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Soccer, Baseball, Basketball: Sports You Can Still Bet During Coronavirus Pandemic

Soccer, Baseball, Basketball: Sports You Can Still Bet During Coronavirus Pandemic

With most of the major sports around the world on hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic, you might think there’s nothing for you to bet on outside of eSports, online casinos, pop culture and presidential elections. Well, while you wouldn’t be alone, you’re also wrong.

There are still plenty of sports that remain ongoing and ready for you to bet on. They aren’t the most well-known contests, but they’re perfect for the gambler that needs to get their fix while finding something constructive to do with their downtime. We’ll hit on all of the following:

  • Table Tennis betting

  • Where to find Soccer betting

  • Is basketball still being played?

  • Should you bet on darts?

  • Baseball and Hockey betting opportunities

Every sport on our list is laying lines at either Bovada or BetNow. Of course, you’ll want to double-check all of the odds to make sure they’re still current.

Sports You Can Still Bet On

Let's have a look.


No, friends, we’re not talking about eSports soccer. That is very much available, but there is also actual soccer for you to indulge in.

The Belarusian Premier League is still holding a championship tournament. Belarus, aka the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe that is located near Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. It currently has the ability to host living sporting events.

Four top teams are currently in the hunt for the Belarusian Cup. Their odds are as follows: Slavia Mozyr (+240), Bate Borisov (+210), Dinamo Brest (+135) and Shakhtior Soligorsk (+225).

You also have the option of betting on games in Belarusia’s lesser leagues, including the Vysshaya Liga and Reserve League.

belarussian league


Still, upset that you can’t get your MLB betting fix? Don’t worry. There’s alternative baseball for you to wager on.

Taiwan’s Chinese Professional Baseball League is set to throw its opening pitch on Saturday, April 11. The festivities will begin with a game between the Rakuten Monkeys (-225) and Wei Chuan Dragons (+155). Many more matchups involving other teams will follow in the coming days and weeks.

If you’re concerned about Taiwan’s baseball league closing up shop at some point, you needn’t be. All games will be taking place behind closed doors, and in lieu of allowing actual fans to attend, teams will be replacing them with around 500 robot mannequins in the stands. True story.


No one quite knows when—or if—the NBA will return this season, but they’re not the only basketball league on the globe.

The Taiwan Basketball Championship is still taking place at the moment. As it stands, four teams remain in the running: The Bank of Taiwan (+110) is set to square off with Pauian Archiland (-145), while Jiutai (+400) is matching up with Taiwan Beer (-700).

For those who care, many betting models have Taiwan Beer winning it all in a landslide. They finished in the runner-up position last season, and they won the whole darn thing in 2016.


To say hockey never stops in Russia would be an understatement.

Currently, League Pro Moscow is still holding games between all of its teams. Same-day slates feature up to eight matchups, giving you plenty of chances to get a feel for the pecking order and best potential bets.

Some of the players in this league even have NHL ties. Research the rosters, and you’ll be able to use that to your advantage when betting on moneylines. Also, be sure to look up the standings for this season. That will give you a good idea of how to invest your money, too.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is fast becoming a hotter property in the sports betting world. It can easily be played indoors and without fans, and participants don’t have to worry about getting too close to one another, as they’re on opposite sides of the table.

Three different tournaments are currently ongoing as of April: The International Masters League, Russia Pro League in Moscow and Ukraine’s Setka Cup competition. 

Anyone who decides to get into the ping-pong game will have no shortage of options. Dozens of matchups are taking place each day across all three tournaments—but especially in the Russia Pro League and Setka Cup.

To make matters even better, the folks over at Bovada give you access to live betting on each match. If you find a place where you can stream any of the tournaments, you’ll have no trouble placing wagers as it unfolds.

Table Tennis Odds


Yes, indeed. You can bet on darts.

This non-contact sport is perfect for the current times. There’s absolutely no touching, hosting events without crowds isn’t an issue, and the equipment is super easy to disinfect.

As such, don’t be surprised if the Modus Icons League ends up expanding their current slate. Many expect them to. In the meantime, everyone’s waiting to see whether Mr. Precision himself, Wessel Nijman (-250), will fall to any of his upcoming opponents, beginning with David Evans (+550) on April 8.


Volleyball is still being played in Russia—the Ural League, to be more specific. Most sportsbooks are accepting odds for every single matchup and include the opportunity for live bets.

The Ural League has both a men’s and women’s division, and it should be easy enough to research for anyone who’s tuning in for the first time. It isn’t just Russian teams that are competing, but international squads as well—teams from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

There is also an amateur volleyball league (Kung Volleyball) accepting bets for its slate of matchups.

volley ural league

Check out the below list of the best online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use to bet on all the live-action sports still going on:  

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