Jamel Herring vs. Shakur Stevenson: Betting Picks for WBO Junior Lightweight Belt

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Jamel Herring vs. Shakur Stevenson: Betting Picks for WBO Junior Lightweight Belt

The next marquee boxing title fight has officially been etched in stone. Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson are ready to wage battle on October 23, and the betting preparation for this championship matchup begins now.

For those who may not know, Jamel Herring vs. Shakur Stevenson demands multiple betting picks for the WBO Junior Lightweight belt. We're not just talking about the outright winner but also the boxing props currently available. 

Let us first, however, take a look at the latest boxing odds for who will win the Jamel Herring-Shakur Stevenson showdown, courtesy of BetOnline:

Shakur Stevenson-950+530Jamel Herring

With a few weeks to go before the prized title fight as of this writing, you will want to double-check these boxing betting odds before deciding on any boxing picks. These Jamel Herring-Shakur Stevenson odds are bound to move at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks—particularly when there's already such a huge gap in their moneylines.

Jamel Herring vs. Shakur Stevenson Betting Breakdown

  • When: Saturday, October 23
  • Time: 10:30 p.m. EST
  • Where: State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

Before doing anything else, we'll get right into our official Jamel Herring vs Shakur Stevenson prediction. After that we'll move on to the most appealing boxing props.

Shakur Stevenson (-950) to Beat Jamel Herring (+530)

Title fights are usually peddled as closer competitions. Not this one. Shakur Stevenson, who has held this interim WBO Junior Lightweight Championship belt since June, isn't just the favorite. He's the ultra-heavy favorite.

While we totally disagree with the oddsmakers' overall decision here, we do believe Jamel Herring is being undervalued. He sports a genuinely dominant 23-2 record that includes 11 victories by knockout. And not only does he have the experience edge, having appeared in nine more fights, but he also has a reach that's two inches longer than Stevenson. Nobody should discount the possibility of winning.

Then again, Herring's best shot at victory seemingly lies with his knockout potential. Stevenson, who enters a perfect 16-0, has showcased incredible stamina. If this fight gets past Round 5 or Round 6, it's difficult to envision him losing.

Plus, while Stevenson may not be as long as Herring, he still packs serious power. Half of his victories to date have come by knockout, and he is surgical with his punching combinations from the waist up.

OSB Prediction: Shakur Stevenson (-950)

Shakur Stevenson To beat Jamel Herring

Shakur Stevenson-Jamel Herring Round Prediction

Since we've already rolled with Stevenson as our pick, here's a look at the latest boxing round props for when he'll win:

  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 1: +4500
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 2: +3800
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 3: +3400
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 4: +3100
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 5: +2100
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 6: +2100
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 7: +2100
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 8: +2100
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 9: +2700
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 10: +3100
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 11: +3800
  • Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 12: +4500

Risk-takers should look long and hard at the odds in one of the first four rounds. If Stevenson gets rolling early, he has a real opportunity to convert those 30-something-and-up-to-1 payouts.

At the same time, we do expect Herring to make this more of an even battle than the odds suggest. He has the strength and length to hold his own for more than half the fight. Predicting the exact round in which a matchup will end is always incredibly difficult, but we envision this one lasting until Round 9 or Round 10. For our money, we'll roll with the higher potential payout.

OSB Prediction: Shakur Stevenson to win in Round 10 (+3100)

Shakur Stevenson To beat Jamel Herring in Round 10

Shakur Stevenson vs. Jamel Herring Method of Victory

Even though we've already chosen Shakur Stevenson to beat Jamel Herring, we'll include both fighters' method of victory odds since there are only so many scenarios, and we know there may be some underdog believers out there:

  • Jamel Herring by points or decision: +1000
  • Jamel Herring by KO/TKO: +950
  • Draw: +1600
  • Shakur Stevenson by points or decision: -130
  • Shakur Stevenson by KO/TKO: +195

Once more, anyone thinking about placing an investment in Herring should be looking at his KO/TKO odds. For us, we're more interested in Shakur Stevenson's method of victory.

Rolling with "by points or decision" isn't lucrative enough for our tastes. Given the styles of these two fighters, we have a tough time believing there's a better than 50 percent chance this matchup goes the full 12 rounds. On the contrary, both of these guys have knocked out nearly 50 percent of their combined opponents. 

Take Shakur Stevenson by KO or TKO and feel relatively good about it.

OSB Prediction: Shakur Stevenson by KO/TKO (+195)

Shakur Stevenson To beat Jamel Herring by KO/TKO

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