Bovada Sports Betting App

There are plenty of sportsbetting apps on the market right now. It's unavoidable in today's world. No one wants to be restricted to placing wagers, checking lines, receiving score updates and watching highlights from a desktop or laptop. They want, they need, to be in the know and ready to act when they're on the move. Sportsbook apps for mobile devices allow them to do that.

Benefits of Bovada's Sportsbook App

Some are better than others, though. And Bovada's app ranks among the best, for reasons we're about to explain.

Universal Compatibility

bovada screen shot

What device do you plan to make your bets on?

Actually, forget about this question. Don't answer it. It doesn't matter.

Bovada's app is best known for working across all platforms. It doesn't matter whether you're running with an iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can get access to Bovada from anywhere, using anything.

No Download Required

Yes, if you want the actual app on your phone, to check even when you're not online, you'll need to download it from your operating system's app store—should it be available—or Bovada's official download page.

But you don't have to download anything if you don't want.

The beauty of Bovada is that the entire website functions across all the same platforms. You can simply visit their page using your preferred web browser and treat your experience as you would on a computer. The layout can be a little clunky when you're using a cell phone, but on the bigger iPhones and Androids, along with the iPads and other tablets, your experience won't change.

Borderline Customized Experience

Another great part about using Bovada on the go, if it's installed on your device, is that you can essentially toggle between two different formats.

If you are partial to their layout on the full website, you have the option of using Bovada in that capacity. But if you like the simplified version the app offers, you can use that too!

Simple Interface


When you're using the actual mobile app for Bovada, you won't be laboring through a labyrinthe of confusing measures. Everything is clearly marked and easy to navigate.

Need to make a deposit? They'll be an identifiable button or tab for that.

Trying to make a withdrawal? It takes just a few clips.

Configuring your latest bet? Well, luckily for you, Bovada has easy-to-read betting lines, separated by sport and sometimes wager type, to go along with its crystal-clear bet slip.

And as for that Bet Slip...

bet slip

Wonderfully beautiful isn't it?

This wide-open, super-simple layout really helps safeguard you against inaccuracies. Perhaps it's not that big of a deal to double-check your wagers when gambling on one spread or over/under, but this review process at Bovada is certainly invaluable when building expansive parlays and if/then dice rolls. 

Don't take this sleekness and digestibility for granted. Not all apps tout this same effective simplicity.

Doesn't Burn Through a Lot of Storage

While some apps can be clunky in size, Bovada's jam isn't one of them.

The memory it takes up varies by device, and by how much you use and store in it afterward, bu the amount is negligible relative to the average size of a cell phone or tablet. So you needn't worry about using Bovada to check scores and sift through lines. You're device's memory is in good hands.

Register on Bovada Mobile App

No account with Bovada? No problem. 

You don't need an existing account to download the app. You can register after you get it. And it only takes a couple of minutes to finish. All you need is some general personal information, and be prepared to file whatever payment methods you plan to use.

Theoretically, if you're planning to make your first deposit via credit card, paypal or wire transfer, you can be up and betting on the app, from scratch, within minutes.

Drawbacks to Bovada's Sportsbook App

No Live Streaming

If there's one thing to lament in Bovada's setup, it's the absence of live-streaming and real-time highlights. Where places like Paddy Power and Bet365 offer such luxuries, Bovada simply does not.

Fortunately, though, there are easy ways around it—even within the app itself.

Bovada, for starters, still gives you the option of following along live and making real-time bets. They have a great interface that tracks the progress of an ongoing tilt within seconds. As you can see below, you're not only getting score updates, but instantaneous line adjustments:

If you're not rolling with a sportsbook app that gives live-streaming options, it doesn't get even close to as good as Bovada. And even if you're not into following outcomes and scores via tracking box scores, it's no problem.

Remember: You're on your mobile device to begin with. You can try streaming the games elsewhere and vacillate between two different apps when looking to place live bets. If it's pre-contest news, rumors, updates, etc. that you crave, you can set up push notifications for third-party sports sites, such as ESPN, that are customized to reflect your interest in a certain team, player or game.

Once the information you're waiting on gets sent to your home screen, you can interpret it as you please and then immediately head over to the Bovada app to swiftly, and effectively, adjust your final wager accordingly.