eSports LOL Top Bets - Roll On LNG

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eSports LOL Top Bets - Roll On LNG

We span the eSports universe as we spotlight some LOL matches on August 3rd and 4th, 2022. Who will win their matches come this Tuesday and Wednesday?

So, the towers and kills are out there for the taking as teams continue to battle for more dollars. eSports tournaments are a little different this time of year. Here at Online Sports Betting, we take a look at more from Tencent LPL Summer League. Then, we give our quick top bets.

eSports Tabled Odds For Tencent LPL

As the Tencent LPL Summer League of LOL is just a couple weeks from its playoffs, we have three matches on our docket for August 3rd and 4th. Keep in mind, that there are 17-teams in this league. With the playoffs still a long ways away, that is the least of these team's worries.

Below we present eSports tabled odds for the Tencent LPL. Do not forget to peek at the latest online sports betting news and picks.

The Tencent LPL summer league has that big thing called a huge, huge purse. This carries over a $600,000 prize pool, with $302,087 going to the first-place eSports team.

Tencent LPL Summer League Notes

This Tencent LPL Summer League tournament features a slightly extended format. Seventeen teams battle it out over what amounts to be about 12 weeks of eSports play. The best teams get into the playoffs with four teams placing into the money. For those wondering even 5th and 6th get money too - about a little over $30,000 each.

Let's mention that prize structure again.

  • 1st place - $302,087
  • 2nd place - $151,044
  • 3rd place - $75,522
  • 4th place - $45,313

We are fortunate to catch a good sample size of some of the teams in this tournament. Now, we truly have the top to the middle to the bottom of this Tencent Summer League. Below, we have those eSports LOL Top Bets for August 3rd and 4th, 2022.

LNG Slight Favorite In eSports LOL Top Bets Against Rare Atom

The numbers for our data are thanks to Mybookie, which have some of the best eSports odds out there. For those that do now follow CSGO, this Tencent Summer League LPL for LOL has seen LNG begin to bounce back. They could be a team to watch in the playoffs IF they get there.

Then, there were the matchups with Victory Five and Edward Gaming. The eSports LOL Online Best Bets did not figure LNG would win but LNG did show a little better too. They are a team coming together. Sure, LNG has climbed back up to .500 after winning four of their past six matches. That being said, Rare Atom known as Vici Gaming has found this summer season tough sledding to say the least.

LNG gets picked as a huge favorite here because of previous standings. Rare Atom (Team Vici) suffered from some early blowout results and never truly recovered. So far this summer, Rare Atom has won just twice in 12 outings. Some argue that LNG should have shorter numbers yet but one can truly never be sure in the Group Stage. Again, Rare Atom at +225 is just not very intriguing.

One of the props to consider for this matchup is the correct score. In the case props are still cut off, take that moneyline anyway especially if it stays less than -400. If the props come back online, look at a 2-1 score for LNG. Rare Atom showed an ability to keep matches in reach. Get some or any value to roll on LNG eSports in eSports LOL Top Bets.

LNG eSports To beat Rare Atom

JD Gaming To Bounce Back In More eSports LOL Top Bets

The Tencent Summer LPL League has another matchup fans are very stoked to see. It is because the winner faces an uphill battle anyway. However, with JD Gaming suffering a bit of a letdown over the weekend, they need a win to get back on track. Few expected them to sweep Victory Five. Even fewer thought they would lose against Royal Never Give Up at all.

For those wondering, JD Gaming has less than a 60% implied chance of winning the match. These matches in often take a life of their own, and Weibo (SN) Gaming is a scant +112 underdog here. That number may end up lengthening closer to +130 between now and Tuesday. Could there be a few values in the props if and when they get announced?

The other problem for props is that Weibo Gaming has been all over the place. They are 9-4 but after alternating back and forth for awhile, this is a team that has won five straight matches. They are not quite as efficient as some of the better squads. The trick err problem is JD Gaming falls into the same trap at times. These teams are more evenly matched up. Honestly, our eSports LOL Top Bets focus on JD Gaming finding a way to scramble for a win. Expect a lot of maps!

JD Gaming To beat Weibo Gaming

Take Edward Gaming To Nab Win Ten On Wednesday

Take Edward Gaming to nab win number ten on Wednesday. Why? Simply, Edward Gaming is playing the notorious Team We. The thing is this. Team We still has not won a single match this summer so far. This could be a closer than expected match early Wednesday morning Eastern Time. Expect a tight match with Edward Gaming finally getting that tenth "W' of the summer in this eSports LOL Top Bets. Also, we recommend taking Edward Gaming by a 2 to 1 score.

That will get one better numbers than the outrageous -3333. Value is paramount here.

Edward Gaming To win on Wednesday

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