Six Karma Expects To Carry Momentum To LLA Grand Final

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Six Karma Expects To Carry Momentum To LLA Grand Final

Online Sports Betting, delves into the heart of the "opening" of eSports season as we look at some LLA Pro League matches for March 28th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports LOL LLA Opening Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL LLA Pro League Matches for Season 9 Latin America
  • WHEN: Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 and Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 at 6:00 pm ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Mexico City, Mexico
  • WHY: Playoff Time - 1 Upper Bracket Final, 1 Lower Bracket Semifinal

Yes, we preview a couple of matches in the "Upper Bracket Quarterfinal" for the LLA. So, this tournament still does not end until April 14th. That is when the championship match takes place. First, let's shine a light on the latest from the LOL LLA. Then, we will give out some picks.

eSports Table For LOL LLA Opening Bets

Yes, the eSports LOL LLA Opening Bets make life easier as we have two matches to monitor on our schedule, but one gets the top billing. Even after Wednesday, there is still that Lower Bracket Final to examine but that is for another time.

Now, the eSports table for the featured matches on Tuesday and Wednesday are below. Always remember these prime online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1MyBookieMyBookieTeam #2
Movistar R7-169+116Six Karma
E-stral E-Sports-555+307Infinity Esports

This LLA Opening League sounds confusing with the world opening. However, again winning helps one avoid the lower bracket and playing more matches. Hey, rest is good!

LLA Opening Update

This LLA Opening Season 9 from the Americas features an Upper Tier and Lower Tier. Naturally, the two best teams in the group stage started in the Upper Bracket and promptly ended up losing their first playoff matches. That sent Estral and Isurus to the Lower Bracket. Infinity, so far, has been the surprise of the low end. They defeated All Knights in a 3-0 sweep and then Isurus as that match went the distance.

With a $30,000 top purse ($50,000 prize pool), this LLA Opening League is a stepping stone for bigger competitions. These teams fight for a spot in the more prestigious MSI 2023 and World Finals 2023 with immense money and prestige for the taking.

Again, six teams qualify for the playoff round in an eight-team tournament. The playoff stage features single-elimination matches in a best-of-five format. Finally, the grand final is a best-of-five as well. So far, Isurus getting eliminated was a shock but the Movistar/Six Karma winner carries the inside track to the title.

LOL LLA Opening Bets See Some Rare Results

MyBookie takes over once more with some solid odds and props. This LOL LLA Pro Division started with eight teams battling for that one spot to the MSI. Now, there are a few teams left. That gives LOL LLA Opening Bets some different ideas and theories to consider. Again, that is because of the "Upper Bracket" and "Lower Bracket". It led to higher competition early to avoid the lower bracket. Also, it leads to some rare results too.

Yes, this tournament threw bettors for a considerable curve with those opening playoff results. That created one unexpected Upper Bracket Semifinal. The eSports LOL Online Betting will focus on the the Upper Bracket first. Keep in mind that there is one big favorite in the group. Can there be upsets? Yes, Is that likely? Actually, it is.

Again, Movistar R7 comes in after finishing tied for third in the group stage standings. Ironically, they play Six Karma who was tied with them at 4-3. The two hottest teams in the tournament went 6-1 but only Estral is still alive, for now. Movistar took the one match in the group stage over Six Karma by a 2-1 outcome. Six Karma had their chances in that match but squandered the final map late.

So, with few props are offered in a match like this, it usually indicates the betting action is sparse at best. As a matter of fact, the over/under was taken "off the board" then put back. There is a sweep prop and nothing else. LOL LLA Opening Bets unloads our match choice below. The slight upset for Six Karma is on our table.

Six Karma To advance to the Grand Final

eSports LOL LLA Opening Bets Looks At Going The Distance

The eSports LOL LLA Opening Bets examines one of the props that could be an easier wager to stomach on Tuesday. Consider that these two teams took their Week 4 group stage match to the distance. It felt like they would go five if there was a best-of-five. Understandably, their fans would have some nervous hearts. At Online Sports Betting, we worry about the chances of this semifinal going the distance.

Currently, the Movistar R7 has about a 60% implied chance of winning their upper bracket match, the money bet is trending more and more to Movistar. These matches have their own betting ebbs and flows. However, that means Six Karma again sneaks in with their own value.

Consequently, this is why competitive wise this match appears destined to go the distance. It becomes a bit of a gamble here but that +152 number is worth a small wager. These two teams have battled back and forth throughout the group stage. Movistar teetered near elimination before pulling through while Six Karma went down early before roaring back. Neither team will back down. This goes the full five.

Movistar and Six Karma Go the distance on Tuesday evening

How About One More Match?

How about one more match for the eSports LOL LLA Opening Bets? With Estral being an ugly -555 on the Moneyline against Infinity, Infinity feels like this team of destiny. Taking them on the Moneyline at +307 with a tint bet is not a bad idea given their form.

Infinity Esports To win on Wednesday

Esports Leaves More Than Just One Option

E-sports online betting leaves more than just one option. LOL LLA is far from the only league playing now.

Get your bets on this week!

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