Movistar R7 To Humble Estral E-Sports In LLA Grand Final

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Movistar R7 To Humble Estral E-Sports In LLA Grand Final

Online Sports Betting, delves into even more of the eSports season as we loop back to the LLA Pro League match for August 26th, 2023. Who will win this tilt in the eSports LOL LLA Weekend Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL LLA Pro League Summer Final for Latin America
  • WHEN: Saturday, August 26th, 2023 at 6:00 pm ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Mexico City, Mexico
  • WHY: Playoff Time - The Summer Grand Finale

Yes, we preview the Best Of Five grand final for the LLA. So, this tournament still does indeed end on August 26th. That is when the championship match takes place. First, let's shine a light on the latest from the LOL LLA. Then, we will give out some picks. After all, there is a World Championship spot on the line for the winner.

eSports Table For LOL LLA Weekend Bets

Alright, the eSports LOL LLA Weekend Bets make life easier as we only have one match on the schedule set for this weekend. This keeps wagering focused and simple.

Now, the eSports table for the featured match on Saturday is below. Always remember these prime online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
Movistar R7-217+147Estral E-sports

This LLA Final ends what has been a tournament which has gone a little too predictably. However, the body of work shows a new favorite that some may have not expected.

LLA Weekend Final Update

This LLA Weekend Final Update from the Americas features two teams that have managed to dominate the summer season in LOL LLA. Quite a few pundits figured on Movistar R7 and Estral E-sports being in the Grand Final. However, few saw Movistar as the dominant team heading into the tournament. That is why they play the games.

With a $30,000 top purse ($50,000 prize pool), this LLA Summer League is a stepping stone for bigger competitions. These teams fight for a spot in the more prestigious World Finals 2023 with even greater money and prestige for the taking. Oh, there are those 540 points to the winner which helps qualify for other events later in the season.

Again, six teams qualified for the playoff round in an eight-team tournament. The playoff stage featured double-elimination matches in a best-of-five format. Finally, the grand final is a best-of-five also. So far, it has been more about the ease at which Movistar and Estral handled their business.

LOL LLA Weekend Bets See Some Rare Results

MyBookie comes in with some nice early props and wagers. This LOL LLA Pro Division started with eight teams battling for that one spot to the MSI. Now, there are only two squads left. That allows LOL LLA Weekend Bets some different ideas and theories to consider. Again, that is because of the "Upper Bracket" and "Lower Bracket". It led to somewhat elevated competition to avoid the lower bracket. Also, it finally almost gave us one upset to remember.

Yes, this tournament almost gave us another Movistar and Six Karma matchup like the Spring. That would have created one unexpected Grand Final. The eSports LOL LLA Online Betting will focus on the thrilling match between the finalists on Saturday. Keep in mind that Movistar is now the favorite in the group. Can there be an upset? Now, we'll take a look at that below.

Again, Movistar R7 comes in after going undefeated in the group stage standings. Ironically, they swept past Infinity and then took care of Estral E-sports yet again in convincing fashion. Meanwhile, Estral got on the ropes against Six Karma. They managed to get off the mat err the wrong side of the keyboard long enough to win a decisive fifth map to advance. While Movistar has been brutally efficient in finishing off matches, Estral E-sports has been a little indecisive.

So, with some less than appealing props are offered in a match like this, it usually indicates wagering activity is okay at best. As a matter of fact, the over/under was taken "off the board" then put back. There is a sweep prop and nothing else. LOL LLA Weekend Bets drops our obvious match choice below. The triumph for Movistar R7 feels awfully inevitable.

Movistar R7 To win the Grand Final

eSports LOL LLA Weekend Bets Think About The Distance

The eSports LOL LLA Weekend Bets dives into one of the props that could be an easy wager for Saturday. Consider that these two teams have seen none of their matches go the distance. It felt like they would go five if there was a best-of-five and yet that did not happen either. Now, their fans know the stakes of the Grand Final. At Online Sports Betting, we worry about the chances of this match going the distance.

Currently, the Movistar R7 has about a 68.5% implied chance of winning this grand final match, the money bet is hammering over to Movistar. These matches have their own betting ebbs and flows. However, the one team that has faced the least adversity from late in the group stage to now is Movistar.

Therefore, this is why competitive wise this match likely does not go the distance. It becomes a considerable gamble here but that -238 number is worth a tiny wager. These two teams have shown little to indicate this won't be anything other than a 3-0 or 3-1 win. Movistar shows little weakness behind their leader, CEO, and a third MVP match is likely for him. Take the Under of 4.5 maps.

Movistar and Estral Go less than five on Saturday evening

How About The Spread?

How about the spread for the eSports LOL LLA Weekend Bets? With exact match outcomes always a dicey proposition here, instead let's focus on the spread. Right now, that is one of few props near Even when it comes to betting. One may not be able to get better than +104. Take it while one can.

Movistar R7 To win by two or more maps

Esports Is Far From Done

E-sports online betting is far from done. Keep an eye out for more matches to come!

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