MLB Futures: Predicting Every 2022 American League Division Winner

MLB Futures: Predicting Every 2022 American League Division Winner

Since the 2022 baseball season remains in its infancy, there's still plenty of time to jump all over some betting odds on MLB futuresFor most, this will mean investing in odds to win the 2022 World Series. But for us, at least this time around, playing 2022 MLB futures will mean predicting every American League division winner.

Going this route is simply good business this time of year. Though oddsmakers have pegged select teams as obvious favorites, no club is laying lines that would be prohibitive to wager on. Anyone one betting on MLB futures can still profit off correctly picking the winner of the AL East, AL Central and AL West.

To begin, here's an overviews of the latest MLB betting odds to win the AL East division:

Division WinnerBovada
New York Yankees-460
Toronto Blue Jays+500
Tampa Bay Blue Rays+2000
Boston Red Sox+4000
Baltimore Orioles+25000

As with all online betting odds for MLB's American League, you need to constantly recheck these lines prior to making your official wager. The MLB season is along—a whole 162 games. These MLB futures will shift as linemakers get more results throughout the year.

Of course, if you haven't yet found a home for all your 2022 MLB betting, you should head on over to our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. After reading through them, we're confident you will effortlessly be able to spot the best MLB betting sites for the 2022 season.

MLB has a 3-Team Race in the AL East

Between the Toronto Blue Jays (+155), New York Yankees (+250) and Tampa Bay Rays (+260), the AL East has three teams that could legitimately win the division. Now that's some competitive baseball.

As time marches on, we're becoming more and more disenchanted with the Yankees. They just haven't impressed in the early going. Most recently, they dropped two in a row to the potentially MLB-worst Baltimore Orioles. That's not okay. Their bats have yet to come alive, and the bullpen is spotty, at best.

Though the Rays are slightly more intriguing, they need to show us their offense hasn't permanently left the building. Tampa Bay just lost two consecutive series, has stumbled since their 3-0 start, and has tallied three or fewer runs in five of their past six games.

That leaves the Blue Jays, who we are beginning to feel really about. Vladimir Guerrero yet again looks like an AL MVP candidate—he leads the league in home runs so far—and Toronto's batting order at large is incredibly dangerous.

Our main concern with Toronto is their shaky starting pitcher rotation. They've needed their bullpen to go for longer stretches than they should have to. That's something to watch as the season soldiers on.

OSB Prediction: Toronto Blues (+155)

Toronto Blue Jays To win the AL East Division

Why the White Sox are Heavy Favorites to Win the AL Central in 2022

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 AL Central division:

Division WinnerBovada
Minnesota Twins+105
Chicago White Sox+185
Cleveland Guardians+310
Detroit Tigers+40000
Kansas City Royals+75000

Many thought an early spate of injuries would derail the White Sox (-210). It hasn't. They haven't jumped out to a huge lead in the AL Central, but their pitching rotation has helped them hold serve while they wait for the batting order to get fully healthy.

Some might be wondering why Chicago's odds are so much further ahead of the lines for the Cleveland Guardians (+1600) and Kansas City Royals (+1600), when all three teams have roughly the same record. That's a great question. And it has everything to do with the White Sox's mounting list of injuries. Chicago has been able to hover above .500 while shorthanded; just imagine how good they'll be once they can consistently hit for power again.

OSB Prediction: Chicago White Sox (-210)

Chicago White Sox To win the AL Central Division

Are the Astros Set to Run Away with Another AL West Title in 2022? 

Here are the latest betting odds to win the 2022 AL West division:

Division WinnerBetOnline
Houston Astros-2000
Los Angeles Angels+2400
Seattle Mariners+3200
Texas Rangers+7500
Oakland Athletics+250000

This was supposed to be the year in which the Astros (-180) trailed off, if not substantially slowed down. Needless to say, it hasn't been. They've battled to stay at .500 despite some wildly inconsistent offensive performances. Justin Verlander has also looked sensational since making his return from Tommy John surgery.

Still, we cannot count the Astros as some runaway no-brainer. They just lost a series to the plucky Seattle Mariners (+450), and they have a worse record than the Oakland Athletics (+4500) and Los Angeles Angels (+380) at the moment.

Given how well the Angels have played over the past couple of weeks, in fact, we're inclined to think their offense and defense is ahead of schedule enough to roll the dice on them.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Angels (+38)

Los Angeles Angels To win the AL West Division

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