Best NHL Goalies

By Bob Duff

There’s a hockey question that’s been around the game as long as pucks and skates – what percentage of success is equated to quality goaltending? While there may be no definitive answer to that query, the reality is that bad goaltending will result in 100 percent failure on the ice. These are the best puckstoppers in the NHL and if one of them is in your favorite team’s net, chances are they’re in with a shot of lifting Lord Stanley. 

Learn More About NHL Stats

For bettors, it should be about more than simply hoping your odds come in. The strategy and methodology behind betting are essential to finding success in the odds. But what does this mean?

Well, it equates to finding out more about what you’re betting on. This could be reading up on the various teams that are playing, or the top players that are around. But, it can be as simple as following out guides. We will be providing information regarding the top players, the history of the game, which teams are statistically the best, and much more. Stay with us to find out more!

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