ESL Challenger League Picks Into The Bin To Win

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ESL Challenger League Picks Into The Bin To Win

Here at Online Sports Betting, we dig deeper with the eSports season as we look at an ESL Challenger League match for February 14th, 2023. Who will win this match in the eSports ESL Challenger League Picks?

  • WHAT: CSGO ESL Challenger League Match for Season 44 Europe
  • WHEN: Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 at 1:00 pm ET streamed on the CSGO channel via Twitch
  • WHERE: Cologne, Germany

Now, we spotlight this epic tilt as BlueJays and Into The Bin clash for a spot in the "Upper Bracket Quarterfinal". This tournament still has a long way to go. The championship match takes place on March 26th. First, let's present our preview then more from the ESEA Challenger Division. Finally, we give our picks.

eSports Table For ESL Challenger League Picks

Yes, the eSports ESL Challenger League continues this week, we have several matches to monitor on our schedule, but one gets the top billing. Keep in mind, after Tuesday, the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals will be set. After that, the lower bracket catches up with their matches. Again, there are still more than six weeks of this tournament left.

Now, the eSports table for the featured match on Tuesday lies before us. Do not forget to watch for some top online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
BlueJays-165+125Into The Bin

This ESL Challenger League is quite an interesting one because of the bracket formats. Winning is quite essential!

ESL Challenger League Europe Update

This ESL Challenger League 44 from Europe features a two bracket format. A total of 24 teams from a multitude of countries play in this tournament to stay in the top bracket. The double-elimination tournament makes it difficult, but not impossible, to advance from the lower bracket. Our update peeks at what is going on with the rest of the event so far.

Please understand that though this is a B-Tier tournament, this ESL Challenger League is worth the abundance of matches. These teams fight for spots in the more prestigious Season 45 event in the Spring with an even deeper prize pool than the $50,000 being offered in Season 44.

Again, 16 teams qualify automatically for the next season. Eight more battle for four spots to avoid relegation. Avoiding the lower bracket the longer a squad can means certain avoidance of being sent down. That is partially why this Tuesday match elevates in importance. Alas, there is another reason too.

ESL Challenger League Picks Have Seen Strange Turns Here

Thanks to Bovada this time for some excellent eSports odds and props. For those who now follow the CSGO ESL Challenger Division, this tournament is over ten weeks in duration. That gives ESL Challenger League Picks some different dynamics to consider and ponder. Again, that is because of the "Upper Bracket" and "Lower Bracket". It tends to lead to higher competition early to avoid the lower bracket. As a result, we have seen some strange turns here.

Yes, this tournament throws bettors off with the way the brackets go. That created some unexpected match results. The eSports CSGO Betting for Global Offensive will focus on the Valentine's Day tilt. Keep in mind that Sprout and 1Win will have played their match. Our Tuesday match appears to have the most pressure placed on the teams.

Again, teams like K23 flourished under the tournament format sweeping both of their matches with ease. Meanwhile, 9INE, who was among the favorites, barely stayed in the upper bracket. Their next meeting against Monte feels almost more like a toss-up. BlueJays was one of those four teams with a first-round bye. They showed some of their potential prowess in practices leading up to their meeting with Into The Bin.

Anyway, Into The Bin swept an overmatched Permitta squad in the opening round. They could be looked at as the more dangerous team. However, there is a good chance of this match going the distance. ESL Challenger League Picks unloads our match choice below.

Into The Bin To beat BlueJays

More Into The Bin Choices In eSports ESL Challenger League Picks

The eSports ESL Challenger League Picks offers some rationale in our pick and then, if that was not enough, offers some more choices to get deeper in the action. Also, we dive into where the money could wind up going on Tuesday in this match. It is intriguing that the money wagered is getting close to 50-50 here.

This means even though BlueJays has more than a 60% implied chance of winning their upper bracket match, the money bet is slightly tilting to Into The Bin. These matches often flow in waves and some extreme ones. BlueJays opened as -120 to -140 favorites then moved up to -175  before settling around -165. Before this match dips again, it was why to get in on Into The Bin.

Partly, this is because some believe BlueJays could get caught napping here. Into The Bin looked cohesive in their opening match. The chances they carry that momentum over is higher than usual. After all, if Into The Bin strikes early, how do the BlueJays respond? What if they do not?

Into The Bin and BlueJays To go the distance

A Few More Bets In Closing

A few more bets in closing for the eSports ESL Challenger League Picks are reaches. However, If a bettor wants to take another shot, check out Into The Bet to upend BlueJays in three maps. This seems like a lot to ask, but the precise outcome moving to +315 is worth a tiny wager. One can even hedge towards the BlueJays at a surprising +235 (note their sweep is only at +172). If one believes, this is going three, why not go for the triple?

Into The Bin To win 2-1 over BlueJays

Lastly, ponder e-sports online betting choices as follows.

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