eSports CSGO Best Bets - Get Heroic

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eSports CSGO Best Bets - Get Heroic

We continue into September with the eSports landscape as we spotlight some CSGO matches for September 14th, 2022. Who will win their matches this Wednesday as a new group gets underway in the eSports CSGO Best Bets

So, the maps and kills are out there for six more teams who will begin their battle for more dollars. eSports tournaments are a little different this time of year. Here at Online Sports Betting, we take a look at more from ESL Pro League Season 16. Then, we give our quick picks.

eSports Tabled Numbers For ESL Pro League 16

As the eSports CSGO ESL Pro League 16 is a couple of weeks deep, we have three matches on our docket for September 14th. Keep in mind that there are 24-teams in this league. With the playoffs still a long way away, that is the least of these teams' worries.

Below we present eSports tabled numbers for the ESL Pro League 16. Do not forget to look at the latest online sports betting news plus picks.

The ESL Pro League 16 has a very solid purse as eSports keeps on growing. This carries a bountiful $835,000 prize pool, with $175,000 going to the champion.

CSGO ESL Pro League Season 16 Notes

This CSGO ESL Pro League Season 16 features a slightly extended format. Groups A and B have gotten underway and some interesting results have happened. For one, Natus has been far from invincible. The expectation was Vitality would be right there with them. Well, Vitality has exceeded expectations and remains undefeated in the early going.

  • Vitality has 15 points (5 wins)
  • Natus has just two wins and three losses
  • G2 Esports also has five wins and 15 points
  • Faze Clan has won four of five early

We will be fortunate to catch a good sample size of some of the teams from Groups C on Wednesday. Now, we truly have some of the best of this ESL Pro League. Below, we have those eSports CSGO Best Bets for September 14th, 2022.

Heroic Favorite In eSports CSGO Best Bets Against Mouz

The numbers for our data come in thanks to MyBookie, which has some of solid eSports odds. For those that do now follow CSGO, this ESL Pro League Season 16 continues Wednesday and goes until October 2nd. Then, the playoffs start. Expect teams like Heroic and Astralis to be among the contenders.

Yes, this tournament has been quite the chaotic one because of unexpected results. The eSports CSGO Online Top Bets will focus on the three Wednesday matches. Keep in mind, if one wants to indulge their sweet tooth as far as betting, there are three matches each day into the weekend. Then, Group D begins the following Wednesday.

Heroic gets tabbed as a slight favorite here because of their reputation and performance, honestly. Mouz gets impacted only because they have not shown the ability at times to be more consistent against the upper echelon teams of the CSGO. After all, this is a pro league. The competition is relentless and anyone can beat anyone. If anything, the props here are a bit more risky than the moneyline. The feeling is that this match goes the distance.

One of the props to consider for this matchup is the correct score. In the case props get cut off, take that moneyline anyway, especially if it stays less than -200. If the props stay online, look at a 2-1 score (+125) for Heroic. Mouz showed an ability to keep matches in reach, but, Heroic has the finishing power on maps. Get value and take Heroic once more in eSports CSGO Best Bets. Also, do not forget to take them on Thursday as well against Ence.

Heroic To beat the Mouz

Astralis Should Sweep Complexity Gaming In eSports CSGO Best Bets

The ESL Pro League has another matchup fans are eager to view. It is because Astralis may be one of those teams that have the potential to go up against the best from Groups A and B once the playoffs get started. In the meantime, Complexity Gaming is a squad that appears fortunate to have just made the cut as they say. Astralis should sweep Complexity Gaming in eSports CSGO Best Bets.

For those wondering, Astralis has more than a 76% implied chance of winning their opening match. These matches often take a life of their own, but Endpoint is a +200 to +250 underdog here. That number may end up lengthening closer to +300 between now and Wednesday. Could there be a few values in the props? That answer is yes.

There is less problems with props as Complexity Gaming projects to be closer to the bottom third of this 24-team tournament. Now, this was another team that had to scramble just to get into this tournament. They are not quite as consistent as some of the more polished squads. Honestly, our eSports CSGO Best Bets focus on Astralis (-200) sweeping their way to a win on Wednesday. Expect fewer maps than projected as well.

Astralis To beat the Complexity Gaming

Take Ence To Beat The Heet On Wednesday Too

Take Ence to beat the Heet on Wednesday too in our eSports CSGO Best Bets. Why? Simply, Ence showed a bit more heading into this tournament and again Heet keeps sneaking their way into these upper tournaments. The thing is this. The big favorites in Group A ironically won their opening matches and wound up 2-3. Ence here may meet a bit of the same fate but their ability to finish off maps should carry them past Heet.

That will get one better number than the outrageous -322 that Astrais was given. Value is quite helpful here and take a risk on the prop for a sweep which was hovering close to even at press time.

Ence To beat the Heet

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