Golden Guardians To Advance To Play-In At LOL Worlds

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Golden Guardians To Advance To Play-In At LOL Worlds

Online Sports Betting, delves into the heart of the "opening" of eSports season as we look at some LOL World matches for October 9th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports LOL World Qualifier Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL World Qualifiers for the World Championships
  • WHEN: Monday, October 9th Qualifier at Midnight ET
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Final qualifier to set up the 22 teams.

Yes, we preview the final qualifier to determine the eight teams that will get to battle in the play-in. Expect this to be a lot of fun and very exciting.

eSports Table For LOL World Qualifier Bets

Yes, the eSports LOL World Qualifier Bets make life easier as we only one match on the docket, but this is a big one. This gets us ready for the final LOL tournament of 2023. Note that this qualifier is indeed a best-of-five.

So, the eSports table for the featured match on Monday is below. Always remember the following online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
GAM+110-145Golden Guardians
PSG Talon-1200+600

This LOL World Championships start the next round on Tuesday with their play-in phase. From there, the tournament only keeps going. Simply, the fun part is all the different formats of the event. Let us begin.

LOL World Qualifier Bets Outline The Event

The LOL World Qualifier Bets features an Upper Tier and Lower Tier. Naturally, outlining the event takes on a life of its own. Remember, all the early matches of the play-in week are a best-of-three. It is only that final which is a best-of-five. The upper bracket and lower bracket winners. Remember with two brackets, each winner moves on to the Round of 16.

With world prestige on the line. Stage 2 is headlined by the dreaded Swiss League format. There are a total of 14 pre-qualified teams and the two qualifiers. Teams advance with three wins and are eliminated with three losses. Qualifier and elimination matches are best-of-three while the others are a best-of-one.

Finally. eight teams qualify for the last stage. The single elimination knockout bracket get the best-of-five limelight. The winner gets all the spoils, a big trophy, and a large share of a purse that could be potentially as high as $3.000.000. Get ready for one of the premier events of the eSports season. First, we have to examine that last qualifier first.

LOL World Qualifier Bets Set Up For The 22

Bovada surprised us a little by taking the reins here in the odds and props for October 9th. LOL World Qualifier Bets saw some surprises along the way. e takes over once more with some solid odds and props. Movistar R7 sneaked into the play-in and unexpectedly advanced. PSG Talon is a favorite to not only win but advance further into the next stage.

Yes, this tournament tosses several curves into the bankroll of bettors with these playoff rounds. The idea is to find the champion of the champions. Simply, the eSports LOL Online Betting focuses on who may be that final squad who makes the next round. The worst part lies in the fact that one of these qualifiers will know just how close they were to making the Play-In phase.

Again, the teams are matched up and this probably is one of the more even clashes of this round. Looking around at numbers saw the Golden Guardians get a little love as their number started to shorten. It is hard to believe this match was dead even a few days ago. While the change has not been drastic, it became noticeable enough for eSports pundits to give pause.

So, with some props are offered in a higher stakes match like this, it usually indicates the betting action could spike some. As a matter of fact, the over/under was taken "off the board" then put back. There is a sweep prop and nothing else. With the winner moving right into Bracket B, do not be surprised to see them as a significant underdog laster that week. Golden Guardians appears poised to win based on their better form.

Golden Guardians To advance to the Play-In Round

eSports LOL World Qualifier Bets Looks At The Spread Instead

The eSports LOL World Qualifier Bets examines  then looks at the spread instead. Consider that these two teams have seen their share of matches going the distance where elimination felt so close. It felt like they would go five if there was a best-of-five. Understandably, their fans would have some nervous hearts. At Online Sports Betting, we worry about the chances of this semifinal going the distance.

Currently, the Golden Guardians have a 59.2% implied chance of winning their match to advance, The money bet is trending more and more to the Guardians. These matches have their own betting ebbs and flows. On the other hand, while many expect the match to go four maps or fewer. If one truly believes that -220 number is safe, why not take the risk of going for the "Golden Spread." Now, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Naturally, this is why competitive wise this match appears destined to not go the distance. It becomes a bit of a gamble here but that +150 number for the spread is worth a small wager. These two teams have battled back and forth to get to this level. Golden Guardians could easily win this one in four. It pivots us over to the plus-money spread.

Golden Guardians To cover the spread on Monday

How About One More Prop?

How about one more prop for the eSports LOL World Qualifier Bets? With the not so ideal -145 on the Moneyline again, it might be fun to go for the exact score prop. Taking Golden Guardians to win 3-1 at +310 may just work.

Golden Guardians To win 3-1 and advance

Esports Reminds Bettors Of The Worlds Themselves

E-sports online betting reminds bettors of the Worlds themselves. Again, the next day after the final play-in begins that Play-In stage.

Yes, get pumped!

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