eSports CSGO LPL Season Best Bets- Vertex Rises

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eSports CSGO LPL Season Best Bets- Vertex Rises

Twas the week of Easter and all through the house, just a bunch of maps were out there as teams continued to battle for more dollars. eSports tournaments are especially fun this time of year. Here at Online Sports Betting, we take a look at a few of the matches for this upcoming weekend. Then, we give our rapid-fire betting picks. Keep in mind, these are professional circuit matches.

eSports Tabled Odds For CSGO LPL Pro League

As the LPL Pro League for CSGO gets going, we have two matches schedule for April 16th. Again, Easter weekend is an interesting time to hold matches. However, this small purse 12-team touranment features matches with a best-of-three format. 

Below are the aforementioned tabled odds for the CSGO LPL Pro League. Do not forget to check out the latest sports betting news and picks



LPL Pro League Season 1 Tournament

This LPL Pro League Season 1 tournament features a slightly unique fomat. Eight of the teams are separated into two four-team groups. Each squad plays in a round-robin of sorts until the two best teams advance. Basically, it is a nice way of saying the other four teams get eliminated. 

After that, there are eight teams remaining for Stage 2. This time the teams are simply divided into a double-elimination bracket. Again, all the matches are best-of-three format. The top four teams advance to the Season 1 Finals. The other teams are eliminated. 

Now, the third and final stage is single-elimination. The semifinal matches are best-of-three. So, the winners of those matches advance to the finale. The finale. or Grand Final, is done in a best-of-five format. 

The C-Tier tournament from Oceania has a small purse of $10.500 USD. It is divided up as follows. 

  • 1st place - $6,500
  • 2nd place - $1,500
  • 3rd place - $1,200
  • 4th place - $850

We are fortunate to catch the semifinals of this exciting "satellite" tournament. Let's see how the four semifinalists got here and then quickly break down the matchup and our top pick to win Season 1. 

Vertex ESC Heavily Favored Over Antic In LPL Semifinal 1

The numbers provided here are from Mybookie who has some of the better eSports odds out there. For those that do now follow CSGO, this LPL Pro League Season 1 has been ransacked by Vertex ESC. Vertex was going to be one of the top seeds regardless. If that was not enough, they swept Nut-E-Gaming without breaking a sweat. 

Then, there was a highly-anticipated matchup with DGG Esports. After the match started, it was clear that Vertex was going to dominate yet again. They swept both sets on the way to another 2-0 victory. With that, they cruised into the semifinals as the top seed. Their reward was to play Antic in the first LPL semifinal. Antic proved to be resillient especially after they were knocked down a peg by the ex-8ballers. 

That tough 2-1 setback might have knocked out lesser teams. However, Antic managed to sweep Nut-E-Gaming in the lower bracket. This helped them qualify as the fourth seed. Their biggest problem is that Antic's killers do not stack up so well against Vertex ESC. Signing Malta was such a savage move for an already stacked team. Fiend may be good for Antic but he and Antic need to be perfect and that is not expected. 

One of the props to consider for this matchup is the correct score. Instead of a whopping -3333, there is a little value at just -400 for a Vertex sweep. Even the under of 24 1/2 rounds at -117 has to be considered. The first prop is a little better along with the obvious moneyline and the map prop bets (map 1 -750, map 2, -1000). Get some or any value on this juggernaut in Vertex ESC


Vertex ESC To beat Antic


Dgg Esports To Upend ex-8Ballers In LPL Semifinal 2 

This LPL Semfinal 2 is the highly contested matchup most are looking forward to. It is because the winner likely loses the finale. There are just $650 difference betweeh second and fourth. The biggest jump is first to second at more than $5,000. The likelihood that these two teams go a full three maps is quite high. 

Dgg Esports squeaked by the 1620 in three full maps while the ex-8Ballers were nearly pushed to the lower bracket twice. First, Bandits ESC had them on the ropes and looked like the Ballers were done. However, they came back to move on. After that, they pulled off the same exact feat against Antic Esports.

The key is that Dgg had to go through the first stage where they only averaged 21.5 rounds per map. They were extremely efficient. That helped them get reps and it is those reps which will help in this tough clash with the ex-8Ballers. With Dgg Esports getting even money, this is worth at least a look. Our expectation is that Dgg advances to the final defeating ex-8Ballers in a match that goes the full three maps. 

Dgg Esports To beat ex-8Ballers

Our CSGO LPL Pro Season 1 Winning Pick

Take Vertex ESC to sweep the final and Season 1 as our winning pick for the CSGO Tier-C LPL Pro league.

Also, do not forget to take a look at some other e-sports betting online options and find something that works for you.

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