eSports ESL Challenger League Bets Take Some Heet

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eSports ESL Challenger League Bets Take Some Heet

We hit American Thanksgiving week with the eSports seasons as we look at an ESL Challenger League match for November 22nd, 2022. Who will win this match in the eSports ESL Challenger League Bets?

  • WHAT: CSGO ESL Challenger League Match for the ESEA Premier Division
  • WHEN: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022, 1:00 pm ET streamed on the CSGO channel via Twitch
  • WHERE: Cologne, Germany

So, the maps and kills are for Heet and Team Spirit as they continue their battle for more dollars. eSports tournaments are a little different this time of year. Here at Online Sports Betting, we look at more from the ESEA Premier Division. Then, we give our picks.

eSports Table For ESL Challenger League Bets

As the eSports ESL Challenger League continues Tuesday, we have several matches on our schedule, but one in our sights. Keep in mind that the World Title is not awarded until December 18th. The good news is the regular season picks up again with four different match days this week.

Below we present the eSports table for the featured match on Tuesday. Do not forget to look at the best online sports betting news and picks and the latest sportsbook reviews!

The ESL Challenger League is quite an undertaking. Let's get up to speed here!

ESL Challenger League Notes

This ESL Challenger League 43 features a very long format. A total of 48 teams from 20 countries play in this tournament to make the playoffs. The regular season err group stage starts on October 25th and ends on December 6th. The fourth and final edition of 2022 expects to be quite the ending to the calendar year.

Once more, this tournament does seem to just take quite a while but this ESL Challenger League is worth the abundance of matches. The two teams face off in a "Round of 16" match. The winner advances to the quarterfinal. Six teams have advanced already. The winner of the match between Sprout and 1Win will occupy the other spot in this final eight.

How Did We Get Here In ESL Challenger League Bets?

So, the numbers provided are thanks to MyBookie, which has fantastic eSports odds and props. For those who now follow the CSGO ESL Challenger Division, this tournament is almost two months in duration. That is why ESL Challenger League Bets takes some different angles compared to the normal.

Yes, this tournament is always odd because of the match schedule. That created some unexpected results, along with a few expected ones. The eSports CSGO Betting Odds And Websites will focus on this match first and then a series of matches through Black Friday. Keep in mind, this is our match of the day. Again, the Team Spirit is a significant favorite in eSports "Round Of 16" match. One should see their earlier matches, but at least this contest may have a couple of extra twists toward value.

Again Team Spirit has looked rather solid, but there are traps abound. For one, Heet has shown their mettle as they swept K23 and sent them to the lower bracket. Heet kept hanging around in the upper bracket while gaining more and more confidence. That cannot sit well with Team Spirit. Spirit expects to figure prominently in this tournament but again, upsets can happen at any time.

Anyway, Team Spirit has enjoyed an easy road on the way here while Heet has battled from the beginning and through the play-ins. That battle-tested nature should help Heet. There is a likelihood of a back and forth match here. A few props below could add some value here. However, our main pick is simple. Take the Heet once more in ESL Challenger League Bets.

Heet To beat Team Spirit

More Heet Options In eSports ESL Challenger League Bets

The eSports ESL Challenger League Bets has more options that fans are clamoring for. It is possible since Team Spirit and Heet are expected to go the distance that more options to bet exists. For one, the over on 2.5 games is looking excellent at +113. If this number should drift into the negative, then do not bother. This is all about the idea of betting on plus-value this Tuesday afternoon.

For those curious, Team Spirit has more than a 77% implied chance of winning their semifinal. These matches often have their ups and downs. Heet was in the +240 to +260 range but has dropped to around +225. That number may lengthen a bit back up by Tuesday. Then again, it may not as more and more money is starting to drift to the side of Heet. Now, this was a slightly unexpected development at first.

Partly, this is because Heet has shown an ability to surprise before. Heet got hot and won the Elisa Invitational Spring this year. Granted, that is a tournament which is not quite on the same level as the Premier Division. However, this shows their ability to surprise anyone, no matter how big a favorite they are.

T1 will be a more difficult challenge, but Heet is the team that can close out Team Spirit in three hard-fought games. Again, anything in the +110 to +130 range is possible in this scenario.

Heet To beat Team Spirit in three games

One Final Thing

One final thing for bettors in the eSports ESL Challenger League Bets is this. If a bettor wants to take a bigger swing, check out Heet at a whopping +275 to sweep Team Spirit. This seems like a crazy wager but bet maybe a mere tenth of a unit here.  That would be the equivalent of $2 to $3.

Heet To sweep Team Spirit

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