NHL Playoff Droughts

By Bob Duff

The New York Rangers ended their long Stanley Cup drought in 1994 after 53 seasons without winning. The Detroit Red Wings then captured the Cup in 1997, their first since 1955. More recently, the Chicago Blackhawks broke a 49-season Cup drought in 2010 and have since won two more championships.

Several other teams have gone many years without winning the ultimate prize like the Toronto Maple Leafs (55 seasons and counting), Vancouver Canucks (52 seasons) and Buffalo Sabres (52 seasons). Winning the Stanley Cup is difficult with 31 teams competing, so droughts are common. But fans of teams like the Rangers, Red Wings and Blackhawks have celebrated end of long suffering periods.

Now that those lengthy dry spells have come to an end, which NHL team is the clubhouse leader in terms of Stanley Cup droughts? What other teams are waiting in the wings, wondering when their turn to hoist a silver chalice might arrive?

Read on and find out.

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