Vitality To Sweep Away This Monday In CSGO

Vitality To Sweep Away This Monday In CSGO

Online Sports Betting, finally digs into actual matches this eSports season as we look at some CSGO BLAST Premier matches for January 22nd, 2024. Who will reign supreme in the eSports CSGO BLAST Monday Bets?

  • WHAT: CSGO BLAST Premier Matches for BLAST Premier Spring Groups
  • WHEN: Monday, January 22nd, 2024 starting at 6:00 am ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • WHY: The start of the CSGO BLAST season

Now, we preview a couple of matches (1 from Group A and 1 from Group C) for the CSGO. So, this feeder tournament lasts only until January 28th. That is when the last of the six spots to the Spring Final are determined. First, let's welcome everyone back into the CSGO BLAST. Then, we dish out some picks.

eSports Table For CSGO BLAST Monday Bets

Alright, the eSports CSGO BLAST Monday Bets focus on the two middle matches of the day. One looks pretty straightforward but the other is anything but. However, until they play the maps, one never quite knows.

Now, the eSports table for the featured matches on Monday lie below. Do not forget these top online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
Complexity+105-135Natus Vincere

The BLAST Premier S-Tier League feeds into the much bigger grand spectacle that is the Spring Final. First things first, teams have to qualify and that is far from automatic.

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This CSGO BLAST season from Europe features four groups of four teams battling for essentially six spots into the next round err the Spring Final. Winners from each of those four groups quality immediately. Meanwhile each second-place team from that group battles until the two remaining spots are determined.

With a $22,500 top purse ($190,000 prize pool), this CSGO BLAST League is truly a small step in the bigger scheme of things. After all the BLAST Premier Spring Final carries a much bigger payday and prestige. Again, six teams out of 16 move on ultimately so a 37.5% chance to advance is high here.

Again, all matches this upcoming week and weekend are best-of-three. There are no deviations. The initial group stage features a double-elimination format while the play-in round is single-elimination. Now, that some particulars are out of the way, let us dive into some previews and those picks.

CSGO BLAST Monday Bets Like A Twist Or Two

Bovada takes over once more with several nice odds and props. This CSGO BLAST group begins with 16 teams battling for six spots to the Spring Final. Now, by Sunday, those placements will be determined. That gives CSGO BLAST Monday Bets some different ideas and a spot of urgency. Again, that is because teams know winning their group guarantees immediate advancement. Also, some matches take on a life of their own due to those avenues. Simply, we like a twist or two.

As always, events like these can produce some upsets err unexpected results. Now, it would not take much to disturb the betting apple cart here. The numbers from Bovada Online Sportsbook Review serve as a solid guide for the early week matches. However, we say this many times. Until these teams play, no one truly knows what may occur. Look at the 2023 season and how many upsets there were in CSGO Blast until the World Premier Finals that is.

Again, Vitality and FaZE seem to be two of the favorites in the early portion here. Their opening matches feature outrageous odds. FaZe does not play until Wednesday by the way. Vitality is now a -2500 favorite against OG and it is easy to see why. One might try to roll with that +850 on OG to win on the Moneyline. However, this is the same basic Vitality squad that dominated late last season.

So, this becomes a case where we have to look at more of the props. Betting $100 to win $4 does not seem very profitable, does it? CSGO BLAST Monday Bets like Vitality in the following ways. There will be no upset here, anyway. One way to gain something on the numbers is the 2-0 sweep at -275. When that number is better than the Under of 2.5 Maps (-320), that is workable. Finally, at least consider the Under to tie it in.

Vitality To sweep over OG

eSports CSGO BLAST Monday Bets Looks At The Complexity

The eSports CSGO BLAST Monday Bets looks at the Complexity of Monday. Consider that this is one of those matches which could truly go either way. Would anyone be surprised if the very slight underdog pulled off a win over a Natus Vincere team (-135 on the Moneyline) that is a favorite on reputation? These are things that get one pondering.

Currently, the Complexity carries less than a 50% implied chance of winning their opening group stage match. However, the money bet is inching more and more towards this team. These matches swing back and forth quickly. One unexpected map can change everything. Now, this is why we believe Complexity has more than a shot.

Consequently, this is the one opening match appearing most likely to go the distance. Even the books grudgingly agree.  The Over 2.5 Maps has teetered between -105 and -115. If that number stays at -105, get on this right away. These two teams are very evenly matched. Natus is nowhere near as good as they appear and Complexity presents an even matchup. This comes down to the timely kills in big moments. Complexity may have an early advantage.

Hence, taking them with the +105 Moneyline is not a bad move here on Monday.

Complexity To defeat Natus Sincere on Monday

Do Not Forget The FALCONS?

How about one more match for the eSports CSGO BLAST Bets? With Astralis potentially falling in the same trap, the FALCONS might be worth a look if that Moneyline fans out from +115. Keep an eye on that one.

FALCONS To open with a victory

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