MLB All-Star Games have no effect on the regular season but can provide sports bettors with a great opportunity to bet on fun props and make some extra cash for the remainder of the season. Learn how to bet on the 2023 MLB All-Star Game today.

The MLB All Star game betting lines are beginning to heat up, as we approach the July date for the event. As one of the highlights of the summer for baseball fans, we expect the 2023 game to deliver as always. The American League All-Star Team won it 3-2 in 2022, but will they manage the same thing this time around?

Many are predicting that this year’s event is going to be the best yet. With so much anticipation to see who will make it onto the rosters, MLB fans are really hyped! Once the lineups are released, we’ll have our in-house MLB experts run through them and provide some MLB All Star game predictions for you guys. 

But, for now, we have the odds to win the MLB All-Star game right here! The odds were last updated on February 27, 2023:

MLB Home Run Winners Odds Bovada GTBets BetUS
Shohei Ohtani TBA TBA TBA
Joey Gallo TBA TBA TBA
Pete Alonso TBA TBA TBA
Matt Olson TBA TBA TBA
Trevor Story TBA TBA TBA
Salvador Perez TBA TBA TBA
Trey Mancini TBA TBA TBA
MLB All Star Winners Odds Bovada GTBets BetUS
National League TBA TBA TBA
American Leauge TBA TBA TBA

Each year in mid-July, the top 34 players from around the MLB are selected for an All-Star exhibition game. The teams are all composed of players within their respective leagues. The starting line ups for each team are chosen through a combination of fan, player and Manager voting after 33 of the players on each side are chosen, the fans are able to choose the final player.

The managers from the previous season’s National and American League pennant-winning teams are selected to represent the all-star teams. This accreditation is given to the manager and not the team, so if the manager is with another team the following year, it is still that manager’s year to run the All-Star Team.

The Manager then selects the coaching staff.

The MLB All-Star game is played under standard MLB rules and has no impact on the season as a whole. While it’s just a fun game for the top players in both the National and American leagues to participate in and show off their skills – sports bettors still take advantage of the wild props and fun MLB All-Star odds that come out of the game.

MLB All Star Game Betting Odds


MLB All-Star Weekend Events

In addition to the MLB All-Star game each year, there are other events that draw in viewers like the Home Run Derby, All-Star Futures Game, All-Star Legends, and Celebrity Softball Game. It’s also noted that the ESPY awards always fall within the MLB All-Star Break because it’s the only week in the year that no professional sports are being played.

The first All-Star Weekend was held on July 6, 1933, at Comiskey Park in Chicago as a part of the 1933 World’s Fair, initiated by Arch Ward of the Chicago Tribune. The first All-Star Game MVP wasn’t added until the 1962 season and has juggled the title name over the years – now called the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award in honor of the late Boston Red Sox player.

2020 All-Star Game was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, making it the second time the All-Star Game was not played in the history of the sport (first being World War II).

Past MLB All-Star Game Winners

  • 2022 – American League (4-2)
  • 2021 – American League (5-2)
  • 2020 – No game due to COVID-19
  • 2019 – American League (4-3)
  • 2018 – American League (8-6)
  • 2017 – American League (2-1)
  • 2016 – American League (4-2)
  • 2015 – American League (6-3)
  • 2014 – American League (5-3)
  • 2013 – American League (3-0)
  • 2012 – National League (8-0)
  • 2011 – National League (5-1)
  • 2010 – National League (3-1)

MLB All Star Game betting picks

How to Bet on the MLB All-Star Game

The first step you need to take if you’re planning to bet on the MLB All-Star Game involves recognizing that this game is just for fun - the game has no effect on the outcome of the season, so it’s important to note that the players won’t be making any risky plays that could result in injury or taking things too seriously.

Oddsmakers do offer a great selection of MLB All Star game betting odds that you can take advantage of, that will help you make a little extra coin for betting on the remainder of the season and bet on the top talent in the league - all in the same game. The format of the MLB All-Star game means there will be even more MLB prop bets to place a wager on - which can be really fun.

Let’s take a look at popular MLB All-Star Game betting types:

MLB All Star Game wagering

MLB All-Star Game Moneyline Betting

If you already bet on the MLB regular season, you are probably familiar with the moneyline wager. This bet is simple: pick which team you think will win the game.

Either the National League or the American League - who you got?

MLB All-Star Game Point Spread Betting

Similar to the moneyline wager, except the point spread allows the underdog team a slight advantage before the game even starts. The point spread in baseball is called a runline because they don’t necessarily have points in the game, they count runs. The favored team will need to win the game by that amount, or the underdog will need to win the game or lose by less than the spread.

Keep in mind the last five years have had differences of 1-3 runs.

MLB All-Star Game Totals or Over/Under Betting

This is another easy wager - the totals wager asks you to decide if the score will be higher or lower than the projected total by the oddsmaker.

MLB All-Star Game Prop Betting

You do not want to miss out on the MLB All Star game prop bets. The All-Star game provides more opportunities for a variety of prop bets that you wouldn’t usually see on any average regular-season game. There will be MLB All-Star odds on anything that happens within the game that is noteworthy, like the first team to hit a home run, the first base runner of the game, and if the game will go into extra innings.

Another popular prop bet is predicting the All-Star Most Valuable Player. The All-Star Game MVP is usually determined by 20% fan voting, which begins in the sixth inning of the All-Star Game, and 80% votes by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the MLB All-Star Game

Now that you’re ready to start betting on the MLB All-Star Game, you need to find the best sportsbook possible with the best MLB odds and props. Few sportsbooks offer a wide range of MLB props, and a huge variety of MLB All Star game bets is what you need in a sportsbook. So what does this mean?

You need to do some research.

We can take some of the guesswork out for you - we review the top online sportsbooks and ensure they are the right choice for MLB All-Star Game betting purposes.

There are many criteria we look at before choosing an online sportsbook, and that includes evaluating the deposit options and making sure they have your preferred method of payment and check for MLB All-Star game betting bonuses.

Remember to gamble responsibly and ultimately, have fun betting on the 2023 MLB All Star Game.

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