LOL LPL Spring Picks Favor Thundertalk

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LOL LPL Spring Picks Favor Thundertalk

Fortunately, the eSports seasons continue as we look at some LOL LPL Spring Picks for matches on Tuesday, January 17th. Who are some early good wagers for week number two?

  • WHAT: LOL LPL Tencent "Week 2" Matches 
  • WHEN: Matches for Tuesday, January 17th - streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: China (done offline)

At Online Sports Betting, we look at a couple of matches from the LPL Spring Tournament. Then, it becomes pick time.

eSports Numbers For LOL LPL Spring Picks

Now, the eSports table for the LOL LPL Spring Picks is presented below. Also, there are some great online sports betting news and picks. Those are once again thanks to MyBookie online sportsbook.

The LOL LPL "Spring" Tournament is a very long tournament. Partly because it takes place in China and the regular season ends during the first week of Spring, this is not deemed a winter event.

LOL LPL Tencent Spring News

The LOL LPL Tencent Spring Tournament started on January 14th. This event lasts all the way until March 26th when the regular season ends. After that, the top ten teams qualify for the playoffs. For now, our focus at Online Sports Betting remains squarely on the early matches.

Yes, this tournament takes what feels like forever. It can be frustrating to follow. For example, there are six straight days of matches and then two weeks off. After that, matches occur every week over a total of ten weeks. The odd part of the "regular season" lies in the fact that teams play a total of 16 matches. Sometimes they have two opponents in a week and others there are just one.

Presumably, with all the eSports splits and such, this makes our job trying to make LOL LPL Spring Picks that much more challenging. This is why when we say Spring news here, it honestly means winter. That aspect gets confusing too.

LOL LPL Spring Picks Tuesday Match One

Yes, MyBookie and Bovada provides us with some great eSports odds and props. For those who now follow the LOL LPL Tencent actively, this regular season is again ten weeks long and 16 matches. That is why LOL LEC Spring Picklooks at some different ways to approach this challenger on Tuesday. Sometimes taking shots work and sometimes they do not. Also, please understand that all matches during the round-robin are best-of-three in this single round robin. Every team plays the other 16 opponents.

Yes, this tournament tests the patience of many. Yes, the LOL LPL Spring Tournament is progressing through its Week 1 matches already (January 14th-16th) is going ahead. The eSports LOL Betting Odds And Sites will focus on the match odds. Keep in mind to expect plenty of shifts. A team like RNGU (Royal Never Give Up) is one of the early favorites. However, our first match quickly looks at Lng Esports and Thundertalk Gaming.

Now, both teams feel ready for this tournament. For one, practices have gone well for both. The first question people ask then why is Thundertalk Gaming an early favorite? That answer is simple. Thundertalk Gaming features a bit more chemistry compared to Lng Esports. That may be something or it may mean nothing. Look at the collapse of Natus as 2022 went on. It all started with a tournament they were huge favorites to win.

Anyway, the prevailing talk and chatter leads us to picking Thundertalk in this tilt. Naturally, the action and the fact that these first few matches could swing either way adds intrigue. Again, that -129 number is not so bad. In this spot, we were expecting Thundertalk to be at least in the -200 to -250 range. However, that helps make the pick simple. Our wager is Thundertalk Gaming in LOL LPL Tencent Spring Picks.

Thundertalk Gaming To beat Lng Esports

Thundertalk Gaming To Win Match In Three On Tuesday

The eSports LOL LPL Tencent Spring Picks has another option from this match on Tuesday. It is possible since one is picking Thundertalk Gaming to win, then why not see their numbers to go the distance. Think of them as solid candidates to go the distance against Lng Esports. Also, at +205, it is too risky to expect a sweep.

This means Lng Esports will cause some problems for Thundertalk. These matches often have a way of twisting and turning. Expect at least several moments from these opening matches and a few unexpected MVP's early in the event too. With this incarnation of the Chinese split. there lies much uncertainty from match to match especially early.

Partly, Thundertalk again has less rust and it takes several matches to get going. The schedule will do Lng Esports few favors in January to boot. This is a spot to get near-even odds on the over of 2.5 games for Tuesday morning.

Thundertalk Gaming To win match in three games

One Last Bet For Tuesday Or Maybe Two

One last bet (or maybe two) in the eSports LOL LPL Spring Picks is this. If a bettor wants to take a way to get slightly better number on Royal Never Give Up (RNGU), there is one sure way. Now, the belief is they are infinitely better than Invictus Gaming. Then, why not take the -1.5 games spread at -227. Even the under at 2.5 of -294 is a much more efficient choice compared to the colossal -1428 moneyline.

The risk of trying to wager on Invictus Gaming is just too much. At +527, that would be some return, but beating Rogue in their opener means little here.

RNGU To win by more than -1.5 games

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