Going To The Well With Mad Lion To Win Again

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Going To The Well With Mad Lion To Win Again

Online Sports Betting delves into more eSports Spring action as we spotlight a Friday LOL LEC League match for April 21st, 2023. Who will win this tilt in the eSports LOL LEC Spring Picks?

  • WHAT: LOL LEC Spring Playoff for Season 10 Europe
  • WHEN: Friday, April 21st, 2023 at 12:00 pm ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Berlin, Germany
  • WHY: Playoff Time - 1 Lower Bracket Semifinal

Yes, we preview a big match from the "Lower Bracket Semifinal" for the LOL LEC. So, this tournament still has several playoff matches to go. Now, the championship match takes place over the weekend. First, let's see what occurred last week with the LOL LEC. Then, we will hand out some picks and projections.

eSports Table For LOL LEC Spring Picks

So, these eSports LOL LEC Spring Picks thankfully keep things simple. The Friday match comes after a few days off and allow us to get a bit more in-depth on what is happening.

Now, the eSports table for the featured match on Friday lies below. Also, there are many online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
G2-700+425Mad Lions

This LEC Spring bracket sets up for the more prestigious tournaments. However, these teams know their margin of error is zero since they are in the lower grouping.

LEC Spring Update

This LEC Spring Update from Europe brings an Upper Tier and Lower Tier. Naturally, the two best teams in the group stage started in the Upper Bracket Final. The loser will come down and play the winner of the Lower Bracket Semifinal. All these matches are best-of-five format.

With a $80,000 Euro top purse ($90,000 USD prize pool), this LEC Spring League is only the start of the higher-stakes competitions. These teams fight for a spot in the more prestigious MSI 2023 and LEC Finals 2023 where further glory is there for the taking. A few minor details...

  • In case G2 Esports wins, the best team in Championship Points after Spring Split other than G2 themselves will qualify for Mid-Season Invitational 2023
  • Also in case G2 Esports wins, the LEC Finals 2023 slot will be passed down to the next best team in Championship Points that haven't qualified yet.

Again, only four teams are currently left.  The fact that a team like Mad Lion found a way past the Elimination and Decider matches was quite impressive.

LOL LEC Spring Picks Saw Some Unexpected Results

Bovada takes the reins here with some great lines. This LOL LEC Europe Division started with ten teams battling for that one spot to the MSI. Now, we are less than a week from the finishing line. That gives LOL LEC Spring Picksome possible wagers and theories to ponder. Yes, the"Upper Bracket" and "Lower Bracket" have taught us some lessons. It led to higher competition early to avoid the lower bracket. Also, it leads to some unexpected results.

Yes, this tournament threw bettors for a loop when Astralis flubbed both the Winners' match and the Decider Match. For those wondering, a Mad Lions winning parlay between the two matches paid out at more than +350. That created one strange Lower Bracket Semifinal. The eSports LOL Online Betting will focus on the Lower Bracket this time around. Keep in mind that G2 is a huge favorite here because many believe they should be in the Upper Bracket.

Again, G2 went 6-3 in the Regular Season but dropped one of their three matches in the Group Stage. That forced them to win the decider match over KOI to advance. Considering what happened to Astralis, G2 feels fortunate to be in this position. However, facing a battle tested Mad Lion team is worrisome. Winning early pays off later typically. Losing now means going home empty-handed.

Fortunately, a few extra props are offered in matches like this. Betting action inches up as this match draws closer and closer. As a matter of fact, the props for Map 4 and Map 5 came off the board then went back. LOL LEC Spring Picks takes one shot at the underdog. The Mad Lion upset is on our radar for Friday.

Mad Lion To advance to the Lower Bracket Final

eSports LOL LEC Spring Picks Looks At The Best Of Five

The eSports LOL LEC Spring Picks examines a potential prop that could pay off on Friday. Consider that these two teams took their Week 4 tiebreaker to the maximum. It it could have gone five in the best-of-five, no one would have been surprised. Understandably, fans of both teams know this could be quite a clash. At Online Sports Betting, we ponder if this semifinal taking it to the limit.

Right now, the players from G2 have about an 88% implied chance of winning their lower bracket match, the money bet is trending slowly toward Mad Lion. These matches see numbers that shift back and forth. Consequently, this is why some of the props are not a bad idea.

Naturally, this is why competitive wise this match appears destined to go the distance. It becomes a bit of a gamble here but that +265 number is enticing for a modest bet. These two teams have battled to get all this way. Neither wants to go home early now. Mad Lion, especially, has been on the brink more times in the last two weeks than we can count. Pulling this match to a full five maps would not be a shocker. This goes the full five.

Mad Lion and G2 Go the distance on Friday

How About One More Prop For The Road?

Okay, how about one more match for the eSports LOL LEC Spring Picks? With the G2 being a whopping -700 on the Moneyline against Mad Lion, Mad Lion has some interesting hedges. One can take either team to win three maps to two. G2 comes in at +405 if we see all five maps.

G2 To win three maps to two

eSports LOL LEC Not The Only Game In Town

E-sports online betting always has some fun choices. LOL LEC is not the only game in town.

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