Boxing Betting Picks for Oscar De La Hoya vs. Vitor Belfort

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Boxing Betting Picks for Oscar De La Hoya vs. Vitor Belfort

With many of the celebrity boxing matches grinding to a halt in the interim, it's time to get back to basics—such as diving into matches with bigger, realer implications. And yet, it's also nice to mix in some exhibition bouts that pique the interest of more casual fans and bettors. The slate of fights scheduled for Saturday, September 11 gives us an opportunity to do both.

Not only do we have boxing betting odds and picks for Oscar De La Hoya vs. Vitor Belfort, but we're covering the entire docket around him, including the co-main event between Anderson Silva and Titor Ortiz.

Indeed, this particular fight night is mostly about results that don't count toward specific standings. September 11 will mark Oscar De La Hoya's return to the ring after more than a decade in quasi-retirement. But we also have matches with actual implications, such as Jono Carroll vs. Andy Vences, to go over.

Let's begin by taking a look at the latest boxing betting odds for all of the fights currently scheduled, courtesy of BetOnline:

Oscar De La Hoya-180+150Vitor Belfort
Anderson Silva-800+500Tito Ortiz
David Haye-1600+800Joe Fournier
Jono Carroll-126-104Andy Vences

Like always, you'll want to confirm these boxing odds before deciding on any specific boxing picks. These lines will shift right up until the opening bell at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks.

Boxing Picks for De Lay Hoya vs. Belfort

Though we are most excited to deliver our Anderson Silva vs. Tito Ortiz prediction and our Oscar De La Hoya vs. Vitor Belfort picks, we will be covering the other two fights taking place on September 11. Most of our analysis will be devoted to the former two battles, but rest assured, we've got you on all possible boxing picks.

Oscar De La Hoya (-180) vs. Vitor Belfort (+150)

It says a lot that Oscar De La Hoya is currying so much favor over former UFC champion-turned-exhibition-boxer Vitor Belfort even though he's four years older and hasn't stepped inside the ring since 2008—more than 13 years ago. He was among the most dominant boxers of all time in his heyday, and his retirement, back in 2009, came somewhat abruptly, even though he had just suffered an embarrassing loss at the hands of Manny Pacquiao.

Professional boxers never fully lose their instincts, no matter how much time they spend away. De La Hoya's bigger concern is fighting in a different weight class. He never entered the ring at more than 160 pounds. His matchup with Belfort is being fought at 185 pounds.

Extra pounds coupled with the corrosive nature of time should change the way De La Hoya goes about business. Blending unreal speed with unfathomable power no longer seems likely. It feels as if he'll need to lean on his sheer strength more than anything, and we can't even be sure where that's at, because he has admitted to only training when he wants to in preparation of this fight.

Still, while Belfort should be the overall mobility edge, his technical skills shouldn't hold a candle to those from De La Hoya—a natural boxer who might be able to end this fight before it goes the full scheduled eight rounds. 

OSB Prediction: Oscar De La Hoya (-180)

Oscar De La Hoya To beat Vitor Belfort

Anderson Silva (-800) vs. Tito Ortiz (+500)

Well, this is awkward.

Both Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz are UFC legends. But they're meeting in a boxing match. Talk about weird.

Of course, this isn't a huge change of pace for Silva. He already made his boxing debut and recently pulled off an impressive upset over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Silva has also been lauded for his surgical precision when delivering combinations from the weak side of the ring, so much so that he's recognized as an official pro boxer now and this fight will count toward real-life standings.

Ortiz is working at a severe disadvantage in that regard. This will be his first boxing match, at age 46. While we've seen time and again UFC fighters can make the transition from the octagon to the ring, it usually takes a few matches before they get their full bearings. There's not much to think about here.

OSB Prediction: Anderson Silva (-800)

Anderson Silva To beat Tito Ortiz

David Haye (-1600) vs. Joe Fournier (+800)

Oddsmakers are getting this one right. Joe Fournier doesn't have a chance against David Haye.

Sure, Haye has not held an official fight since 2018. But he was a pro boxer for 16 years prior to his retirement, and a three-year layoff isn't that long.

Fournier, by comparison, is a 38-year-old businessman who eventually broke into the sport. He has some impressive bouts under his belt, but we'd be surprised if he lasts all eight three-minute rounds he's scheduled to fight against Haye.

OSB Prediction: David Haye (-1600)

David Haye To beat Joe Fournier

Jono Caroll (-126) vs. Andy Vences (-104)

Sportsbooks have essentially billed this match as a toss up between Jono Carroll and Andy Vences. We disagree.

Carroll enters with an impressive 19-2-1 record, but he is at his best when he's able to force decisions. That's not Vences' style. He has a lifetime record of 23-3, and 12 of those victories have come by knockout.

Make no mistake, Vences has also shown the stamina necessary to win by decision. In this case, though, we're just not so sure he'll need it.

OSB Prediction: Andy Vences (-104)

Andy Vences To beat Jono Carroll

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