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Intertops Sportsbook Review

Dean Etheridge
By , Updated on: May 14, 2024 08:00 PM

Intertops was the first online sportsbook to hit the world wide web and paved the way for many of the online sportsbooks we see online today. Intertops was established in 1983, in the pre-internet days, and certainly, before online gambling became a thing. Phone wagering was popular at the time, many had to call into their bookies to place wagers. Then the internet happened, and the very first online sports wager was placed at Intertops on January 17th, 1996 from a Finnish bettor.

Not only did Intertops claim the first online sports wager, but they were the first sportsbook to offer a mobile betting site in the year 2000. Many sportsbooks have come after them, trying to mimic the experience one might get from the Intertops betting app.

Intertops even had a bit of exclusivity early on in the game, to register and bet on their site, you had to receive an invite as an American, meaning their referral program was worth its weight in gold. Existing players would need to invite friends to play, and that’s the only way you could bet online at Intertops. This was the lay of the land for years until 2015 in fact.

Present-day, American residents are able to sign up and bet on sports, gamble on casino games, and play poker.

  • Three Decades of Experience
  • Sports, Casino & Poker Action
  • Plenty of Bonuses and promotions
  • A huge range of deposit options
  • Not the biggest odds selection
$500 Bonus

Intertops has a few sportsbook sign-up bonuses, including:

  • 200% match bonus up to $50
  • 100% match bonus up to $100
  • 50% match bonus up to $200

If you sign-up with us, you get a better deal: 100% match bonus up to $500!

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Intertops Sportsbook Review

This Intertops review’s goal is to help you decide if Intertops is the right sportsbook for you. If you find certain criteria that fit well with your sports betting needs, we encourage you to sign up and take advantage of the great bonuses that Intertops offers.

How did this sportsbook earn our recommendation?

Twenty Recommendations

We don’t recommend all sports betting operators online; it’s not even close. We know over two hundred operators offering betting lines for US players. Still, only 20 sportsbooks have earned our recommendation during the decade we have been reviewing bookies.

What are they doing right?

Some sportsbooks fail even before we test them because their reputation among their existing players is so bad. Problems with payments? No thanks! Insane wagering rules for bonuses? No thanks! The customer support is M-I-A? No thanks!

Customer service is important

We only recommend sportsbooks that succeed in the above areas. We also love it when the customer support agents are friendly while helping us. Some will even give you a bonus if you ask them!

This Book has earned our trust!

You are reading this review because we trust this operator. While we can’t guarantee that you will win your bets, we can guarantee that you will see the profits in your hand if you win at this sportsbook.

Our Intertops Rating

Intertops Betting Limits

Intertops doesn’t limit bettors much. They focus more on novice/intermediate bettors. But they aren't overly limiting like some other bookies.

Intertops Sportsbook max. bet

There's no stated max bet amount. But max a winner can win per week is $100,000. Minimum bet is $1.

Intertops Overnight Lines

Intertops offers overnight lines on certain sports - mainly during playoffs affecting totals, spreads and MLs. You won't find these lines on every game but you will at big events like NBA Finals.

Is Intertops Sportsbook legit?

Yes, Intertops has the biggest legacy in sports betting. While others have fancier products or more odds, you can trust Intertops has done it right for decades.

Is Intertops legal in the USA?

Yes, Intertops is available to Americans, but not all Americans. Individual states have limited offshore sportsbooks in their state lines (if they have their own product and want to ensure that their constituents are using it and not an offshore bookie), and there are several who have blocked Intertops.

If you have an IP address from the following states, you will not be able to access Intertops sportsbook: Washington, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Missouri.

Is Intertops legal in Canada?

Yes, Intertops is accessible to Canadians with no barriers, blocks, or issues.

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Intertops Sports Betting Site FAQs and Information

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