Go for the gold and the plus value here.

Liberty To beat Kabum Esports

One More Bet On An Even Longer Shot

One more bet in the eSports LOL CBLOL Bets is this. If a bettor wants to take another long shot, check out Fluxo against Los Grandes in their respective opener. Splits and merges give these two teams new life in the ten-team tournament. Los Grandes gets better billing as a -200 favorite, but something does not feel right.

Fluxo goes under the radar, and that benefits them in the early going. Simply, early seasons tournaments produce unexpected results.

Fluxo To beat Los Grandes

Finally, look at more e-sports online betting choices as some other props should open up too.

See the top sportsbooks below, wager those dollars, and get in the contests!

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