Latest Counter-Strike Betting Picks And Predictions

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Latest Counter-Strike Betting Picks And Predictions

September is shaping up to be a big month for esports bettors. There are many pivotal tournaments set to take place, and the competition will be fierce from the jump. In particular, the Counter-Strike schedule will be flush with intriguing matchups. That's why we've deemed now a good time to drop our latest Counter-Strike betting odds and predictions.

Let's go ahead and check out the latest esports betting odds for Counter-Strike battles scheduled for September 1, in the ESEA Premier Division, courtesy of MyBookie:

Movistar Riders-144+101Anonymo Esports
Team Blink-526+295Sangal Esports
Wisla Krakow-128-112Team Gamerlegion
Triumph-121-117Rbg Esports
Big Chillin-128-112Mythic

Always make sure to double-check these esports odds prior to deciding on a wager. Sports betting lines are fluid, and they will move at MyBookie and other top online sportsbooks.

Counter-Strike Betting Predictions

For those who might be new to esports betting, you needn't worry about getting lost in the minutiae of the process. Our esports picks focus strictly on identifying the most likely winners after intense analyzations of the participating teams.

If you're not familiar with the Counter-Strike division specifically, it's fairly easy to understand. Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game in which teams of counter-terrorists try to prevent an act of terror from an opposing team of terrorists. Players and teams are awarded points based on whether they successfully complete in-game objectives.

That's all you need to know if you're just getting started. Now, on to the picks!

counterstrike esports players betting odds

Movistar Riders (-144) vs. Anonymo Esports

Consistency is at the heart of the Movistar Riders' performance. They sport a +140 gold differential per minute and are currently winning 86 percent of their matchups when they hold the lead after 15 minutes of gameplay.

Iffy aggression could leave an opening for Anonymo Esports. Movistar Riders draw first blood a good-not-great 63.8 percent of the time and are clearing fewer than 45 percent of the wards with which they are tasked.

Still, that's not enough for us to go against them. They're tough to beat.

OSB Prediction: Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders To beat Anonymo Esports

Team Blink (-526) vs. Sangal Esports (+295)

Team Blink is looking to get back on track after losing three of their past five matches. It seems like forever ago they were on a 16-game win streak. 

But it seems as if they'll get an easy victory against Sangal Esports. Team Blink employs the more experienced roster at this juncture, even though the average age of their team is 23.9 and slightly behind Sangal Esports' 24.6 average.

If nothing else, even with their recent struggles, Team Blink still enters this September 1 sparring with a top-50 world ranking. Sangal Esports so far has topped out at No. 64.

OSB Prediction: Team Blink (-526)

Team Blink To beat Sangal Esports

Wisla Krakow (-128) vs. Team Gamerlegion (-112)

Team Gamerlegion looms as an interesting pick here. They don't have a particularly high amount of experience; the oldest player in their starting lineup is 23, and they've yet to win more than eight games in a row. It should also be noted Wisla Krakow is entering the match with a six-contest winning streak of their own.

However, Team Gamerlegion has shown in the past it can hang with the best of the best by attacking quickly, angling for a higher percentage of first blood conversions and total wards cleared. We like them as semi-dark horses here.

OSB Prediction: Team Gamerlegion (-112)

Team Gamerlegion To beat Wisla Krakow

Triumph (-121) vs. Rbg Esports (-117)

This match between Triumph and Rbg Esports is just as tight as the odds suggest. 

Looking at these teams' performances side-by-side leaves us with an eerily similar picture. They are both excelling when it comes to winning on the Inferno, Mirage and Dust2 maps while forfeiting more than half of their contests on the Nuke, Vertigo and Overpass boards.

cs go match betting odds

Triumph ultimately wins us over with their display over the past month or so. They have won 72 percent of all games over the past 30-plus days, during which time three of the five players in their starting lineup boast undefeated records as it pertains to their list of objectives.

OSB Prediction: Triumph (-121)

Triumph To beat Rbg

Big Chillin (-125) vs. Mythic (-112)

The line for this particular meeting is a little deceiving. Oddsmakers seem to be holding the top-heavy performance of Mythic against them. They have not been able to gain traction beyond the Ancient and Vertigo maps over the past three months. Big Chillin, on the other hand, has flashed more balanced gameplay across five different boards, including the ones on which they remain winless in recent weeks.

And yet, the tides are starting to turn for Mythic over the past 30 days. They have won 80 percent of their matches in the last month, and though they may be top-heavy, they haven't dropped a contest on the Ancient map in over 90 days.

Factor in the much-improved performance of players JoJo, Slugy, JDubs and LeX, and this is a squad that appears to be on the rise.

OSB Prediction: Mythic (-112)

Mythic To beat Big Chillin

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