Team Liquid Expected To Win Opening Match Easily Thursday

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Team Liquid Expected To Win Opening Match Easily Thursday

Online Sports Betting, dives into the CSGO qualifiers as the Blast Paris Major part of the eSports season gets underway. We look at some Blast Paris American RMR matches for April 6th, 2023. Who will win these matches in the eSports CSGO Blast American RMR Bets?

  • WHAT: Blast American RMR matches
  • WHEN: Thursday, April 6th, 2023 streamed on Twitch
  • WHERE: Monterrey, Mexico
  • WHY: Beginning matches to start qualifying for Blast Paris Major

Yes, we preview a couple of matches in the "American RMR" division for the CSGO. So, this phase only lasts until April 9th. This will take 16 teams with only five qualifying for the Blast Paris Major. First, let's roll with the latest from the Blast. Then, the idea is to dole out some picks.

eSports Table For Blast American RMR Bets

So, the eSports Blast American RMR Bets make life easier as we have two matches to monitor on our schedule, but one gets the top billing. There are three more days in this phase but our spotlight focuses on the first day.

Yes, the eSports table for our headline matches on Thursday are below. Always remember the top online sports betting news and picks.

Team #1BovadaBovadaTeam #2
Team Liquid-300+220OOnation
paiN Gaming-385+255Paqueta

This Blast American RMR has a bit of a strange format. As always, winning helps early with these formats and this one is no exception. Let's get rolling!

Blast American RMR Update

This Blast American RMR features a 16-team format with slightly different qualifying rules. Now, it is being dubbed the Swiss Stage. There are four rounds of action in all. Opening day is considered Round 1 as the teams face off against one another. These early matches are one shot deals. A team wins or loses. Only elimination and advancement matches are a best-of-three.

With no purse, these Blast American RMR Bets become a small step for the future competitions. These teams fight for a spot in the far more lucrative Blast Paris Major. For those wondering, the BPM starts on May 8th and carries a large prize pool of $1.25 million.

In this qualification phase, five teams qualify for the BPM among the 16 teams. Round 3 features single-elimination matches in a seeded format (strength of schedule). Finally, the first-place decider is a best-of-three. The importance of being in first here is a better seeding for the Major itself. Legend status gets an easier road over the Challenger (second and third), and Contender statuses (fourth and fifth).

Blast American RMR Bets Could See An Upset Or Two

Bovada runs the qualifier gamut with some nice odds and props. This Blast American RMR division starts with 16 teams battling for those five spots to the Blast Paris Major. Now, we have a little time between now and Thursday. That gives Blast American RMR Bets some options to ponder. Again, that is because this format sends an odd number of teams on to the next phase. It also rewards of strength of schedule and opponent win-loss. That's somewhat unique.

Yes, this round expect to throw bettors for a loop and a half with all these matches. This grouping figures to create some unexpected results. The eSports CSGO Online Betting will focus on some of the more well-known teams. Keep in mind that there are a few favorites to advance. However, these phases always seem to produce something very unexpected.

Again, Team Liquid and paiN Gaming come in as two of the favorites to advantage to the Blast Major Paris. There are five spots and it seems like neither one is worried much about legend, challenger, or contender status. They just want in. However, the teams playing them want to score an upset in the worst possible way. Out of the two squads, the most likely one to be upset may be paiN Gaming.

So, when next to no props are offered in a match like this, it usually indicates the betting action is a little learn or apprehensive. As a matter of fact, it . There is a sweep prop and nothing else. Blast American RMR Bets unloads our match choice below. The slight upset sides with Paqueta shocking paiN Gaming in early qualifier action on Thursday. Paqueta has been strong at times and paiN may be caught napping here.

Paqueta To knock off paiN Gaming

Blast American RMR Bets Looks At Team Liquid

The eSports Blast American RMR Bets looks at Team Liquid as a more reasonable wager on Thursday in early RMR action. Consider that overall, anytime something is best-of-one, there is elevated risk. However, Team Liquid was sending its "A" team to this tournament. Again, look at that purse for Blast Paris Major in May. Dollars say it all right there!

Currently, Team Liquid carries a 75% implied chance of winning the match against OONation, the safer wager is leaning toward Team Liquid. It was one of those matches that a couple of weeks ago may have had different numbers entirely. Basically, Liquid righted the ship and looks much more focuses for advancing onward.

Consequently, this is why competitive wise this match possesses a slightly lower spread in victory margin. That 3.5 is -130 for Team Liquid while OONation at +3.5 is Even. Neither team figures to back down. However, there is a feeling that Liquid pulls away and wins somewhere in the four to six range. Bookmakers tend to have this right based on previous results.

Team Liquid To defeat OONation on Thursday

One More For The Road?

How about one more for the road? With Fluxo a whopping -900 favorite on Thursday, their spread to win by 6.5 games is just -115. That is far better than the ugly number mentioned above. Expect a rout over yur then take the money and run here too.

Fluxo Laying 6.5 games

Esports Has A Few More Tricks

E-sports online betting gives err has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Go check out all the leagues in play this week.

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