Mad Lions To Avoid Elimination From Fnatic On Saturday

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Mad Lions To Avoid Elimination From Fnatic On Saturday

Online Sports Betting, continues into the heart of the Spring eSports season as we look at some LOL EMEA Championship Group Stage action for April 15th, 2023. Who will win this match in the eSports LOL LEC Spring Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL LEC Spring 2023 Matches for Season 10 Europe
  • WHEN: Saturday April 15th, 2023 at Noon ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Berlin, Germany
  • WHY: Group Stage Match between Mad Lions and Fnatic

Now, we spotlight an unexpectedly interesting match in this ten team tournament. So, this group stage does not end until April 23rd. The following weeks is when the playoffs take place. First, let's spotlight the latest from the LOL LEC. Then, we will dole out a few picks.

eSports Table For LOL LEC Spring Bets

Yes, the eSports LOL LEC Spring Bets make life easier as we have one huge match to look at on our schedule, and that one rightfully gets the top billing. Even after Saturday, there is still another week of group stage action left.

Now, the eSports table for the featured matches this Saturday are below. Always remember the best of the best online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
Fnatic-130EVENMad Lions

This LEC EMEA League looks a lot like that other LEC but it is not. However, as always winning early helps tournament fortunes later on. It is why some of what has occurred early on floored us.

LEC Spring 2023 Update

This LEC Spring 2023 Update from Europe features a Group A and Group B. Naturally, the two best teams in the group stage were thought to be Mad Lions and Fnatic going into the Regular Season. Guess what happened? Unfortunately, both teams went under .500 and worse, lost their opening Group A matches.

With a $40,000 top purse ($80,000 Euro prize pool), this LEC Spring League is a small step in the grand scheme of things. These teams fight for a spot in the more prestigious MSI 2023 and LEC Finals 2023 where the money goes up dramatically and so does the glory.

Again, the winners match features the following. That winner advances automatically to the playoff and the Upper Bracket Final. Meanwhile, the ones that survive the elimination match must get through the Decider Match just to make it to the next round. Now, that is a rough road to tow.

LOL LEC Spring Bets See Wild Trends

Bovada strikes back with more odds and props. This LOL LEC European Championship started with ten teams battling for that one spot to the MSI and LEC Finals. Now, there are fewer teams left. That aids in LOL LEC Spring Bets as some intriguing ideas are at the table to consider. Again, that is because of the "Upper Bracket" and "Lower Bracket". It lends credence again to that winning early adage as the two teams we spotlight are in some deep trouble.

Wow, this tournament threw bettors for a loop with these early results. That created one unexpected Winners Match (Team Vitality and Astralis). The eSports LOL Online Betting focuses on the Elimination Match first. Keep in mind that this one is rather even to say the least. That is a product of both of these teams performing at an underwhelming level.

Again, Fnatic comes in after finishing sixth (4-5) in the regular season standings. Funny enough, they play Mad Lions who ended up eighth at 3-6. The two favorited teams in the tournament going a combined 7-11 in that stage was bad enough. Worse, both lost their opening matches in the group stage and now end up in a winner take all just to stay in the event.

So, with some intriguing props shelled out in a match like this, it usually indicates the betting action could heat up as the week rolls along. As a matter of fact, the over/under did get placed back. There lie some reasonable prop to settle on. LOL LEC Spring Bets unloads our match choice below. The slight upset for Mad Lions makes sense here because of the evenly matched squads.

Mad Lions To avoid total elimination

eSports LOL LEC Spring Bets Looks At Going The Distance

The eSports LOL LEC Spring Bets examines one of the easiest props for Saturday. Consider that these two teams took their regular season match to the distance. It felt like they would go five if there was a best-of-five. Understandably, their fans will feel the nerves rising to a fever pitch. At Online Sports Betting, we concern ourselves with this best-of-three again going the distance.

Right now, Fnatic has a 56.5% implied chance of winning their elimination match, the money bet is trending more and more to Fnatic. These matches go back and forth all over the place. However, that means Mad Lions sneaks in with a little greater value.

Thankfully, this is why the match feels ripe to go the distance. It becomes a bit of a gamble here but that EVEN (+100) number is a bet waiting to happen. These two teams fought back and forth throughout the regular season. Both need the win now to avoid an early home sendoff. Neither team will back down. This goes three with ease.

Fnatic and Mad Lions Go the distance on Tuesday evening

How About One More Prop?

How about one more prop for the eSports LOL LEC Spring Bets? With few desirable options early in the week, the Saturday match seems to have another possible prop to take advantage of. Taking Mad Lions and adding the idea of this match going the distance makes sense to do the following. Why not choose Mad Lions to win two maps to one? It is at +270 after all.

Mad Lions To win on 2-1 on Saturday

Esports LOL LEC Is A Small Piece Of The Pie

E-sports online betting is far from the only game in town. LOL LEC is just a small piece of the pie this week.

Get your bets on this week and the weekend too!

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