eSports CSGO Best Bets - Carpe Diem Headliners

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eSports CSGO Best Bets - Carpe Diem Headliners

We take another stroll through the eSports universe as we spotlight some CSGO matches of note on June 8th, 2022. Who will come out on top this Wednesday?

Again, the maps are out there as teams continue to battle for more dollars. eSports tournaments are especially fun this time of year. Here at Online Sports Betting, we take a look at a few of the matches from Group D in the ESL Challenger Season 41 (ESEA Premier Division). Then, we give our quick betting picks. Also, these are professional circuit matches.

eSports Tabled Odds For ESEA Premier Division

As the ESEA Premier Division for CSGO goes into another week, we have three matches scheduled for June 8th. Again, the round-robin is getting closer to ending. Keep in mind, that this small purse 16-team tournament features matches with a best-of-three format. Only the grand final has a best-of-five format.

Below are the aforementioned tabled odds for the CSGO ESEA Premier Division. Do not forget to check out the latest sports betting news and picks.

eSports CSGO Matches June 8th 2022MyBookieBovada
Bhop Esports+156+160
Bad News Bears-232-235
Carpe Diem-666-700
Galmin Gladiators-158-170
Team One+109+125

The challenger season 41 has one major factor to be kept in mind. This carries a $50,000 prize pool, with $20,000 going to the first-place squad.

ESEA Premier Division Challenger Season 41 Notes

This ESEA Premier Division Challenger Season 41 tournament features a slightly unique format. Sixteen teams are separated into two conferences. Each squad plays in a round-robin of sorts until the two best teams advance from each group. Basically, it is a nice way of saying the other eight teams get eliminated.

After that, there are eight teams remaining for Stage 2. This time the teams are simply divided into a double-elimination bracket. Again, all the matches are best-of-three format. The top four teams advance to the Semifinals. The other teams are eliminated.

Now, the final stage is single elimination. The semifinal matches are best-of-three. So, the winners of those matches advance to the finale. The finale. or Grand Final, is done in a best-of-five format.

The challenger tournament from North America has a smallish purse of $50,000 USD again. It is divided up as follows.

  • 1st place - $20,000
  • 2nd place - $11,500
  • 3rd place - $7,000
  • 4th place - $4,000

We are fortunate to catch some bubble teams in the tournament. Now, Carpe Diem is trying to get off that bubble. Below, we have those eSports CSGO Best Bets for June 8th, 2022.

Carpe Diem Big Favorite In eSports CSGO Bets Bets Against Axolotis

The numbers provided are thanks to Mybookie, which have some of the better eSports odds out there. For those that do now follow CSGO, this ESEA Premier Division has seen Carpe Diem improve. They could very well be one of the top teams left in the final matches when all is said and done.

Then, there was this matchup with Carpe Diem having a chance to move to 5-2 and a three-game match streak. The eSports CSGO Best Bets is this. This team finds ways to win. They stumbled out to a 2-2 start but again all it takes is a nice little lift and out of the "bubble teams", these are the ones most likely to challenge MIBR and maybe even Strife, who is considered the class of North America right now with an undefeated record and +110 round margin.

Axolotis suffered from a multitude of not-so-good results and could easily face relegation after Season n41. The problem is Axolotis just does not have the killers with that instinct to take out the upper teams in Group A.

One of the props to consider for this matchup is the correct score. Instead of that rough -666, there is a little value at -163 for a Carpe sweep. Even the under of 25 1/2 rounds at -111 could be wagered. The first prop is a little better along with the obvious moneyline, and the map prop bets might be a pass. Get some or any value on this improving Carpe Diem squad in eSports CSGO Best Bets.

Carpe Diem To beat Axolotiss

Bad News Bears To Beat BHop eSports In More eSports CSGO Best Bets

This ESL Challenger League is another matchup fans are looking forward to. It is because the winner likely faces an uphill battle anyway. However, with both teams around .500, it does make for some compelling numbers. That said, there is value even with Bad News Bears at -232 to -240, depending on one's site of choice.

For those wondering, Bad News Bears has around a 60% implied chance of winning the match. These matches in often take a life of their own, and BNB is only a -232 favorite here. That number may end up shortening closer to -200 and maybe even lower between now and June 8th.

The other problem for props is that Bad News Bears has averaged 26.5 rounds per map. They are not quite as efficient as some of the better squads. The lack of reps does not help either. Overall, again our eSports CSGO Best Bets focus on Bad News Bears squeezing out a win.

Bad News Bears To beat BHop eSports

Take Galmin Gladiators To Narrowly Beat Team One On Wednesday

Take Galmin Gladiators to win in a close affair over Team One on Wednesday. Why? Simply, Galmin comes off a close loss to one of the top teams in Group B, while Team One has struggled with rounds and lots of overtime. The thought process is the Gladiators could win 2-1, and that comes in at +235 odds which may be worth a small wager. Sometimes, it knows when to pick and not to pick on props that pay off.

Galmin Gladiatorss To beat Team One

Also, do not forget to take a look at some other e-sports betting options and find something to bet on this week.

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