Get Loud And Watch Them Sweep Tuesday's LOL Match

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Get Loud And Watch Them Sweep Tuesday's LOL Match

Online Sports Betting, begins to set the sun on the eSports season as we look at some LOL World Play-In matches for October 10th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports LOL World Qualifier Picks?

  • WHAT: LOL World Play-Ins Round 1 for the World Championships
  • WHEN: Tuesday, October 10th Qualifiers starting at 3 am ET
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Round 1 Play-Ins In The Race For the Top Prize.

Now, our preview below is for the matches on Tuesday, October 10th. This expects to be a lot of fun as 22 teams battle their way to one champion. This tournament does not end until November 19th. Keep that in mind.

eSports Table For LOL World Play-In Picks

So, the eSports LOL World Play-In Picks make life easier as we examine the two matches on Tuesday as the World Play-Ins get underway. This gets us ready for what expects to be a fun six weeks. Note that these play-ins are all best-of-three matches.

We present the eSports table for the featured matches on Tuesday below. Do not forget these online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
Team Spirit-1000+600PT
9INE-375+250Orks Esports

This LOL World Championships get going with these matches and there are more matches throughout the week. The second round rolls in with best-of-five matches to determine the final 16 teams to start October 19th.

LOL World Qualifier Picks Examine Favorites For The Play-In Rounds

The LOL World Qualifier Play-In examine favorites for the play-in rounds. As we mentioned last week, whomever survives the qualifier is not going to have an easy time here. With eight teams battling for two spots, do the teams with the easier road have an advantage? Or do the last qualifiers stay in a rhythm? It's an excellent question with an unclear answer.

Dplus Kia upended DRX to keep the defending champions from qualifying for the tournament. It is those outcomes that would not have been possible without this lengthy format. For better or for worse, this is a week where there might be a few upsets. However, early on, that is not quite how we see things.

So. this week takes eight teams and reduces them to two. That decreases the field from 22 teams to 16. PSG is a huge favorite to advance. They draw an easy "qualifier" and should be able to sail into the second play-in round. The bigger questions lie ahead but for now, PSG Talon looks very safe.

Finally, Loud and GAM Esports is quite the interesting match. We will preview that one in a bit. Even CTBC Flying Oyster opens up early Wednesday. They might be a challenger to PSG Talon if there is one. Again, PSG basically has two kicks at the can with two teams getting passage to the next round.

LOL World Play-In Picks Line Up The Second Tuesday Match

Bovada hit hard and fast with even more improved numbers for Tuesday. October 10th. LOL World Play-In Picks get pumped for what is to come. The Worlds feature that huge $3,000,000 purse but the glory of being a world champion. First things first, Loud plays GAM Esports at 6 am ET on Tuesday. Do not worry it is primetime in Seoul, South Korea.

With this tournament, curves abound at any time. After all, just when bettors think they have a rhythm then something else happens. This is all about finding the champion of champions. Bluntly, the eSports LOL Online Betting focuses on why we believe Loud has a better shot than the numbers indicate against GAM Esports. There was a brief hope Loud would get closer to Even, but -121 is pretty darn close.

Again, these matches get to be a good deal of fun. Some keep expecting a best-of-three destined to go the distance. Maybe, that really does happen. One thing is clear though. Pundits believe Loud has the ability to possibly be one of those two teams that advance. However, it feels like half fear a nail biter and half expect a sweep.

So, we take on a few potential props below. In the meantime, the goal is to tease one prop first. Alas, Loud is at -121 to win here. Some asked what about going map by map? The problem is that Loud is favored at -125 there. So, the value is zero. If one thinks a sweep is possible, there are a couple of options too. On the other hand, that +230 for a 2-0 Loud victory is awfully tempting. Loud has the ability to win each map. A small wager could prove worthwhile.

Loud To sweep GAM Esports

eSports LOL World Play-In Picks Prop Up PSG

The eSports LOL World Play-In Picks tries to prop up PSG. With their -1200 number, a win is pretty much all but expected. For perspective, PSG Talon carries a 92.3% implied chance of winning their match early Tuesday morning. Options lie everywhere from Asian Kill props to the standard sweep. The spread comes down to -210 for PSG compared to the -218 for a correct score. It's nice to take advantage of these little quirks along the way.

Naturally, this is another match which could be a two-match rout. One should look to the Under of 25.5 kills in Map 1 as PSG expects to get out to a rout. One might go lower if they want to take a risk but that -115 is a safe number to set the tone. Again, this is about hunting for tiny nuggets to cash in on.

PSG Talon and Movistar To combine Under 25.5 kills

One More Prop For The Road?

One more prop comes for the road at the eSports LOL World Play-In Bets? Expect a highly-contested second map and the Over 29.5 Kills rolls in at -110. Take it while you can.

GAM Esports and Loud To combine for 30 or more kills

Esports Keep On Rolling Along

E-sports online betting keep on rolling along. With CSGO starting next weekend, there are betting options available already.

Good luck!

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