LOL LPL Spring Bets Back Invictus Big With ThunderTalk Too

LOL LPL Spring Bets Back Invictus Big With ThunderTalk Too

Okay, eSports season fans, we continue to heat up the action. The LOL LPL Spring Bets for matches come up fast on Tuesday, February 7th. Which teams provide some solid picks for a couple Week 4 matches?

  • WHAT: LOL LPL Spring Week 4 Matches 
  • WHEN: Matches for Tuesday, February 7th - streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Beijing, China (done offline)

At Online Sports Betting, we recap the early action at this tournament. Then, it becomes time to make our choices for wagering.

LOL LPL Spring Bets Numbers

The eSports table for the LOL LPL Spring Bets lies below. Furthermore, here come some of the top online sports betting news plus picks.  A special thanks for Bovada online sportsbook adapting to some unexpected and expected results alike.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
Invictus Gaming-500+325Lgd Gaming
Ultra Prime+135-175TT Gaming

This LOL LPL Spring event keeps us on the edge of our seats. Despite the time difference in China, there have been some crazy matches which have turned the early portion of he tournament on its heels.

LOL LPL Spring Early Recap

The LOL LPL Spring Tournament from China is a full three weeks in the books. An early recap of the action indicates the ups and downs of gauging who is hot and not. Betting this tournament figured to be an adventure and so far that aspect has not disappointed. Keep in mind, the 17 teams have not all played the same number of matches. That throws off some context in the results.

Right now, only two teams are undefeated at press time. JD Gaming and LNG Esports are both 2-0. Invictus was undefeated before stumbling in its fourth outing (a 2-1 loss to ThunderTalk Gaming). Some early table trends are as follows.

  • Invictus Gaming +5 game differential
  • LNG Esports sweeping both matches
  • Anyone's Legend is 0-4 with a table worst -6 game differential

Unfortunately, some early trends did not quite translate to actual results. Though RNGU won their first match, they proceeded to drop the next two. ThunderTalk Gaming looked out of sync in their opening two outcomes, but then beat Invictus Gaming in three. Getting in the win column could prove big as the weeks roll along.

The Chinese 11th invitational stands out to make LOL LPL Spring Bets even more difficult. Yes, this event confounded some experts early and may continue to do so for a while longer. Let us analyze some of the latest odds.

LOL LPL Spring Bets Tuesday Matches

Honestly, Bovada gives us some better numbers and props. That is why LOL LPL Spring Bets point to several ways to approach the Tuesday matches. Early ebbs and flows disturbed the standings a good deal. Can some of the more favored teams find a way to string together some wins. Or will we keep seeing these out of the normal results?

Now, this Chinese Spring tournament has been with us for over a decade. Yes, some of the teams have changed and even a few have remained the same. These eSports LOL Betting Odds focus on all the LOL matches. At Online Sports Betting, we look at our first match between Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming.

Granted, these two teams come in off strange results. Like we mentioned previously, Invictus dropped their first match in three games. Meanwhile, LGD won their first match of the tournament. Does any of that momentum carry over to Tuesday? That becomes the hardest thing to gauge currently. Invictus carries in a problem because of that -500. Betting in the match on the "moneyline" just does not appear to be profitable.

Anyhow, LGD brings their own concerns to the table. Did they just simply get lucky in their previous match? The team barely beat Anyone's Legend. AL keeps showing early that they may be the worst team of the 17 squads. Alternatively, that keeps this pick easy. Our wager is taking Invictus Gaming in LOL LPL Spring Bets but in a sweep. That allows us to utilize the spread bet which is closer to even at -125.

Invictus Gaming To sweep LGD Gaming

ThunderTalk Gaming To Keep Rolling Tuesday

The eSports LOL LPL Spring Bets has another match to look at on Tuesday. So, ThunderTalk Gaming was thought to be in a better position after three matches. However, that has not been the case. ThunderTalk managed a huge win over Invictus during weekend play. Will that be the spark which launches the team into a winning streak?

Ultra Prime understands they are facing a ThunderTalk squad brimming with optimism. ThunderTalk comes in with a chance to get to .500 while Ultra Prime's only win was against the winless Anyone's Legend. Lately, the matches have gone in runs. There came a stretch where four of the past five contests went the distance. That followed four consecutive sweeps. Both teams get the benefit of a few days off.

When it boils down to this pivotal clash, the balance of ThunderTalk should shine through. There is a feeling this could go the distance and that can be a viable bet to take. On the other hand, our first wager is on the "moneyline" with a TTG victory early on Tuesday morning.

ThunderTalk Gaming To beat Ultra Prime

Can We Bet On A Little More This Tuesday?

Can we bet a little more this Tuesday for eSports LOL LPL Spring Bets? If a bettor desires to take that shot with ThunderTalk Gaming, it would be here. Yes, going the distance pays out at +240 while a sweep has moved to +171. That troubles a bettor a little.

Our ask was to see maybe ThunderTalk come in closer to even for a sweep. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Since, that level could not be attained, our belief is that Ultra Prime steals one of the best-of-three battles. Ultimately, ThunderTalk expects to win the war.

Will we squeeze out a bit more profit? Let's take it to the limit!

ThunderTalk Gaming To win in three Tuesday

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