T1 To Sweep Away Weibo Gaming In LOL World Title Match

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T1 To Sweep Away Weibo Gaming In LOL World Title Match

Online Sports Betting ends the eSports season in style as we examine a one more LOL World Title match for November 19th, 2023. Who will win this finale in the eSports LOL World Title Final Bets?

  • WHAT: LOL World Championship Final for the World Title
  • WHEN: Sunday, November 19th, 2023 at 3:15 am ET streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Seoul, South Korea
  • WHY: Playoff Time - 1 Best-Of-5 Grand Finale to crown a World Champion

Yes, we preview the only match left on the LOL World calendar for 2023. Sunday is when the championship match takes place. First, let's shine a light on the latest from the LOL Worlds. Then, we will give out some wagers for the finale.

eSports Table For LOL World Title Final Bets

Yes, the eSports LOL World Title Final Bets get so much simpler on the schedule, but this one match gets the prime billing. Even after Sunday, there is just year-end events to go all around. That is it to be honest.

Now, the eSports table for the featured match on Sunday is below. Always remember these great online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
Weibo Gaming+265-380T1

This LOL World Championship sounds like it has been a wild ride. However, will this set up more fireworks or will this finale be as anti-climatic as some are predicting? Now, let's get into the update.

LOL World Championship Update

This LOL World Championship Update still cannot believe we started in early October with 22 teams battling for two spots. After all this time, we are finally at the goal. Sunday morning in South Korea the betting public gets to see T1 and Weibo Gaming battle it out for world supremacy. People were expecting Gen.G here but as always in a knockout stage, unexpected results occur.

With a $447,500 top purse ($2.000,000+ prize pool), this LOL World Championship is the top LOL competition for the season. These teams fight for glory and have their place cemented in the annuls of Esports going well into 2024 and beyond. For at team to win in this new format and structure is quite impressive.

Again, two teams qualified for the finale from the 22-team tournament. All knockout stages were best-of-five and featured the ebbs and flows one would expect from eSports events like this. Bettors from North America and well beyond were likely on their laptops streaming in utter amazement or disgust depending on the results.

LOL World Title Final Bets See A Surprise Or Two

Bovada swings in again more props and odds. This LOL Worlds party started with 22 teams battling for that championship title. Now, there is only T1 and Weibo Gaming left. That gives LOL World Title Final Bets some intriguing theories and ideas to consider. Again, that is because of the seeding from the knockout stage. It led to some higher competition and the unexpected. Also, we managed to see a surprise or two.

Alright, this tournament threw a haymaker in the quarterfinal alone. Who had Gen.G going out in five to Bilibili Gaming? The eSports LOL Online Betting was floored streaming this match. Something felt off too. Gen.G normally finishes matches like this yet Bilibili found a way during that fifth map to take care of business. The live bet alone for Bilibili approached well over +500 and got near +1000. These are numbers normally not seen in a knockout quarterfinal.

Again, that paved the way for T1 and Weibo Gaming to face off against each other. T1 believed they would have to get past Gen.G and was able to exhale. They cruised to a 3-0 sweep over LNG and a surprisingly easy 3-1 victory over JD Gaming. The All-Korean squad led by Zeus is the hottest team in the tournament. It feels like T1 has done this before and they have. The 2013 run which started a three title in four year domination was a lot like this.

So, Weibo Gaming faces quite an uphill struggle on Sunday morning, They have done it before but nothing like this. When the props are tilting this hard, it almost feels like all T1 has to do is show up and play their game. There is a sweep prop in play too. LOL World Title Final Bets unveils our first choice below. The very safe pick of T1 was hardly a shocker here. Their early number may have a little value compared to later in the week.

T1 To win the LOL World Title

eSports LOL World Title Final Bets Get Swept Away

The eSports LOL World Title Final Bets examine the one prop many want to stay away from on Sunday. Consider that these two teams have not played each other in this tournament. It felt like they might after the early rounds, but that did not materialize. Weibo is anchored by The Shy, who is Korean on a team full of Chinese players. Some believe he would be the seventh or eighth best player on T1 at this point.

Currently, T1 now has about an 80% implied chance of winning this LOL World Title match, the money bet is trending more and more to T1. These matches creates their own opportunities for live betting. However, this feels a good deal different. The body language and cues from Weibo are almost like they are happy to be there. T1 knows it has a mission to complete. Now, that represents a huge difference in focus and more.

Consequently, this is why the Under of 3.5 maps gets considerable value at a staggering +195. It has to at least be considered for Sunday. The -1.5 spread is now at -185 and still shortening. Is it a good time to take a risk on a potential sweep? This has been one of the few tournaments all year where the surprises have seen us on the fortunate side. Why not try it one more time?

T1 Sweeps To LOL World Championship

Esports Is Not Done Yet

E-sports online betting is not done yet. LOL is not the only game right now.

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