LOL LCS Spring Bets Lay It On Cloud9 Thick!

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LOL LCS Spring Bets Lay It On Cloud9 Thick!

Yes, the eSports season continues as we peek at some LOL LCS Spring Bets for matches on Thursday, January 26th. Which teams provide some early good wagers for the openers?

  • WHAT: LOL LCS Spring North America Opening Matches 
  • WHEN: Matches for Thursday, January 26th - streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Los Angeles, California, USA (done offline)

At Online Sports Betting, we look at a few matches from the LCS Spring Tournament. Then, it becomes pick time.

LOL LCS Spring Picks Numbers

The eSports table for the LOL LCS Spring Picks comes at you below. Also, here are some of the best online sports betting news and picks. Those are once again thanks to Bovada online sportsbook.

This LOL LCS "Spring" Tournament is a solid tournament. It takes place in Los Angeles, features ten teams in all, and guarantees that each team faces an opponent twice in the "Group Stage".

LOL LCS Spring Quick Preview

The LOL LCS Spring Tournament from North America begins on January 26th. This regular season ends on March 17th. After that, the top six teams qualify for the playoffs with the best four in the upper tier. Online Sports Betting remains squarely on these opening matches for Thursday as teams get the feel for each other.

These tournaments feature their own ebbs and flows when it comes to a schedule. Think about this. Setup as far as a schedule looks as follows.

  • Weeks 1-3:  2 matches
  • Week 4:  3 matches
  • Weeks 5-7:  3 matches

This North American eSports splits stands out to make LOL LCS Spring Bets that much more challenging. Yes, this is another event with a solid purse that goes into April when it comes to the playoffs. First though, we have to start look at actual match play.

LOL LCS Spring Bets Thursday Opening Match

Yes, MyBookie and Bovada grant us some of the top eSports odds and props. For those who now follow the LOL LCS, our focus tilts toward Bovada this time around. That is why LOL LCS Spring Bets point to several ways to approach a few of these matches on Thursday. Sometimes it is okay to take a swing at those higher plus-number wages. Keep in mind, no one should wager a huge amount of money on opening group stage weeks. Despite testing and practice, there is a process here.

Now, this is the 12th edition of the West Cost tournament. Yes, the LOL LCS Spring Tournament appeared to have some issues at first, but is full steam ahead now. These eSports LOL Betting Odds And Sites will focus on all the LOL matches. Changes and shifts happen plenty here. However, our first match quickly looks at 100 Thieves and Cloud9.

So, these two teams look poised for the season to start already! Offseason routines are never the same as when the real action begins. Cloud9 is a dominant force in this tournament. Consider that the team has won the North American title four times, has been a runner-up seven times and even got to the World Semifinals once. Out of the ten teams, Cloud9 expects to be a contender once again in this opening event.

Anyway, testing and practice tips us to take Cloud9 in this opening bout. Predictably, the action and the fact that these first few matches seem set and yet maybe they are not. Fortunately, that -170 number is not so bad. In this spot, we were half believing Cloud9 could be anywhere in the -250 to -300 range. Alternatively, that keeps this pick easy. Our wager is Cloud9 in LOL LCS Spring Bets.

Cloud9 To beat 100 Thieves

Evil Geniuses To Cruise In Match Two On Thursday

The eSports LOL LCS Spring Bets has more matches to look at on Thursday. It is possible to look at Evil Geniuses even at the -275 moneyline over Golden Guardians. Now, the prop we want bettors to keep an eye on is the number to sweep. Evil Geniuses tends to finish matches quickly with a high number of kills.

Golden Guardians knows they are in trouble against Evil Geniuses. These matches normally twist their way here and there early. However, an experienced team like Evil Geniuses understands to not let their foot off the pedal. One figures the Golden Guardians will go bold early and that will lead to a merciless response from the Geniuses.

Partly, playing two matches in consecutive days helps both teams but aids the top teams more. They are used to playing such scenarios especially to open the season. Our pick focuses on the Evil Geniuses moneyline wise and the Map 1 over on kills set at 23.5 is just -115. That works for a milk money wager too.

Evil Geniuses To beat the Golden Guardians

A Thursday Wager For The Road Or Two

One Thursday wager or two for eSports LOL LCS Spring Bets could be made as follows. If a bettor wants to swing for the plus. Take a whack at FlyQuest to surprise Team Liquid on Thursday. FlyQuest comes in at a good position, has had good testing results, and Team Liquid could get caught early here.

Our hope was to see FlyQuest at maybe +130 or +140, but it appears +110 to +115 may have to do. Will the numbers move before Thursday? That is still possible. Keep an eye on this but FlyQuest to win and taking the over in kills at -115 could be two nice bets to consider.

Even the "Handicap" kills spread is a mere 3.5. At -115, that appears to be easy money on the FlyQuest side of the ledger.

FlyQuest To beat Team Liquid

See some of our best sportsbooks below, wager some money, and get in these games. They will be here before you know it!

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