Picks for Jake Paul vs. Dana White & Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury Boxing Matches

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Picks for Jake Paul vs. Dana White & Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury Boxing Matches

In recent years, online boxing betting has taken on a new life, enjoying an influx of fresh customers. And these fans aren't choppering in to place wagers on the traditional title matches. Instead, they've found enjoyment out of wagering on exhibition matches between celebrities and social media personalities, retired legends of the sport itself, and even mixed martial artists who usually make appearances on betting odds for the UFC.

It isn't quite clear why these exhibition meetups in the ring are so polarizing. Maybe it's because they're novel—different and off-beat. Or perhaps it's because many of them stem from real-life beef. Take the next big exhibition boxing showdown for example. We have picks for Jake Paul vs. Dana White and Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury because the betting odds were made possible by back-and-forths through the media that spurred rumors and likelihoods of fights.

Before we delve deeper, though, let's take a look at the latest boxing betting odds for these potential matches:

Jake Paul-1200+600Dana White
Tyson Fury-1000+550Francis Ngannou

No official date has been set for either of these sparrings. They are very much expected, but they also remain in the works, which means their boxing betting lines will be subjected to shifts in the coming months. Make sure you confirm them for accuracy before settling on any Jake Paul vs. Dana White predictions or Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury picks.

Feel free to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks prior to submitting any wagers, as well. They will clue you into the best betting sites for boxing in 2022. Finally, if any of these fights get called off for any reason, you can rest assured your bet will be treated like a "push" and refunded. So, yes, you can invest in Jake Paul vs. Dana White betting odds as well as Francis Ngannous vs. Tyson Fury betting odds with absolute confidence.

Jake Paul Has Serious Edge vs. Dana White

Jake Paul has gone from a YouTube sensation to an actor on the Disney Channel too, now, a boxer with an undefeated resume. Though his first bouts in the ring were viewed mostly as a joke and for-profit spectacle, he has since made the transition to an actual professional boxer. In his first-ever match against an actual pro-fighter, Ben Askren from UFC and Bellator, Paul knocked out his opponent in just 61 seconds.

It was in this moment that people began taking him more seriously. It was also shortly after this that he began calling out Dana White, the president of the UFC, for the paltry wages the organization was paying most of his fighters. This, naturally, started an aggressive back-and-forth that has since led to many expecting the two to step inside the boxing ring at some point in 2022.

Why would White, who is 52 years old, step into the boxing ring when he's the prez of the UFC? In hopes of forcing Paul to make good on his word to battle UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal in the Octagon. 

As for what we can expect from such a fight, we're not quite sure. Paul, 25, is less than half White's age, and he's now been in training to box for years. White has never boxed professionally. So while he talks a big game, many are wondering if he'll inevitably back out. It's certainly possible. But he has a body mass advantage over Paul, who fights at the cruiserweight level.

There is a prevailing belief that White can overpower someone who many still consider an exhibitionist boxer only. We, however, disagree. Just check out footage from any one of Paul's fights. There is a rhyme and reason to his technique. His footwork is complicated and quick, and he is both accurate and surgical with his punches. That he's already taken down opponents deemed to be stronger leaves us with no doubt he wouldn't just win against White; he'd dominate.

OSB Prediction: Jake Paul (-1200)

Jake Paul To beat Dana White

Don't Count Out Francis Ngannou Against Tyson Fury

Oddsmakers are obviously favoring Tyson Fury. He is an actual boxer, while Francis Ngannou has cut his teeth in the octagon. Fury has, of course, offered to hold this boxing match while wearing UFC-style wraps rather than boxing gloves, but the transition from the octagon to the ring is more about technique and the rulebook than the equipment.

Still, to just assume that Fury will win here is shortsighted. Ngannou, remember, holds the world record for the most powerful punch ever landed. He connected on an attempt that checked in at 129,161 units of force per second—the equivalent of 96 horsepower.

Indeed, Fury has the experience advantage. Through his 32 career matches, he has zero losses to go along with 31 victories and 22 knockouts. You can't expect Ngannou to just waltz in the ring and beat him.

At the same time, Fury isn't used to absorbing punches from fighters who aren't wearing gloves. Boxing gloves can be heavy and thick, but they're also meticulously padded. Taking a punch from someone with UFC wraps is nearly akin to getting slugged with a bare fist.

Knowing this, and also knowing that Ngannou pays out 55-to-1, we're inclined to roll the dice on an upset. If there was an actual belt on the line, we might be more cautious. But in an exhibition setting, we think Ngannou's power and experience absorbing harder punches will make all the difference.

OSB Prediction: Francis Ngannou (+550)

Francis Ngannou To beat Tyson Fury

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