ESL Challenger League Bets Take 9INE In Mid-Week Action

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ESL Challenger League Bets Take 9INE In Mid-Week Action

We tumble further into December with the eSports seasons as we look at an ESL Challenger League match or two for December 6th and 7th, 2022. Who will win this match in the eSports ESL Challenger League Bets?

  • WHAT: CSGO ESL Challenger League Matches for the ESEA Premier Division
  • WHEN: Tuesday, December 6th, and Wednesday, December 7th, 2022, 1:00 pm ET streamed on the CSGO channel via Twitch
  • WHERE: Cologne, Germany

So, we spotlight two more clashes as 9INE and Ecstatic clash along with ex-Finest and Fnatic Academy. This group-stage tournament is still going. The last stage matches are on December 13th. Here at Online Sports Betting, we look at more from the ESEA Premier Division. Then, we give our picks.

eSports Table For ESL Challenger League Bets

As the eSports ESL Challenger League continues this week, we have several matches on our schedule, but two to spotlight. Keep in mind that the World Title is not awarded until December 18th. The good news is the group stages again with four different match days this week.

Now, the eSports table for the featured match on Tuesday and one more on Wednesday is below. Do not forget to watch the prime online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
ex-Finest-185+127Fnatic Academy

The ESL Challenger League is quite an undertaking. Let us reset here!

ESL Challenger League Notes

This ESL Challenger League 43 features an extended format. A total of 48 teams from 20 countries play in this tournament to make the playoffs. The regular season err group stage starts on October 25th and ends on December 13th. The fourth and final edition of 2022 expects to be quite the ending to the calendar year.

Once more, this tournament does seem just to take quite a while, but this ESL Challenger League is worth the abundance of matches. These teams finally face off after several delays, postponements, and cancellations. This tournament has featured a little of everything.

From allegations of cheating to stalling and even COVID, this tournament has been a unique one. Most teams are just happy to see the group stage resume with several days of matches. After all, this challenger expects to still end on December 18th.

How Did We Get Here In ESL Challenger League Bets?

Yes, MyBookie, provides us with some great eSports odds and props. For those who now follow the CSGO ESL Challenger Division, this tournament is almost two months in duration. That is why ESL Challenger League Bets looks at some different ways to approach this challenger. Sometimes these gambles work, and sometimes wagers lose.

Yes, this tournament got derailed a bit with the match schedule. That created some unexpected results, along with a few expected ones. The eSports CSGO Betting Odds And Sites will focus on a Tuesday match first and then a Wednesday tilt. Keep in mind the first is our match of the week. Again, the 9INE is a slight favorite in their matchup against Ecstatic. One should see their earlier matches, but at least this contest may have a couple of extra twists toward value.

Again, 9INE has looked alright, but there have been several close calls. For one, that Into The Breach match showed some weaknesses with the squad. It was a best-of-three; 9INE should have lost. Yet, they did. The good news is that 9INE faces an Ecstatic team that has struggled. They have split their previous four matches and were swept twice. That causes some concern, and yet, the numbers moved minimally.

Anyway, 9INE has enjoyed an easy road on the way here while Ecstatic has fought and slugged its way to this point. That battle-tested nature should help Ecstatic in theory. However, there is a likelihood of a back-and-forth match here. A few props below could add some value here. However, our main pick is simple. Take the 9INE once more in ESL Challenger League Bets.

9INE To beat Ecstatic

Another 9INE Option In eSports ESL Challenger League Bets

The eSports ESL Challenger League Bets has another option to appease the fans. It is possible since some believe this is very likely to go the distance; why not go the opposite way? It almost seems that too many expect this bout to go the distance. For one, the -1.5 games spread is looking great at +192. If this number should drift to around +200, then make that small-unit wager. This is all about the idea of betting on increasing plus value.

This means 9INE has more than a 60% implied chance of winning their semifinal. These matches often flow in waves and some extreme ones. Ecstatic was in the +120 to +140 range but has dropped to around +105. That number may lengthen a bit back up by Tuesday. Then again, it may not as more and more money drifted to Ecstatic's side. Now, this was a slightly unexpected development at first.

Partly, this is because Ecstatic has had such a bumpy tournament. Also, Ecstatic checking out of a couple of matches is troubling. Could that happen again? Go for the gold, err the sweep here.

9INE To sweep Ecstatic

One Last Bet

One last bet in the eSports ESL Challenger League Bets is this. If a bettor wants to take another shot, check out Fnatic Academy to upend ex-Finest. This seems like a lot to ask, but the numbers keep tilting to +127. Something is up with this matchup.

Fnatic Academy To beat ex-Finest

Finally, consider wiser e-sports online betting choices as some other props should open up too.

See the top sportsbooks below, wager some money, and get in the game!

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