What Are The Current American League Standings

Right here you will find located the current American League standings. Study them, know them, learn from them and they will be your friend, for the wealth of information provided within makes wagering on American League baseball a much wiser venture.




American League Online Betting Tips

One reason to love the American League from a wagering standpoint is the designated hitter. Since 1973, the American League has permitted its teams to send a batter up to the plate to hit for the pitcher and that's had a twofold effect on the game.

American League starting pitchers tend to be able to stay in games longer when they are going well in a close game because there's no need to pinch hit for them if a rally is in progress. And for fans of betting the over, who would you rather see coming to the plate with the bases loaded - a slugging designated hitter or a pitcher batting .108 with one RBI?

Look to see which teams are on a roll and which teams are currently struggling. Decipher the teams that are dominant at home and those ballclubs capable of taking their winning show on the road. Knowing this information and making it work for you will lead to improved odds when betting on American League is the goal that you have in mind.

With the designated hitter in the lineup, American League games tend to take longer to complete than those of their National League counterparts but the chances of a rally for a comeback win are much better in the American League.

A Bit Of American League History

Throughout its history, the American League has featured many of the greatest players in baseball and some of the game's most legendary characters. From Cy Young and Ty Cobb in its infancy, to Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson in the 1920s, on to Hank Greenberg and Bob Feller, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, Nolan Ryan and Reggie Jackson, to Jose Canseco and Ken Griffey Jr. and then to today's greats like Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout, the American League has always been a place where the stars come out to shine.

Where Can I Bet On American League Online

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